Race Day VIP at VA Beach and Third Eye Blind Concert

Just because the race was over does not mean the festivities ended!  If you did not read Part 1 ( Race Expo) you can read it here.  Click Here, if you did not read Part 2 the race Day Recap.

Since we were invited to be VIP's for the weekend, we got to experience more post race fun! Once my mom and sister and I were all reunited, we made our way over to RockFish Grill which was just beyond the finish line.
 Our VIP bag check was just outside the restaurant so that made it easy for us to get our bags. We didn't have to go look for those trucks!

 Even though it was nice to be in the air conditioning for a moment, we did opt to sit out on the patio.  RockFish does a nice job setting the food up in a buffet style. The options were the same as last year, salads, sandwiches, cookies, chips, fruit, juices, mimosos and other various beverages. When I stopped at Rockfish earlier to use the restroom, I noticed that they did have eggs, potatoes and more breakfast items out.

After brunch and some celebratory pictures on the beach, we went home and relaxed until the festivities started up later that evening.

The Rock n Roll Half Marathon is held in conjunction with the American Music Festival.  The festival hosts over 30 bands over a three day period on a stage along the ocean front.

On Friday night the main stage acts were Fuel and Daughtry.
Saturday  the main acts were Smash Mouth and Bare Naked Ladies ( there were other smaller bands, but we forget who they were...sorry)

Meranda and Lacey at the Ocean Front Concert on Friday night.

On Sunday, we were invite to the VIP post race party. The tent was set up right behind the main stage. Once inside it was all you can eat food, beverages, and dessert.  It started to rain while we were in the tent, so we didn't go out to watch the opening bands nor the awards ceremony, but they did have TV screens set up in the tent, so we got to watch it in there.  

By the time the headliner act was scheduled to come on, the rain had cleared up.  Everyone that was invited to the VIP tent had a special roped off area up in front of the stage.  We had a great view for Third Eye Blind.

After the concert, the weekend really went out with a bang with a fireworks show on the beach!
We don't claim to be great photographers, but we were just impressed that we were able to take a picture of the fireworks that actually turned out!

It is always such a great weekend at Rock N Roll Virginia Beach whether you are a runner or just a spectator.   I have a feeling we will have to make a decision next year whether or not to participate in RnR VA Beach again or do Disneyland.  Too bad both races are the same weekend!

Thanks for reading!

Have you ever had to decide between two great races that are held the same weekend?
What did you use as your deciding factors?


  1. How neat! Love that Rock N Roll coordinates their race with the same weekend as the festival...makes for a fun weekend! Love the fireworks, too! Congrats on a great job with the race! :0)

  2. Thanks Karen! I often wondered if other Rock n Roll races had concerts like this? VA beach is the only RnR race we've done so far!

  3. This is am awesome race with all the fringes!

  4. Awesome photos ladies!! Looks like a great time!