Hats, Visors, and a Sweaty Band Winner!

Since we've been promoting Sweaty Bands this week, we thought it would be a good time to talk about other things that go on your head. Did you ever wonder why many runners wear visors?

Many runners choose visors instead of regular ball caps because a regular ball cap will trap the heat. Obviously when you are running you want to stay cool while still shading the sun from your face. For that reason, a visor is a great choice.

If you have light hair like I do, sometimes you need to cover your head or you will come home from your run with a sun burnt scalp!  If this is the case, make sure your cap is a mesh one or made of the breathable fabric.  This lets the heat escape from your head and keeps you cooler.

Okay, enough about hats and visors. Lets talk sweaty bands!  We have a winner!

Tammy Rice is the winner of the Sweaty Band giveaway.  Congratulations Tammy!  Please message us through our facebook page or  email us at fairytalesandfitness@gmail.com

We can't wait to see which sweaty band you get!

What do you all prefer to run in, a Hat or Visor, or nothing at all on your head?


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  2. THANK YOU!!! I am excited for my sweaty band!