How Big Sur Marathon Pays Tribute to Boston

I am currently in California for the Big Sur Marathon that takes place on Sunday, April 28.

I just wanted to share how everyone at the Big Sur race expo is paying tribute to Boston.

I got to work at the Big Sur booth and we were giving out these great Boston Tribute shirts for a twenty dollar donation!

Big Sur Boston Tribute booth

                                                      Here is what the T-shirt looks like.
Boston Tribute Shirt

 The people are so great here and willing to donate that we sold out of shirts in about two hours.  We also had pins too!
Showing t-shirt at the Boston tribute booth

Another thing we had here was a Boston tribute banner that we got to sign!
Signing the Boston Tribute Banner

bost to big sur
Boston Tribute Banner

Sweaty Bands was also paying tribute to Boston with their newly designed bands.
BostonTribute Sweaty Bands

I got two of them!
Boston marathon jacket

They are also selling these Boston Medal displays.
Sports hook medal display
Medal displays are from Sporthooks.

Can't wait to share the rest of my experience in Big Sur. 
 Race Day Tomorrow!

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  1. That is great that they are paying tribute to Boston!

    I hope your race went well, can't wait to read about it!