Course Maps ( and corral placement) for Princess Half Marathon Weekend of Races

Since so many runners were asking about the course maps  and about where the water stations where and what not, we thought we would post a copy of what the route was last year. The routes will be the same again this year and the water stations will most likely be at the same locations.

These images were taken from the 2014 program.

The first map is for the Enchanted 10K.

Half Marathon Route Map

" 9 beverage stations will be set up along the course, offering both Dasani Water and PowerAde. Clif products will be distributed at mile 8.7"

Corral Map

Those runners who are staying at Port Orleans, Key West, or Saratoga Springs will find that it is easier to walk across the highway to get to their corrals, BUT DON'T DO THAT.  Two years ago our bus was one of the later buses and some anxious runners wanted to get dropped off at the intersection  ( because it was right in front of the corrals) instead of riding the bus to the parking lot. I can't believe the bus driver left them off there. You can no longer do that! You will have to ride the bus to the parking lot and yes, it is a LONG walk from the parking lot to the corral, but it is enjoyable!

Here is a map of the staging area. This is where the bus will drop you off at.


  1. I ran this last year with my sister! Unfortunately at mile 8.5 I had a massive asmha attack and had to be brought to the front. This was my second 1/2 marathon I was so dissapointed, but all the people were great! I will be running the Space Coast 1/2 marathon again this year and am training hard. I will spend the next few years working to better my time and then try the princess again.

  2. All the Princess posts are killing me #iwanttogotothere

    1. I know how you feel Rebecca--this is definitely a dream race for me!

  3. I love the PHM race weekend...wish I could go next year! But I am stoked about Dopey! :0D

  4. Looking forward to this race weekend again!