A New Disney Adventure Has Arrived

Between the Disney parks ( both East Coast and West Coast), the Disney Cruise Lines, Disney Beach resorts, and Adventures by Disney, there is always some surprise lurking around the corner and there is always something new being announced! 

Today I just found out about a really cool Disney experience. Disney has created quite a few long Weekend Trips among their Adventures by Disney Collection. The newest one is this fabulous long weekend to Nashville!

Some of the highlights of this 4 day 3 night trip include:

*A stay at the Gaylord Opryland Resort

*A concert and backstage experience at the Grand Ole Opry

*A performance at the Blue Bird Café ( The café featured on the hit TV Show "Nashville"

*Studio Tour

*After hours visit to the Hermitage ( a tour of the plantation, a guided ghost tour, dinner and dancing)

*Some Dining Experiences

We featured a bit about experiencing Nashville on our blog last summer. if you'd like to see more about the backstage areas, where the show "Nashville" is filmed, and the Taylor Swift exhibit, you can see that HERE.

So who wants to go to Nashville?  Who's been there?


  1. I'm hoping to do the Nashville Rock and Roll in 2015. I doubt I'd book through Disney, though. I think I'd rather explore on my own. If they could get me in to see one of the filmed musical performances for the TV show, I'd probably consider it, but I doubt those are the musical experiences they're listing here.

  2. I have not been, but friends told us about their wonderful time in Nashville earlier this year so it has definitely taken a spot on our radar!

  3. Interesting. I didn't know that Adventures by Disney did smaller more local trips like this. I've never been to Nashville but I've been to a couple other of the Gaylord hotels (DC and Texas) and they're beautiful.

  4. This would be so fun! I love Nashville (the city and the show).

  5. I've never been to Nashville, but I hear it's a fun place to visit!

  6. Wow! That seems really cool! My manager is totally into Disney and she was telling me how Disney is buying all these companies. She stated "Disney is going to rule the world." I think she is right! lol


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