Our Time at The Miss America Pageant and Their Time at Disney World!

This year the Miss America pageant is back in Atlantic City again!  I can’t help but wonder if they brought it back to the Coast in an effort to help boost the economy since hurricane Sandy’s visit last fall.   ( I wondered if that is the same reason that the Super Bowl will be held in NJ/NY this year)

My sister and I had the opportunity to sit in the audience of the Miss America Pageant when it was previously held in Atlantic City.  The competition was held inside Boardwalk Hall.  Although the venue looks all glitzy and glamorous on TV, I assure you, it is not that way in person.  I was shocked when we walked in to Boardwalk Hall and the atmosphere was like a ware house!
Here is a zoomed out picture so you can see the whole area.
Regardless of what “our end” looked like, it was amazing getting to watch something “in person” that we’ve only ever got to watch on television.

 It’s so great that the pageant is coming back to NJ. The pageant began back in the 1920”s in Atlantic City. It was always held the week after Labor Day in an effort to extended the tourist season and build more revenue for the city.  2004 was the last time the pageant was held here. It has since moved to Las Vegas and instead of holding it in September, it was held in January.

The preliminary competitions start tonight ( Sept 10) and continue through Sept 12.  The final competition ( the one we see on TV) will be held September 15.  The “show us Your Shoes” parade, hosted by the Bachelor’s Chris Harrison and Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer will be held on Saturday September 14 at 5:00pm on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. 
We had so much fun in Atlantic City for the April Fools race this year, I wish we were going back for the pageant festivities, but we have something just as exciting already planned for this weekend!

Photo from Disney Parks blog

Speaking of exciting…. Did you see that the lovely Miss America contestants got to spend some time in Disney World last month? 

Have you ever been to Atlantic City?

Have you ever been to a live taping of something shown on TV?


  1. I have never been to Atlantic City, and seeing a live taping of a show would be awesome! Did anything of them say they wish for world peace? :)

  2. Ya know what, I don't even remember what the questions/answers were! I'm sure someone probably did :)

  3. I really need to get to Atlantic City one of these days, it's just too close not to go. I forgot about the Superbowl being here this year. . I will be sure to stay away- I'm not a fan of large crowds of football fans and I've had my fill living through a couple of Superbowls in NOLA.