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We attempted to eat at Liberty Tree Tavern several times on various visits to Magic Kingdom but when it came down to it, we always ended up canceling our reservation ( we were on the walk up list anyway). We cancelled because I just couldn't fathom eating such a heavy meal in such excruciating  heat.

Liberty tree tavern menu

     We finally waited till a mild day in December to eat here.

The restaurant looks like a colonial inn from that era. There is a large lobby/waiting area, in which we did not have to wait long. The "inn" is divided into 6 different themed dining rooms, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, and George Washington.

Disney Cast Member

Cast members are dressed in period clothing as well. This young lady escorted us to the dinning room we would be in. It was the first room off to the right of the lobby and I do believe it was the Revere room.

Dinning room names at Liberty Tree Tavern, Paul Revere Room

It was actually a great place to be seated in our opinion.  The restaurant has a lot of wood and dark colors, so I was very please to be in this room that was brightly lit. 

Can I see the parade from this Disney Restaurant

We got a table right by the window and could actually see the parade floats going by. Yes, it was an obstructed view of course, but it was fun that we could sit and watch while we waited for our server to stop by. 

Disney Tip: If you want a great view of the parade while having lunch, ask for a seat on the patio at Tony's Town Square, during the parade time. We've done that and loved it!

Liberty Tree Tavern Menu
The food here was all you care to enjoy served family style. Even though we all were getting the same thing, they still brought us out a menu to look out.  

Liberty Tree Tavern Menu
Drinks are included with the price of the meal.

Liberty Tree Tavern food 
We started with home made rolls and  the Declaration salad. 

Declaration Salad

This was mixed greens with apples and cranberries. It had a house dressing that was some sort of vinaigrette that we both really enjoyed.

Patriot's Platter

The entree here is like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and it was called the Patriot Platter.  This was one platter that served the both of us. It had roasted turkey, pork, and pot roast. It also had a side of stuffing and cranberry sauce. 
Vegetables at Liberty Tree Tavern at Disney
The next platter was mashed potatoes and seasoned green beans. Since the menu said "steamed vegetables" I would assume the vegetable offered could be different every now and then. 

Macaroni and cheese at Liberty Tree Tavern at Disney
We also had a bowl of creamy macaroni and cheese. I would say the mac and cheese was only okay. It was pretty basic and nothing great about it.  However, all the other food was really good and flavorful.  I really enjoy familiar comfort foods, so I was very pleased with this meal, as was my sister. 

                                          Window Seating 

This meal was all you care to enjoy and they would have brought out second ( or even third) servings of anything we wanted, but what we were already offered was plenty for just the two of us. 

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake at Disney 

As if all that yummy food wasn't enough, our server then brought out the Ooey Gooey Toffee cake with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.  This was also delicious!

Liberty Square Restaurant

I was worried that this type of food was going to be too heavy for a park day, but it really wasn't. We definitely had a lot of food, but we didn't feel like we stuffed ourselves. 

Our reservation was for 12:00 pm and we got our food at 12:15 pm.  This meal kept us full all day until we went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party later than night. 

Liberty Tree Tavern serves from 11:00 am  till 8:00pm. This would be a great place to celebrate Thanksgiving or even Fourth of July or any other Patriotic Holiday! 
To see a full menu and prices click HERE.

Disney Tip: If you can not get a reservation at Liberty Tree Tavern, The Diamond Horseshoe in Frontierland serves the same menu. 

Till next time ~ M&L

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