A Peek in our Week

Boy this week just flew by.  Here is a little peek of what we've been up to.
Sat- I started my work week.  And I had one of the retired Buffalo Bills player on my flight Bruce Smith. Unfortunately I didn't know it was him until after the flt. Wish I would've known earlier. I could've gotten a pic. Overnighted in Rochester, NY. Got a three mile run in around the riverfront.
Sun- Overnighted in Milwaukee.  I think this was the first time this year I have been here when it wasn't snowing or even cold out.  It was beautiful weather and I did four miles.
Mon- We had a very long overnight in Islip, NY and decided to take the train into New York City.
It only took about an hour to get there. We visited the Highline Park. This is apparently an up and coming place in the Chelsea District. It used to be a place where the train cars came through.  Now it's a walking path that's about a mile and half long with beautiful flowers along the way and a great view of the city. We then went to the Chelsea market for dinner and dessert. Have you seen or heard about the High Line Park?
Tues- Another long work day. I had no desire to go for a run after work, but when I got a text from a friend that wanted to run I couldn't pas it up. After my meal and dessert the day before I needed to get a good one in. We completed 8.5 miles at a great pace. So glad he texted me or I know a run would not have happened that day. 
Wed- Shopped at my local running store, then had to try out all my new products on a 6 mile run. Later that evening I got a haircut that will be perfect for the summer months.
Thurs- Ran 6 miles before meeting my friend to go see the "Rubber Duck"  at the Chrysler Museum of Art in downtown Norfolk
. This duck has been all around the world. Pittsburgh has been the only other place its gone in the U.S. We then had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.  I couldn't get enough of their delicious guacamole!
Have you heard about this duck?
Fri- Met a girlfriend for an 8 mile run through First Landing State Park. 
Sat- I overnighted in Wilmington,  N.C. And met up with Pam @werundisney for coffee. We had a great chat:) I hope I get to come back here soon!
Sunday- I spent some time at the beach. I did a 7.8 mile run with my mom along the ocean front and the boardwalk. This is the first time since January that I didn't feel any pinching in my IT band. Although I am still having hip pain, I do believe healing is on its way.

Monday- I spent the day at the resort pool area and met these two former Giants Football players in the hot tub I was in. The funny thing was that I actually knew who they were. I had some friends in high school that were huge Giants Fans ( that's probably the only reason I knew who they were). They were so nice and we talked for a while ( and of course took lots of pictures.  We took a few pictures together too, but I will spare you the pictures of my pasty white face in a hot tub at 9 am).  The one player actually gave me his phone number and asked me to text him the pictures! Can you believe I have a Giants football player's number in my phone?  
Wednesday- Spent the day shopping with my mom. We bought the cutest outfit for a little girls first birthday party that we were invited too.
Friday- Saturday- This was the only other day (besides Sunday) that I got some exercise. I took a walk with Baylee and her lab friend around the island park.  Her lab friend then stayed with us over the weekend. Needless to say I had my hands full with a puppy plus the two dogs I already have!

There's still time to join the Summer Run Scavenger Hunt  if you haven't done so yet. Also, our Giveaway ended today. We actually didn't even pull up the Rafflecopter to see who won yet. We will do this later and announce the winner tomorrow on the blog.

What did you do this weekend?



  1. Lacey, I've been to Highline Park as well as the Chelsea Market. Both are beautiful!
    Meranda, So cool that you met those two Giants players and even more cool that he asked you to send him the picture!

  2. I love NYC, but haven't been to Highline Park, I will have to check it out if I make it there again someday!!! Lacey makes me wish I worked for the airlines, I think I would love having a job of travel:)
    Meranda, that is awesome about the Giants players. That is pretty cool about the phone numbers too. I'd be all walking around telling people (nonchalantly of course haha), "hope I don't accidently butt dial the Giants football players", LOL love it!

  3. Lacey, you life sounds so amazing getting to travel all over. Exhausting but really fun! Meranda, that is so fun that you got to meet the Giants players and that they were so friendly.

    I've been trying to do your scavenger hunt, but as soon as I get going on my run I completely forget! I guess all the blood gets diverted to my legs away from my brain! :)

  4. I don't know what makes me smile more, the picture of the giant rubber ducky, or the picture of the GIANTS in the hot tub! Either way, what a fun week!

  5. I love the dog picture. Did they let you back in through that door?

  6. That is crazy awesome you have a pro football player's number! Lacey, your haircut is super cute! Sounds like a super fun week for you both!

  7. Sadly, I wouldn't have any idea who any football players were without a jersey with their name on it!

  8. I have no idea who any football players are, unless they are on Dancing with the Stars :) haha
    But that's cool you can say you have pro footballers numbers on your phone.

  9. Sounds like a busy week for you ladies. Lacey, your haircut looks adorable! Great job with your runs. Meranda, that's so cool that you met those guys and that they were so nice/friendly. I'm so glad that your IT band wasn't pinching and that it's healing. Hopefully soon you won't feel any pain. Fingers crossed!