5 products that get a Thumbs Down

 Like I mentioned last week, there are several items that we get to review and quite honestly, some of them we do not like!

Out of respect for the company that sent us the item, we DO try to find some redeeming qualities from the product. Afterall, a review is just one person's opinion and I would never buy or not buy an item just because of what one person says.  Just because I (or we) don't like an item, doesn't mean that it won't be a good fit for someone else. For that reason, we often try to just present the specifics of an item so people can make their own choice.

But right now, we are flat out telling you that these are items we won't be using again!

1     1. TRESemme Reverse System Shampoo and Conditioner – I love trying out hair products so I was so excited to get these large bottles of shampoo and Conditioner. The process is that you use the conditioner first and the shampoo second.  I used it this way for a few days and it only made my hair more knotted and elastic feeling. I than started using it the regular way (shampoo first and conditioner second)  and I still did not get the results I wanted.  I will say that the conditioner on its own (used after my regular shampoo) is actually okay.  I normally do like TRESemme products I just don't think this particular set is for me. 

2    2. The XCEL  Nail Polish System - This is supposed to be Gel nail polish without the use of the LED lamp. I have to say that for the time it took me to do all 4 of these steps, the result was definitely NOT worth the effort. The polish looked horrible on my nails. I don’t know if it was the color or if it was the way it was applied, but it was not good.  However, I do have another Gel nail kit that I love. It is called Sensationail. It takes several steps and has the LED lamp but this is SO worth it. You will get salon quality results!

3     3. I got the Coconut Cashew bar from Primal Kitchen to review in my Runner Crate recently.  I had high hopes for this because I like both cashews and coconut. I wont say that it was awful, but it just was not an appealing taste. It was a little too "nutty" and "seedy" for my liking and I did not like the texture. It was a bit too chewy and sticky. I brought this for my breakfast at work one day and as you can see from the picture of on the right, I stopped eating it at this point and threw the rest away. -M

       I almost feel guilty giving these next products a thumbs down because it's not like they are faulty or didn't perform well, it's just that I feel that they didn't add anything to my life (or performance) and for that reason I don't feel comfortable continuing to use them.  -L

3.       Capsimax-   I used this for the sole purpose of reviewing it and like with anything, its hard to say if it's the product that is making a difference in your performance or if it's just the amount of effort and energy you are putting into it yourself.  For that reason I've stopped using Capsimax and I will not become a customer of it. And yea know what, I'm doing quite okay without it.

4.       Aria Shoes-  Remember these oddly shaped shoes?  They were suppose to increase performance and speed because of their design. After wearing them for a few runs, I never really felt I could get into the groove. I have found other shoes that work better for me and for that reason I won't ever wear these again. 

Did you try any of these products?

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  1. It's so weird...I cannot read this post! It loads and then it disappears....

    1. Hmm, I do see what you mean now but really now sure what's going on. I'll do my best to find the problem.

  2. I can't read either :( I'll check back later--thank you for hosting though!

  3. I hate it when products don't do what they claim to. I haven't tried any of the items on your list, but they look so sad, especially those shoes.

  4. I have these super secret vision goggles and I look amazing in them and I CAN see your post! Ok don't judge maybe not amazing but pretty good.... :)
    I appreciate the honesty when reviewing items. It sometimes is hard because you want to do a good job for the company but you also want your friends to know if they should run out and buy it or not! ;)

  5. I can't see the post either, hmmm...

  6. I think I just bought that shampoo not even realizing it was supposed to be used differently. I haven't tried it yet. I did have those shoes. They went to Goodwill years ago. Ugh.


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