A Peek in our Week

Hey guys! We hope you all had a fun yet relaxing ( and safe weekend). 
My week and weekend ended up being busier than I though it would be and I am still exhausted so I will just go through some highlights.

( Lacey had another busy week at work, so she said she didn't do anything worth noting. She is working on putting together her exercise room so I think she is going to show us that when she is finished)

Monday 6/30
This week was suppose to start the "Goofy" training, but I admit I didn't do very well.
I didn't run this day, but I did get a much needed haircut!
I finished up an article I was working on for a magazine and another feature piece for the newspaper. Every time I complete a big assignment I feel like a kid on the last day of school, so relieved!

Tuesday 7/1
My new planner is working out just fabulous for me! I love writing down all my tasks the night before and then seeing how many I can cross off during the day. Quite a few tasks from Monday didn't get done so they got pushed over to Tuesday's list. ( I won't bore you with the details though).

I had a Dr. appointment this day to take a look at a sore I had on my foot. The dr said that he could surgically remove it but then I wouldn't be able to run for several days. I opted to go with the OTC medicine instead.  When I bought the OTC medicine, I read the box said it would take 12 weeks for my sore to heal. No, I wasn't waiting 12 weeks. I promptly called up my dr and made an appointment for the following day!

I did get a 4 mile run in this day and it was a good run.
I did 1 mile later again than night as well.

Wednesday 7/2
Today I had my orthopedist appointment. I got a cortisone shot in my hip.
I went back to my other dr in the afternoon and had my foot taken care off.

I received a new pair of running shoes in the mail when I came home and promptly tried them on and laced them up. I wore them around the house all evening.  Surprisingly I had no pain in my foot at all.

Friday 7/4
We spent the day in Pittsburgh and went to a Pirates vs Phillies game.
 I was kind of rooting for the Phillies but honestly they played an awful game.  We stayed for the evening fireworks and then drove home afterwards. I got word that Miss Baylee was very scared at home with all the fireworks that were going on around our house.

Saturday and Sunday we had a graduation party and a shower to go to. I did get 3.1 miles in on Sunday morning though.

I have no excuse not to have ran on Monday but after my shot on Wednesday I was kind of taking it easy on purpose. After 4 days, my hip is still black and blue from the shot ( which is to be expected) but it is still hurting. I don't remember still feeling pain for this long after the first shot.  I thought I had read some where that soaking in Epsom salt helps relieve some of this pain. Is this true?

Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to relieve the soreness from my shot?

How did your week go? Tell me something fun you did this weekend.
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  1. You had a busy week! I bet fireworks in Pittsburgh were awesome. Two runs in one day, that's awesome girl! I celebrated 4th of July with a family reunion :)

    1. A family reunion sounds like a perfect way to celebrate the 4th!

  2. What a fun week!
    In regards to your shot, I've actually only had 4 of them in different area's and I haven't had a reaction to them and I never bruised or went black and blue from them. But its possible it might have hit a muscle when your Dr. did it, or if you tensed instead of the relaxed during the shot I think that can cause bruising.
    Although I haven't had it, I do know there is this flare after fact thing that can happen. Sounds like what you may have. Try icing it a few times a day for the next few, and take naproxin or ibuprofen (dose in the morning and at night) for a few days. If you are having a reaction to it, this should help in a couple of days. If your still having trouble after a few days of doing this, then call your Dr. and he can prescribe something stronger.
    I have not heard of the Epson thing with cortizone, but I am sure it can't hurt. Mainly I think you might have inflammation in the injection site so I'd say ice and drugs that reduce inflammation are your best bet. Good luck, hope it heals quick!

  3. What a busy week! I was scheduled to start Goofy training last week as well but we were on vacation and I ended up pushing it back until this week. Hope you had a great 4th of July! :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  4. Hope your foot heals quickly. I like checking things off of my to do list as well. And sometimes getting a haircut is the best thing to do! We're Phillies fans here too-not a good year.
    Confessions of A Mother Runner

    1. I almost felt bad for the players! Two of them collided and fell in the outfield as they were both going for the same ball!

  5. Wow, it sounds like you did have a busy week! I mentioned to my husband that I needed a hair cut and he turned to me and said that I've been saying that for 4 weeks now! It's just one of those things that's so easy to push off when things get busy. We had a fun weekend in Columbus for the 4th of July.

  6. Sounds like a good week! What kind of sore did you have on your foot?

    As for the shot, I don't know if the Epsom salts will help, but it's worth a shot, right? :0) I hope you are pain-free soon!

  7. Just want to say I feel the EXACT same way when I turn in an article assignment! Even if it was something short and (relatively) painless to write...no matter how many years go by, I still get that feeling of relief and excitement! Haha. Also? If it makes you feel any better, I put off getting a haircut for, oh, 2 years...I JUST got one last week. FINALLY. Haha. Glad your foot is feeling okay!

  8. That is quite the busy week! Ouch to the foot sore and your hip being sore from the shot. I hope both heal quickly. A baseball game/fireworks are always fun, but disappointing when your team loses. I had a few BBQs and lots of housework/errands to run.