A Peek in our Week and some new things I've tried.

Hi guys! Instead of doing a day by day account of what we've done last week ( because we always end up forgetting what we've done by the end of the week), we'll just try to do some Highlight and lowlights. So here goes.........


1. I worked A LOT last week. -L

2. On my days off I watched a few 3D movies on my new Ultra 4K Smart TV (It's better than going to the movies) -L

3. Our Power was out for a whole day. -L

4. My BF lives in Nashville but she is coming to MD for a work conference so I will be able to visit her there today! -M

1. Goofy training went very well for me. I'm proud of all the early mornings I've been getting up for my runs! -M

2.  I was violently ill on Thursday evening into Friday. You may have noticed that I didn't read any of your blogs on Thursday or Friday (sorry). It was my turn to blog about the Friday 5 last week and I didn't even get that done either. -M

3. I missed my Friday morning run ( but I made up for it on Saturday). I also had to cancel my massage appointment. The one I've been waiting to do for months!  I was sick and I wasn't well hydrated. I called to reschedule and the lady understood. She said that if I wasn't hydrated that it would be a miserable experience. -M

4. My new goal this week is to drink one bottle of water every hour!  This will be tough because I barely drink one bottle of water a day.-M

5. Some new things I've tried last week:

These oat juices by Sneaky Petes.  I've tried the Peach, Grape, Apple, and Raspberry ( not pictures).
They are hard to describe, but they are a very smooth drink.  A little thicker than juice. Almost like the consistency of skim milk maybe. At only 40 calories each they are very tasty and definitely quenched my thirst on these hot days we've been having!
 A few weeks ago I've discovered the Belvita soft baked chewy cookie bars. I've always been a fan of the original Belvita  biscuits so I thought I'd give these a try. I've been getting the Mixed berry and have been buying them by the box. They are perfect for a quick breakfast before a run.

I decided to buy a Plantain at the store this week and then got online to see how to prepare it.  I pan fried it and then sprinkled cinnamon and powdered sugar on it. I wasn't a big fan of it. I think I need to prepare it a different way. Actually the ones that were more crispy were better tasting. Maybe the key is to cook them until you think they are almost burnt?

Have you tried anything new this week?
Do you eat Plantains? How do you prepare them?


  1. One of my coworkers used to just put plantains in the microwave. No special seasonings or anything and they were pretty good. I tried it and it didn't taste the same. I think the quality of the fruit has a lot to do with it.

  2. I don't think I've ever had plantains. I wouldn't know the first thing about preparing them - thank goodness for the internet :)

    As for new things, I'm making my grandma's cobbler recipe on my own for the first time today (I'm always the assistant in her kitchen) so I'm hoping it turns out! I also had several new things for my long run this weekend - shorts, headphones and a hydration belt!

  3. I'm sorry you were sick this week and had to miss your massage :( those oat juices look good. I've never heard of anything like that before.

  4. Oh my goodness, I hope you are okay! That would be so disappointing to miss a massage, but I can agree that it would not have been fun to go dehydrated!

  5. I've been trying to drink more water lately too! In fact, I recently got a filtering water bottle by Camelbak to help out, and it's been great!

  6. Oh my... I don't know if I could mentally get past thinking I was drinking oats. BLEH

  7. Water Water Everywhere! Good luck with the week! :)