April Fools Race in Atlantic City- April 2013

atlantic city

What an exciting weekend!  My mom and I participated in the April Fools Race in Atlantic City on Saturday.
We arrived Friday and settled in to our resort. We stayed at the Atlantic Club which was one of the host resorts for the race weekend. The Atlantic club is located at the Southern end of the Boardwalk.  We lucked out and got an ocean view room with a whirlpool tub!  I couldn’t believe it. This place was absolutely fabulous.  After we got settled in, we had a great lunch at the Cornucopia Lunch Buffet located inside the resort.  When we were finished, we were able to walk right outside the hotel and get the jitney and ride it to the Revel Resort.  The Revel Resort is where we had to pick up our race bib and goodies. This would be where the race would start tomorrow and it was all the way at the Northern end of the Boardwalk.

atlantic city
Race Shirt pick up at the Revel Resort

The Revel Resort is one of the newest resorts along the boardwalk. It was absolutely stunning.   There was no race expo associated with this race series, so we just had to get in line for our race bib and then go to another table and pick up our race shirt.  These shirts were one of the nicest race shirts we’ve seen so far.  They were tech shirts and the women’s were fitted and v-neck.  The men’s were a crew neck.   We also got free parking passes so we could park in the Revel Resort parking garage the morning of the race. We were all set for the race tomorrow.   Since we were already at the Revel, we couldn’t resist exploring the resort, so that’s what we did.

We took a scenic walk along the boardwalk to go back to the Atlantic Club. We spent some time exploring this resort too. They had a fabulous pool and spa, a gift shop, and several yummy restaurants to choose from. We ate at one of them before retiring to our room for the evening.

                                                                                                       Race Day

april fools
Before the April Fools Race

Having been use to Disney races, having this race start at 9:00am is quite unusual!  We had plenty of time to get ready and drive over to the Revel.  Once we got there, we waited in the lobby with the many other racers that were doing the 7K or 11K.  The half marathon race would take place the following day.   About 15 minutes till, they started calling people to make their way down the boardwalk to the start line. Once we were all there, the national Anthem played and we started right at 9:00am.  The 7k racers and the 11K racers were all running at the same time.  Those of us who were running the 7K had to run to a specific point on the boardwalk that was marked by a large blue flag and then turn around and run back to the finish line. The 11K runners did the same thing, but their flag was further down the boardwalk.  Runners were told before we started that if they felt they couldn’t complete the entire 11K, that they could turn around at the 7K flag but they had to tell the officials at the finish line.   I don’t think this was a good idea because I don’t know how you could honestly keep an accurate account of who turned around early and who did not. My mom said she saw some 7K people turn even before the flag. I don’t know what they did about those people.  

 I thought this was a great race. I liked that it was on the boardwalk the entire time. It made for a comfortable run.  The one thing I thought was a little unusual was that the boardwalk was not closed down for the race.  It was business as usual. There was construction going on so we had to run around machines and scaffolding, people were walking and running on the boardwalk that were not participating in the race, and people were pushing strollers.  For the most part, the stroller pushers knew enough to stay to the side.  One of the worst complaints was that there were spectators who sat on the boardwalk benches smoking cigars and cigarettes.  Every time we ran by one of them we wanted to hold our breath.  Also, we could smell the fried foods the vendors were preparing that early in the morning.  Smelling a funnel cake being made was definitely not a plus while running!

Before the race, my mom and I pinned yellow ribbons to our backs so we could easily find each other from behind while we were running.  I didn’t have to worry about my mom trying to find me; she was in front of me the whole time.  As I made my way around the blue flag that marked the half way point, I noticed a lady that I saw earlier in the morning.  She was talking to us as we made our way from the parking garage to the lobby of the Revel.   I started to run and keep pace with her. I would slow down, and she would pass me, and then I would pass her.  This went on like this probably until the last quarter mile of the race.  I heard the announcer say that someone had just crossed the finish line in 43 minutes.  I knew my goal for this race was to finish in less than 45 minutes so at that pointed I just sprinted the rest of the way and I ended up finishing in 44 minutes.   For my first 7K, I was actually proud of my time.  I was even prouder of my mom who finished in 42 minutes!  She placed 7th in her age division and I placed 15th in my age division.  I don’t think that was bad at all for our first time.  When I crossed the finish line I felt completely exhausted, but that exhaustion only lasted a minute. I got myself a Gatorade and I felt ready to go again.  I did end up seeing the lady whom I passed and walked over to congratulate her and we talked for a few minutes. I did tell her I was pacing with her.

boardwalk race
Proud of our accomplishment after the race

boardwalkOver by the ocean front there was a space set up for runners to get drinks, bananas, power bars, gummies, and soft pretzels. Not sure why they were offering soft pretzels, but it was a nice gesture.  The best part was the free massages they were offering.  We both got a massage while overlooking the ocean. It was a great ending to a great race.

* We have a very exciting race coming up next week!

april fools
April Fools Race Medal



  1. Great race recap! I run the Disney races too, which, as you know start at early o'clock.

    I absolutely adore running on the boardwalk because it has such give and is easy on the knees. For the half you get off the boards around mile 4 and back on for mile 8. Those couple of miles on the street really messed with my mind! ;)

    Will you be returning to the AC Marathon series next year? I'm already signed up for the half!

  2. I'd like to run the April Fools race again in 2014. Like you said, I really liked running on the boardwalk for all those reasons you gave. -M