Boston Marathon Weekend

                                             My Weekend in Boston Before the Race:
I arrived at Boston Logan International after a long morning of flights. I arrived at 1pm and very anxious to get to the hotel to drop luggage off and head to the expo. I hopped into a cab and said “to the Westin Copley”. The cab driver was driving like a maniac in all the traffic that afternoon, but I wasn't complaining. All the sooner I would arrive at my final destination.

Upon arrival, I payed the driver and went to the front desk to get my key. My room was on the 23rd floor with a great view looking over the city. In addition to the great view, it was connected to the Hynes Convention Center, by a skywalk. Great news since this is where the Expo is that I would be going to later.

Expo Welcome Sign

Inspirational Signs at Expo

The Expo was more than what was to be expected for sure. It is by far the largest Expo I have ever attended. Olympian Ryan Hall was even signing books at the Aasics stand.

Olympian Ryan Hall
I picked up my packet that had my shirt and race bib in it. I stopped at the BAAA area that was selling all the additional swag you could purchase. Of course I had to splurge on the official race jacket.

A cute Marathon Necklace I bought

Poland Springs sponsored a booth in which runners wrote what "Better" is.
Mine says Better is: Smiling for 26.2 Miles!

Me in my Official Boston Marathon Jacket

 After stopping at a few other booths, I was pretty tired after traveling all morning, so I was done today, and knew I would come back again tomorrow to see the rest of it. But for now it was time to go back to the room for a nap and to get ready for the Runner's World Party that evening.

Listening to the editor of Runner's World speak.
Above is a pic of Shalane Flanagan on the cover
of Runner's World magazine.

I arrived at the Runner's World Party and there were so many well known people in the Fitness Industry such as, Amby Burfoot, Bart Yasso, Dean Karnazes, and even Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders. 

Me and Summer Sanders

She was nice enough to get a picture with me and we even discussed that it was the first time running the Boston Marathon for both of us. I also got to meet Dean and he even signed a copy of his book for me. I’m looking forward to seeing him again at Big Sur.

Me with Dean Karnazes, who signed a copy of his book for me

The next day, it was back to the Expo to see the remaining booths I did not see the day before. I purchased my Boston sweaty band, and a few Boston shirts. I enjoyed all the freebies and snacks that they were offering at many booths. There were so many people there and things to see that it was a bit overwhelming at times.

The BAA section of the Expo


At Expo

 In addition to all the clothing brands and promotional stands set up, there was a section of the Expo that was dedicating just for watching the course of the Boston Marathon. There were bleachers set up and a wide screen for viewing. Every time I walked past that area, it was packed and I was unable to find a spot to sit.

The afternoon went by fast and soon it was time to get ready for the pasta dinner. I was to meet my friend downtown at the City Hall Plaza. This is where the pasta party was held.

Site of Pasta party
 I was told that it was outside, so I came well prepared. After a few subways stops, I arrived at the Plaza. Luckily I arrived early enough that we just had to wait outside until they were letting people in to get their food. We were able to find a table inside. After loading our plates with the assorted pastas, it was time to listen to the speakers.

Pasta party at City Hall

Yummy Food!

 There was a huge screen set up indoors to watch the speakers that were outside. They were previous winners of the Boston Marathon that were giving pep talks about the Big Race Day that was soon to come! After hearing the inspirational speeches, it was time to find my way back to the hotel and get my checklist ready for race morning!  You can read that report here: Finishing the Boston marathon

Thanks for reading.  Next Race Big Sur!    -L

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  1. Nice! I really want to do the Big Sur Half in Monterey, CA!!