A Peek in Our Week

Wow, we can't believe the first week in August is here. It's almost sad to think that summer is on it's way out.

Here are some of the things we did the last week in July.

*I spent some time in Canada this past week. ~L

*I was able to visit one of my favorite places and take a run around the beautiful Canal. ~L

*I finally tried the Gingersnap Honey Stinger from my Stride Box and it was fabulous. I wonder if these are a new flavor coming out because I haven't seen them in the stores yet. ~L

*I am continuing with my Goofy training by running three days a week. I'm thinking about adjusting the training plan a little bit though.  According to the plan, two days a week should be 45 minute runs. I feel like I want to start doing a bit longer runs. I know my goal should be to try to run further and further and try to increase my mileage for each 45 minute run, but at this point I am not really concerned with my speed, I just want to start building my confidence back up by slowly completing more miles.      Have you ever adjusted a training plan?   ~M

*I added a bike ride into my training this week ( something I need to start doing more of) I guess since I had such bad luck with my bike last year ( you can read about my bike misfortunes Here and Here) I've been a bit hesitant. it was a leisurely ride though. We rode downtown to the Music in the Park. I think round trip it may have been 6 miles. ~M

* New things I've tried this week:
 The pumpkin ravioli is not new to me but I really like it and just wanted to share.
I'm always loving fruit snacks and when I saw the Frozen ones I thought I'd pick up a pack.

*In other news, I did something this pass week that I said I wasn't going to do and actually I am quite frightened about it. I KNOW I've made the wrong decision but I'm just going to have to make it work now. I'll talk more about this later. ~M

Tell us about your training plans and if you ever adjust it to do more runs or longer runs.


  1. I love the photos! And I would have ha to snap up the frozen fruit treats too. So far, I've been trying to follow the plans exactly since this is my first time training for distance races.

  2. Gingersnap flavored honey stinger sounds delicious! The two 45 minute runs/week seem to do well for me when it comes to maintaining my endurance. I focus on increasing distance just with the long runs. I would do what you think will work best for you and your body :)

  3. Woah, intrigue on that last one! On pins and needles over here...

  4. Looks like a beautiful run! I've also been hesitant to ride my bike because of bad experiences, but I just started for cross training. I'm finding I really like it...so far, so good!

  5. Fruit snacks are the best. I think those little packs should be twice the size they usually are! :)

    I have mostly just switched up days on my training plan. And sometimes I do runs faster than it calls for.

  6. I still have not seen Frozen and I am not allowed to buy fruit snacks because I believe the serving is the whole box and eat every pack at once. :)

  7. Canada is probably so beautiful this time of year, I am really jealous! I really should have went into the airline business, traveling the world like that just sounds fun and fabulous!

    I eat a lot of those Healthy Choice meals, but I haven't tried the pumpkin one:) If my nieces saw those Forzen snacks, they'd never let me get out of the store without buying a huge supply:)
    Your last bit of news really has my curiosity! Hopefully it's something that a wrong decision is also a good decision??? Look forward to hearing!

  8. I've got to keep my eye out for that Healthy Choice meal in the stores. I love all things pumpkin flavored!

  9. I've never been to Canada (I've been told Epcot doesn't count, lol) but I've heard it's beautiful. Great pictures!

  10. What a beautiful running path in Canada! That is so awesome that you get to travel so much :0)

    The pumpkin squash ravioli makes me excited for all the Fall flavors coming soon!


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