New Races Announced

It's no secret that we love J &A races!  Between the 2 of us we've completed the Crawlin Crab, the Wicked, The Surfin Santa, the Virginia is for Lovers 14K and the big one, The Shamrock Marathon!

Not only do we like the fact that we can run along the Virginia Beach Ocean Front ( for most of the races), but the after parties are always fabulous!

Now J&A just announced the newest edition to their race line up this fall. It's the Blue Moon Harbor Lights Half Marathon, 5K, and Final Mile!

This one won't be taking place in Virginia Beach though, it will be in Norfolk!   It will be part of the kick off for the 6 week holiday event! The festivities will start on November 21 and run through the 23. There will be a Sports and Fitness expo at the Half Moon Cruise and Celebration Center on Friday and Saturday.  The 5K and Final Mile will take place on Saturday, followed by the half Marathon and Post Race Celebration on Sunday!

Right now there is an introductory price for the Half Marathon of only $60 and $25 for the 5K and $15 for the Final Mile.

Half Marathon and 5K participants will get tech t-shirts (and some other cool swag I'm sure)!

To learn more, go to

So who's in? Will you want to run this race? Have you've run any of the J &A Races before?


  1. J&A Races are the BEST! I'm doing the 5K!

  2. Sounds fun! This is the first race I've seen Blue Moon as a sponsor! Their beers are delish!

  3. Love J & A races too.....I have done the Wicked 10k and hope to do the Surfin' Santa this year.

  4. That is actually a pretty decent price for a half marathon, considering what some charge! I've never run one before, but I live on the wrong side of the country for that:)

  5. I'm super jealous of all the fun races in you area!

  6. That does sound like an awesome race! What is the weather like that time of year? Could it be cold?

  7. I have never heard of the J&A series before! Sounds cool that they added another race though!