On Dancing

I admit that when the whole Dancing With The Stars craze happened, I didn't jump on board. What is so interesting about a bunch of people twirling around anyway?  But much like all good tv programs, I caught on a few seasons later, much like I did with the Big Bang Theory (why didn't anyone tell me that show was so funny?).

Anyway, I've taken a liking to DWTS and look forward to their theme nights like Disney night.  For some reason I think it is exciting when the new "stars" of dancing with the stars are announced. I admit, I don't always know the entire cast but it is fun to see which movie star, athlete, or reality personality, etc will be picked.  I've even grown to like some folks a bit more because of their presence on DWT, I mean come on, who wouldn't love Bindi Irwin after her performances on the show!

As of right now, a few stars have been announced to be on the show, such as Jodie Sweetin (from Full House/Fuller House) and Ginger Zee (Weather girl for Good Morning America).  Since I am patiently waiting for the complete line up to be announced later this week ( I believe it will be announced on Tuesday),  I thought it might be fun to see who YOU would vote for to be on DWTS, Who would make YOUR list?

Now, I understand that these people need to be notable, yet not too much in the limelight that they wouldn't have the time to dedicate to the show.  So here's my short list.

1.Inspirational Person- I would love to see one of the victims from the Boston Marathon bombings.  A few seasons ago DWTS had on Iraqi war veteran Noah Galloway who danced with a prosthetic. He was so inspirational.  I would love to see the running community rally behind a Boston victim!

2. Actor/Actress- Kevin James.  We know him as the likeable Doug Heffernan on King of Queens but as of lately he's been doing more movies. I  would love to see him on the dance floor just for the entertainment value! I'd also like to see Linda Grey. She has always been one of my favorites. She played Sue Ellen Ewing on the old and new series of Dallas.

3. Political Figure- Ben Carson seemed to be a likeable guy and so the opposite of what people think of when they think of a politician. Since he took himself out of the race perhaps he should take up ballroom dancing?

4. Musicians- Jon Bon Jovi.  We don't hear much about him these days. Perhaps he has some time on his hands.  Also, I think someone from the 80's pop scene like Tiffany or Debbi Gibson might be fun.

5. I had to dig deep for this one. How about some of our favorite authors like Emily Giffin or Nicholas Sparks?  BTW  we're still waiting for the movie "Something Blue" ( the sequel to Giffin's Something Borrowed) to be made. We read the book so we know it's going to be good.

Who would you like to see on DWTS?


  1. This post made me laugh. My mom, sister and I watched DWTS for quite a few years, but not in last 3. It would be fun to choose some people to be on the show. What about Bart Yasso?

  2. OMG Bart Yasso? That would be awesome. Ginger Zee used to be on the news here in Chicago. She's come a long way!

    My husband hates, and I mean hates BBT. He runs to the TV (and that's the only time I've ever seen him run) when it's on to turn it off.

  3. Oh, what a fun list! I've watched a few episodes of DWTS, but not in a while.

  4. I love the Bon Jovi joke that you slipped in there. We don't hear of him much "these days". One of his best songs!

  5. I am so obsessed with this show - I used to live blog it every week until my dad begged me to stop. I may need to start it up again :) haha
    I'm never picky about who is on there because in the end, I usually end up loving people I had never heard of before.
    I'm so excited about both of the 2 ladies already revealed. & cant wait to hear the rest of the cast this week!

  6. You know I'm a huge fan of this show. I second your recommendation on having another inspirational person be on the show. I loved Noah Galloway's season. He definitely showed America that you don't have to have four natural limbs in order to be a dancer.

  7. I would love to see Bon Jovi!!! Ben Carson? He's so boring! I think Trump should stick to reality TV rather than politics so I think DWTS would be perfect for him. ;)

  8. I was really into DWTS the first few seasons but kind of lost interest. I do Love Ginger Zee though but have no idea how she can have time for that with a new baby!


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