A Peek In My Week

Recently I came across this article that said are you overdoing it? After reading it I thought to myself could this be me?

So I know that I never have a "real training plan" when preparing for races (because of my work schedule). But after signing up for the RnR race in V.A. Beach I thought maybe I should step it up a bit. I got a new schedule at work so instead of going into work in the morning, I am getting done in the morning.

Sat-8 miles on my one day off between changing work schedules for the month.

Sun-7 miles before going into work.

Mon-After getting done at work by 7am, there was no reason not to get a run in before it got too hot that afternoon. After completing 3 miles. I felt it was time to splurge for new sneakers, since I haven't gotten my last pair since April.
Tues- Completed 7 miles in my new Aasics Preleus sneakers.
                                                                   They are very comfy.

Wed-Completed another 8 miles after getting up super early on my last day of work for the week.

Thurs- Caught up on my sleep and slept in all morning. By the time I got up and around it was too hot to do run outside, so I did a 3 mile interval workout on the treadmill and lifted weights for another 30 minutes. I haven't lifted in awhile and thought I was due.

Fri- When I woke up the next day, my whole body hurt. I wasn't in any pain, like an injury, just sore from lifting the day before. It's funny how just a little bit of lifting makes a difference. Running was the last thing I wanted to do. But knowing that tomorrow I would not be getting a workout in because I am going out of town, I knew I had to do something today. Then I remembered this quote" The only run you will regret is the one you don't do". So that's just what I did. I laced up my sneakers and headed out the door. I did a 2 mile warm up followed by a 3 mile track workout and ending with another 2 mile cool down. When I finished my run I remembered another quote a lady had once said in a seminar I was at. "You are never going to come back from a run and say, I wish I wouldn't have done that."
After my full week of working out every day, I will be looking forward to taking a day off tomorrow. I just want to put on my compression sock and sit in my foot massager.

Do you ever feel like you overdo it too much? How do you recover?   ~L


  1. What a great photo with the water behind you! Looks like a good week of workouts!

  2. I love that photo too. And the quote! So true!

  3. Beautiful picture! Love the new shoes. I've ran in Asics a few times in the past, and they are a great shoe!
    Enjoy your day off tomorrow, sometimes a day or two off is the best thing to recharge us for getting back into it again!

  4. GREAT job this week! I am loving that pic of you with the ocean in the background - gorgeous! That quote you mentioned is so true... I never regret a workout!

  5. Someone recently told me it looked like I was running a lot for someone who wasn't training for someone. I need that- someone to remind me to take it easy and take a rest day!

  6. Be careful... I think a lot of people over do it & don't realize how hard it is on a body.

    Pink shoes! A yes for me every time!

  7. Awesome job this week. Sometimes it's so hard to motivate yourself to workout when you're tired. Quotes help motivate me as well. Cute new shoes!

  8. More power to you for a week of workouts! I can easily run myself into the ground and I know this (fighting it right now), so I have to be careful. I've learned that, right now, I can only run 3 days/week to keep injuries away. In between run days I bike and do strength workouts and walk. But even then I can get real tired and know I just need to take a step back (usually from the other workouts, not running lol). I try to eat more (and better) because I'm bad at not eating enough, and sleep as much as I can. Enjoy those compression socks!

  9. Great week! I felt like I was starting to overdo it when I was doing a run streak. I ended with 60 days, after deciding I needed to get some more rest in and to let my feet heal up (I had been having some horrible pains in my arches). They feel much better now that I'm back to my regular routine of running 3 times a week. Sometimes the hardest thing, but best thing, is to just listen to your body and take a break/rest day if you need it.


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