A peek in our week

Here's a little tid bit about how our week went.

Sunday 4/28
Lacey: I ran the Big Sur Marathon this day. You can read all about that HERE.

Meranda: I got to go to something called a bike hike.

It was a 2 mile stretch that participants would ride up and down to raise money for charity. It was actually pretty neat. In addition to bikers, there were also a few walkers and runners. Some people only did a few miles and others rode the entire three hours.

Monday 4/28

Lacey: I stayed in Carmel and had a spa day.

Meranda: I was finally convinced to get a cortisone shot this day. I thought I had a new hip so I walked 10 miles with my mom. More on this later.

Tuesday: 4/29
Lacey: Travel day.
Meranda: I had an "I'm off day". Between my hip pain ( don't know if it was from the shot or if I aggravated  it more by walking 10 miles) and my blister, I could barely walk. Good thing there was a Sex and the city marathon on TV. That would be the only marathon I'd be participating in for a while!

Wednesday: 4/30
Lacey: I returned home to the East coast so I did some food shopping this day and cooked up a storm.

I'm so glad my sister gave me the best tip on how to cut spaghetti squash. I use to say how difficult (and almost dangerous) it was to cut the squash before I put it in the oven. She told me to just put it in the oven whole for 30 minutes and then pull it out and cut it in half. This makes it SO much easier to cut. I wish I had known this tip years ago!

Thursday: 5/1
Lacey: Ran 4.5 miles

Friday: 5/2
Lacey: Ran 6.5 miles

Saturday: 5/3
Lacey: Ran 8 miles

A new running store opened up in town and they were having their Grand opening. I stocked up on some of my favorites Honey Stingers and thought I would finally try the Salted Caramel.

My husband and I attended a cocktail party hosted by some friends. We later visited a  pet store that had some of the most unusual pets.

This monkey was among the animals we saw. They had these things called Lemurs. I had never seen those before. They were like skinny raccoons and were literally bouncing off the walls. They would jump right on the glass window and scare the bejesus out of me.  They were just odd. I couldn't get a good picture because they were moving so fast.

Also, Saturday I did a little re- decorating. I'm probably the only person you know that enjoys cleaning her bathroom.  

I have décor for each season so I thought it was time to put my winter décor away and bring out the palm trees. What do you think?

What did you do this weekend?  How is your bathroom decorated? Do you have a theme?


  1. If you could transfer some of that bathroom cleaning mojo to me that would be great. Our bathrooms are pretty bare, definitely no theme. The shower curtain has a geometric pattern happening on it, but that's pretty much it!

    1. Oh, I think bathrooms are so fun to decorate. I've gone through so many "themes" and paint colors in mine!

  2. I actually am back home in CT this weekend, so it's been a lot of relaxing and catching up with my mom! I have two bathrooms in my apartment - and sadly the one that gets less use is the one that I have decorated. I currently have it as a beach theme, complete with shells from our trips to the beach :)

  3. Lemurs are pretty cool. I took a primate anthropology course in college and we covered them. They're unique to Madagascar, and the females dominate the males. Trivia.
    The bike ride looks like fun!

  4. Ha, my bathroom has had the same black and white shower curtain and black and white photos since we moved in 17 years ago...

  5. Umm, no, not a fan of cleaning the bathrooms. This house has too many and I hate doing them all! what a great idea to have a bike hike....love that it was done to raise money for charity!

    1. I admit, this is the only bathroom I clean cus it's the only one I use!

  6. I love your new shower curtain!! I'm all about beach-themed decor!

    That pet store had some...interesting...pets. Not sure I would ever want a pet monkey or lemur lol but to each their own!

    Spa day in Carmel sounds incredible. I love that part of California so much! Did you get the chance to visit the beach there? How was the weather?

    1. Actually it's not new. It's the first shower curtain I bought when we moved in over 10 years ago. I actually had it packed away for several years. I just recently brought it out again!

  7. The bike hike sounds really cool! What a great idea.

    My bathroom is...Little Mermaid themed. Not even gonna lie. Hahaha. Shower curtain, soap pump, towels, bath rug, the works... :)