The Best Home Made Gift For Anyone

Tis the season, and whether or not I want to admit it, I am running short on time. Because of that reason I decided to run a re-run (no pun intended)

I don't know about you, but I LOVE home made gifts that show thought AND are useful. I'm sharing one such gift that I made for my sister a few years back. Some of you might remember this.   Here is a little back story of why I made this.   Because of the profession my sister is in, she has to do a lot of her eating "on the run" ( I'm getting good at these puns), so she is always carrying snack bags with her.

A few Christmases ago I started to look into different types of snack boxes geared towards runners. I couldn't quite find one that I was 100% happy with and didn't want to get something in which I knew she would only enjoy 2 or 3 of the items in the box.

So with that, my own version of the Runner snack box was born.

Here's what I did:

1. Get a big box and wrap the box part and the lid part separately. I believe I used a copy paper box.

2. I use 6 extra large ziplock bags and several small ones. Putting the snacks in ziplock bags makes it easy to grab on the run.

3. I then filled the bags with a variety of running fuels and snacks that I knew she would enjoy.

4. In addition to the snacks, I put a small trinket in each bag. Some of the trinkets included a a chap stick, a race magnet ( actually there were several race magnets), a sweat band, and some other fun items.  Each week Lacey would take a new bag of snacks to work with  her and she told me it was like Christmas all over again each time she opened a new bag.

5. The last step of course was to put the bags inside the box and put the lid on.  I did happen to do a little more decorating to that box then what is seen in the picture.

You could of course theme your box if you wanted, but mine was just a mix of running fuel and fun snacks ( some healthy, some not).

As we get older, we tend to like more practical gifts. Running fuels and healthy snacks aren't always that cheap so I know she appreciates this.  I've made  my sister a variation of this snack box for the last couple of years and it seems to always be a Holiday Favorite and something I get asked to do again and again. 

I've also made Personal Care item gift boxes too.

Do you like practical gifts like consumables? ~M


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  1. What a fun way to give a nice home made gift to friends! Thanks for the linkup

  2. I love this idea so much. I might do this for my sister for her birthday!


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