Antarctica Marathons: Do you think it's a baragin?

Photo from the Antarctica Ice Marathon website

I have been thinking about all those cool race bibs that adorn Bart Yasso's office door and the one that stood out to me the most was the one from Antarctica.

 I decided that I wanted to know a little bit about races in this region.
I have found that this is the ultimate ( or most extreme) in Race-cations.  Runner's that register for the Antarctica Marathon are usually those who's goal is to complete a race on each continent.  Is this you?

I've found the Antarctica Ice Marathon is scheduled for Nov 2013 and the Antarctica Marathon is scheduled for March 9, 2014.

The Southern most marathon in the United States might be in Key West, but the Antarctica Ice Marathon is the Southern most race in the world. I was intrigued when I saw you could enter this marathon for the bargain price of only 10,500 Euros.  The Antarctica Marathon website claims that this is an incredible value!

For this price the runner will receive round trip airfare from Punta Areas Chile to the glacier camp ( but how you get yourself to Chile is your own responsibility),  accommodations and food for 5 days, race entry, photos, commemorative certificate, medal, patches, and of course the t-shirt.

So how much is 10, 500 euros?  The currency rate changes daily, but today 10,500 euros is equivalent to about $14,205 U.S dollars ( which is funny because when I converted this amount a few days ago it was in the $12,000 range)  Regardless of $12,000 or $14,205, do you think this is an incredible value for your next Race-cation?   ( I admit, I'm sure this is SOME experience, but I'll take my WARM Disney race-cation over this one any day)

Both the Antarctica Ice Marathon and Antarctica Marathon give participants the opportunity to do excursions such as mountain climbing, and zodiac and wild life excursions.
Expect the temperature to range between 15f-34f ( although the wind chill could lower that temperature another 10 degrees, brrr!)  The good news is that you don't need any special shoes for this race. The course is entirely on dirt roads and runners are encouraged to bring two pairs of running shoes ( because it is a possibility that your shoes will get wet ( and who wants to run in wet shoes?).

okay, so who is now putting a race on every continent on their bucket list?


  1. Of course I read this with great interest having visited Antarctica in February 2008. I was not a runner at that time, and have no interest in going back for a race. However, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with the wildlife and icebergs, I did not know you could fly to Antarctica either....we went by ship from Ushuia, Argentina. Would love to read someone's race recap. The photos would be stunning!

    1. For the one Antarctica Marathon I believe you do go by boat. It is about $6,000 and up depending on which cabin you choose. I imagine that is an additional cost though, not included in the race package.

  2. Way too cold for me. I spent 3 New England winters training outside for college lacrosse, with so many layers I was fluffy like the Michelin tire guy. I'll stick with races in North America.

  3. WOW they may claim it is a great bargain, but still quite expensive considering you still have an extra international plane ticket to purchase.

    That being said, the photos here would probably be gorgeous, and yet this race won't be on my bucket list lol I'm definitely not a super cold weather gal. Major props to ANYONE to who this race though!

    1. I would say that is definitely a dedicated runner for anyone to go there ( and spend that much $ on a race package).