Saving little lives...sort of

Last weekend it was absolutely gorgeous out! You couldn't have asked for a better day. Baylee and I were out playing in the yard when Scott came out and said he was going to mow the lawn.

While he went to get the lawn tractor, Baylee and I walked around the yard "cleaning it up" when all of a sudden I happened upon this little guy.

Quite frankly, he kind of startled me. I was about to scoop him up into my poop bucket before I realized what it was. We had gone through this episode before several years ago, so I knew there would be more bunnies. I showed Scott the bunny and a few yards away we found the nest.

I wanted the bunny to be back in the nest with his brothers and sisters so Scott put on a pair of gloves and picked him up and put him back in the nest. As soon as he did that, another bunny jumped out! Now we had 2 bunnies out of the nest. I went into the garage to get a box to put them in so they wouldn't be laying in the yard when Scott mowed. As soon as we put the one bunny in the box, the rest of them started hopping out of the nest.

Before we knew it there were 6 bunnies running around our little front yard and up on our porch. I quickly put Baylee in the house. I didn't think she would attack the bunnies but I didn't want them to be startled by her. Honestly, I think she was more startled by all of them. She probably thought "what in the world is going on"?

Okay, so in the end, we did not put all the bunnies in a box. Scott was able to gather all 6 of them up (because I wanted them to be together), and placed them in them underneath the Holly bushes in our landscaping near the porch. They would be safe from the mower there. My job was to stand watch and make sure they did not scamper out into the yard, which they did not. Through this whole ordeal, we had our little neighbor boy (who is 6) in our yard with us. He really thought that was something to see with all those bunnies scampering around!

If you are wondering why we went through all this to make sure these bunnies were safe, it's because many years ago when we first moved here Scott accidentally rode over a bunnies nest that he did not see and those bunnies were not so lucky. From that point on, we've become more aware. -M


  1. Such cute little bunnies! Unfortunately Selma is not as gentle with bunnies and has brought us a few :( For some reason the rabbits love to make their nest in her fenced in area!

    1. Even when we had 2 dogs, we never understood why the bunnies would want to come into our yard. Our neighbors have no dogs, they should feel more safe over

  2. I have seen a ton of bunnies in our backyard this year. They are pretty cute. I have not tried to get that close yet.

  3. We have had bunny nests in our yard too! I love bunnies and I would save them too. <3

  4. ahhh... this just makes me happy. I love people that protect animals - especially baby animals.
    Our neighbors dog got into a bunny nest one time & I have been traumatized as well!!!! Hope the babies stay in their new safe home until they're ready to venture into the world

  5. We get bunny nests like that in our yard too; glad you guys were able to save them! They are so cute and I don't mind having bunny neighbors...much nicer than the skunks and possums we normally see.

  6. That's so sweet! My parents have a ground squirrel nest in their yard, and it's so cute the see the little ones in the spring. They torment one of the cats though. He gets so into stalking them that he forgets there's a window between them and him, and he bonks his head.

  7. They were at that time. They are off on their own now!

  8. How sweet! So glad you were able to keep them safe.

  9. I'm glad you were able to watch over the bunnies and make sure they were safe! I've seen a lot of them in our neighborhood this year but I don't think I've ever seen their nest.

  10. OMG, too cute! It's so great that you guys were able to take care of the bunnies!


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