Weekly Wrap...December 4

I'm starting this post off much like I imagine most other people are starting theirs off by saying  How is it December already????

In any case, I am pleased to say that I pretty much have all my holiday shopping done (which is totally early or me...yay). I ordered most of my stuff online on Cyber Monday so not everything has arrived yet. The only gifts I need to buy are for the grandparents and those are usually the hardest!

Oh, and regardless of what I wrote in this post last week, I am not a scrooge and I DO actually decorate for Christmas. I ordered a few pieces of Holiday decor last week and this is one piece that arrived this weekend.

After my two races the first weekend in November, I decided to just take the month off and relax. That was actually harder to do than I thought because the weather was still so great last month that I didn't want to miss out on some warm runs since I knew winter was coming soon.  I think I did maybe three runs but I didn't go to the gym at all.

I'm starting December out strong though, I've already started back at the gym and I got the bike out and did two 5 mile rides already. I plan to get in a run this afternoon as well. I don't like running in the winter, so this coming season is all about just doing enough to maintain my fitness and keep from being injured. #SettingTheBarLow

We both have a race coming up this coming weekend. I didn't really forget about it, but I didn't actually realize it was THIS weekend! WOW, talk about how time flies!   What do you have on tap for December?  -M

We will be linking our weekly wrap up with Holly and  Tricia! 


  1. I hope the race went well this weekend for both of you!!! Hurray for getting almost all of your holiday shopping done already thanks to Cyber Monday. Isn't it crazy how the grandparents are always so hard to shop for? LOVE the very personalized holiday decor - does Baylee recognize herself??? =)

    1. Ha, actually that flag is not Baylee. It's just a random lab. However, I will be getting one soon that IS her!

  2. I had one of those moments on Friday. How is it December? I've been so pre-occupied this year, it's amazing that it's almost done.

  3. I think is hard to believe it's December. I have a half this weekend and looking forward to wrapping up the year before my full in January!

  4. Good for you for taking some time off - recovery is an important part of training that so many of us forget to truly appreciate. I have a race next weekend as well - last one of the year! Good luck with yours and can't wait to hear how it goes!

  5. This year has really flown by! Winter is a good time to take a break from training and just recover. I think that doing enough to maintain fitness and prevent injury is a good plan!

  6. Way to go on getting done with Christmas shopping!! I'm almost done! and so glad to be almost done! I need to get baking cookies!

    Good luck on your race!

  7. The puppy flag is so cute! My grandparents are really hard to buy for too. I didn't get them anything yet. My dad is hard aswell. No clue for him! Omg and I didn't get Paul anything. I don't want to do gifts with him and I this year I just want to save aND how somewhere.

  8. I have not put out one single decoration! I can hardly believe it's already here! Good luck on both of your races this weekend. I'm in the middle of a 3 half streak. One down 2 to go! I still feel like I'm in detox mode after this weekend!

  9. Oh, what a cute flag! I've barely started my shopping. I agree that buying for grandparents (or older family members) is always the hardest. #Settingthebarlow sounds very appealing to me at the moment. I'm a little tired. Good luck with your race this weekend! Thanks for linking, Meranda!


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