The Cat Burglar on the run?

I've been told that ya'll like when I tell stories from my runs, so I thought I would share this one!

Yesterday evening I met my mom down at the island to do our run.  When I arrived, my mom was already there waiting for me.  I got out of my car and greeted her and she came over to me and told me about a man she had been watching.

The man had a bag and had been up under this under pass. Then he came back down.  The man had already left by the time I arrived to meet my mom but I knew exactly who she was talking about. I said he was an older man, right?  Yes  she said.

I told her that I had seen this same guy two or three times already when I've been down there running recently. I wondered why he was walking up under that under pass and what he was doing up there. Was he stealing rocks? Was he hiding something?  Was he doing something illegal?

Well, I just wanted to find out so my mom and I walked over towards the under pass and I looked up under it.  Then I saw it.

Do you see it?  There were two adorable kitty cats up there!

The guy had given the cats a bowl and had been feeding them!  So that's why I would see him there in the evenings. He was taking care of them. See there really are good people in the world.  I feel bad thinking he may have been up to no good.

I have been running down here for years and I've never seen any stray cats so I found this to be odd. Why do they just stay under the under pass?  -M


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    1. I wish the pictures would have turned out a little better but I didn't want to get too close and spook them. They were indeed very cute cats though!

  2. That is a funny story but wonderful to hear some good in the world.

  3. Aw babies! Maybe it is hot in the sun and the cats like the shade. I know my cats like to be under things.

  4. High, dark places are what cats love. They can roam when they need to, and come back to home base.

  5. ahhh - that warms my heart.
    If you're through there all the time, you should keep some cat treats or food in your car to drop off.
    I know in our town there's an organization called Alley Cat that gets stray cats, fixes them & then releases back where they found them so no new babies are popping up.

  6. Well AWWWWW. That is so nice. Hits me right in the feels - thank you for sharing such a great story!

  7. You really do see the most interesting things on your runs!

  8. What a nice ending!! Although I totally thought those were mountain lions in the first picture!! LOL Such a nice thing for him to do.

  9. Oh my goodness - I'm glad this story had a sweet ending - how wonderful the man has been going there to feed the kitties. Perhaps they can go to the local Humane Society and be adopted by a family?

  10. Awww what a cool sorry! So glad the cats are being taken care of!


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