Nashville ( Where in the World Wednesday) Is that Taylor Swift?

My sister isn’t the only one who has toured a city that was home to a popular TV series!

Last year I told my cousin that I would take her on a trip anywhere she wanted to go when she turned 21. The city she chose was Nashville. Having been there several times because my best friend lives there, I was more than happy to show her the city. We stayed right downtown and were able to walk to many attractions.
 We went to many bars and restaurants and took a haunted ghost tour of the city. Day or night, there is never a dull moment in Nashville. Every place you go there is a band playing. The most fun was the dueling piano bar we went to several times. We were even able to walk down to visit the County Music Hall of Fame. Every couple months there is a feature exhibit.
The time we were there the feature exhibit was Taylor Swift. It was neat to see the many dresses she wore during her Back to December tour. In addition to Swift, we saw many other outfits that country singers wore during their tours, including Leanne Rimes, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw.

We also took a tour through the Gaylord Opry House. We learned that many of the singers that perform there are locals and they drive themselves to their shows and walk right in the front door. Even though they are rich and famous, they act like one of us just coming there to do a show. They even have their own mailboxes they check personally when they come in to perform. I'm sure they get a bunch of fan mail, but maybe if you're one of the lucky ones they will respond to you.

During the tour we saw several dressing rooms and were told which stars like which rooms when they arrive. We also saw a back room that many artists have their party at after getting inducted to the Hall of Fame. This is also where some scenes to movies are made.
While touring the Opry House, we were told that this was where the new series Nashville was being filmed. I’ve never heard of this series before and I was curious to watch it when it started in the fall, since I've been there. When I came home, I remember seeing the previews and thinking hey I was there! Of course everything looks bigger and better on tv. During the tour, it did feel very homey, but of course on the show it looks very glamorous. And the stage and auditorium is much smaller than it looks on TV.

Nashville must have left a huge impression on my cousin, because the following summer(which was this year) she decided to take a internship in Nashville. Seeing that she was a local now, she was able to show me some other places that the locals hang out, rather than the downtown honky tonk touristy bars. We were going to go to the famous Blue Bird Café, since we were unable to do it the year before. But since the Nashville series aired, it became much more popular and apparently you have to get tickets the week before for the following weekend. So just a heads up if you want to go there while visiting Nashville, make sure you get your tickets ahead of time.

Nashville is such a fun city! There are many artists that live in the area, and it is not unlikely to see someone famous out and about doing their own thing. I remember my best friend called me one time and said Taylor Swift was behind her in line at a Starbucks. How cool is that?


Ever been to Nashville? If so what did you think?


  1. It's where I live. I love this town! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. You live in such a great town! I always enjoy my visits there!

  3. Nice! I ran the RNR Country Music Half Marathon a couple of years ago and really liked the city. I'd love to go back and explore more!

  4. Oh, I will head over to your blog and read those race recaps if you have them up. RNR Country Music half marathon sounds like so much fun!