Dog Days in the Maze

On Sunday my mom and I took Belle and Baylee to Dog Days in the Maze. The corn maze was located at a local Christmas Tree farm which transforms into a fall playground.

There were plenty of activities to choose from but we chose to do the corn maze.  The maze was $10 for adults and free for the dogs. There was actually tax on top of our admission price which I was surprised about and had to go back out to my car to get some change.

When I paid the admission for us, we were each given a wrist band, a map, and a "suspect card".  I had never done a corm maze before so I had no idea what to expect. I  didn't think it was going to be a scavenger hunt, but that certainly made it fun.

Here were the rules:

 corn maze

Pick a trail: short (red) or long (green).  We chose to do the long trail at over 3.2 miles. Of course we went over 3 miles because we didn't exactly know which way we were going.

Stamp your card at each station to show that you checked in there. There were 12 stations and each had a different stamp.  We checked in at all 12 stations. Some of them we found by accident.

There were 3 Santas on the course and you had to take selfies (or dog photos) with each of them if you could find them.  We found all three. If you share your pics on their Facebook page you get entered in a contest for a gift certificate to their store. They claim to have the largest Christmas Ornament Store.

Also, there were clue cards.

There were pictures set up in the maze (these were more difficult to find), and in the picture you had to look for a suspect, a weapon, and a location.  Again, each one had a different stamp. As you can see, we only found 3 sets of them. If you found all of them, you were entered for a prize.

If it was just my mom and I, we probably would have played around in the maze until we found all the suspects, but it was really hot and I had forgotten the water bottle for the dogs in the car.

Belle's wearing her Lion Mane!

I thought since the event was geared towards dogs today, that they might have water stations set up in the maze, but they didn't. They did however, have large water bowls at the entrance and exit of the maze, so we did walk out twice so the dogs could get a drink. ( I don't normally let my dog drink out of community dog bowls but I made an exception since it was so hot and they had walked so far).

This was my first time in a corn maze and I can actually say it was a lot of fun and I wouldn't mind doing it again sans dogs. There are a few nights where they do it at night and you need flashlights. I'm not sure if I would want to go at that time.

Oh, and it turned out even though we checked in at all 12 check points, we only needed to check in at the 6 that were along the green route, I don't know what we were thinking, but we had fun!

Have you ever done a a corn maze? If so, was it like a scavenger hunt?  -M   #EnjoyFall


  1. When my boys were younger, we did a corn maze. They've become quite the thing around here in the fall, with elaborate designs. There is a corn maze race too, but I'd be afraid of tripping over a corn stalk and falling!

  2. Corn mazes are so much fun!! The one time we have done them, they give us a blank map and we have to collect the rest of the map to get out, it's quite challenging.

    You and your mom look gorgeous on your pictures!

    1. Thanks Ana! After schleppping around in the corn for all that time it's not the best

  3. I love going to the corn maze I don't think they are up yet around here until Mid October

  4. OMG, SOOOO fun! I would love to be able to take my dog to do something like this. But corn mazes freak me out a little...I can't stand the feeling of being lost, hahaha.

    1. At one point we did see an employee coming around to check on people to make sure they were doing okay!

  5. This sounds like so much fun! I'd done mazes and hay bale mazes with the kids but nothing like this. Taking the dogs would be the cherry on top.

  6. OK - this is a good way to do it. We have a local corn maze but its nothing like that with check in points & a fun goal. ... I actually did get lost & couldnt get out - haha. My grand sons were in there & had to come back in to get me & lead me out. HAHA. They loved that.
    I love anything that incorporates dogs. It'd be interesting to see if the maze is the same next year.
    Tax??? really????? I thought tax was only on merchandise. Hmmmm....

  7. I haven't done a maze, and knowing me, I'd get lost. My sense of direction is not the best.

  8. I've never done a corn maze but this sounds like a lot of fun! And how cute that they had a dog event, too. What a great picture of you and your mom - you guys look so alike!

  9. Corn maze is a great idea! I would say it will be great for kids as well, to go out and have fun rather than be on their computers.
    Love the lion mane costume!

  10. Awww I'm so glad you decided to take the pups to this. How freaking cure is Baylee!? She is always smiling.

  11. I've never done anything like this, but it sounds like a lot of fun! I love that they have those days too!


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