Holiday Run Challenges and One Long Run to do them!

I'm participating in two holiday challenges this month. One is the Runner's World Holiday Run Streak with Karen Loves to Run and the other is the Holiday scavenger hunt with Run Chat.

The Holiday Run Streak is where you commit to run one mile everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years.  You need to keep yourself accountable by logging your miles on her site and then you are eligible to win a gift card. My mom is doing this challenge with me and although it's only a couple days into it, we haven't missed a day yet! Since this challenge has already started, I do not believe you can "officially" join in, but you can do it on your own and see how many days you can keep it up!

Another Holiday Challenge I am participating in ( Lacey is doing this one too) is the twitter scavenger hunt with Run Chat. They've posted several items on a list and participants have to take pictures of these items while they are out on their runs! Lacey and I are doing pretty good at this one. So far she got seven of the items on her run yesterday and I found six of them.  Some of the fun things on the list include :
I think animals on a farm is going to stump both of us as neither one of us run past a farm.  I may have to go back to one of my old trails (the one where we saw the cow being born, remember.) Of course there are fun prizes for this as well. Since it doesn't close till Dec 26, anyone can still play! Check them out HERE for more info!
Here are just a few of the pics we got so far. (Mile marker, Lacey with a runner she doesn't know, inflatable holiday decorations, a porta potty, a local coffee shop, and a body of water)
In an effort to get my daily mile run in and to find some of the items on the list, I did a 13.1 mile run yesterday.  I wasn't quite sure how many miles I was going to do, but after doing the first 8 and still feeling good, I decided I was going to do a full half marathon.  I hadn't done this distance since September/October and for the past several weeks all of my runs have been short ones.  By mile 10 my I-pod battery went dead, but I still kept going ( I did 4.5 miles last Friday without music, so I knew I could get through these last 3 miles with out it). By mile 12 I was running down an off ramp to go back down to the park where I started and I think I jolted something as I was running down hill because my legs started to hurt like crazy. I wanted to stop but I remembered a saying I saw the other day and thought to myself, I'm not puking, I'm not injured ( Just hurting), and I'm not dead, so I will continue. The last mile was very slow, but I finished.   Needless to say my legs are hurting today (even though I foam rolled and used the stick).  Even though I wanted to take it easy today, I figured the best thing for me to do was to keep moving around and go on with my normal routine ( although I really hurt). It is such a beautiful day out too and I really wanted to get in another good run ( maybe not as far) while the weather is still cooperating and the sun is out.  I have a feeling I will just be taking Baylee for a very slow walk. I gotta get in my mile for the RunStreak!
 ~ M
Are you participating in any holiday challenges?
What's your secret when your legs hurt after a long run? Do you ice bath? Do you foam roll?  PLEASE share!
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  1. Great job sticking through to the end of your long run!!

    I love the challenges you are doing too - it is great idea to do these types of challenges during this time of year. It always seems to be the toughest time to get out and exercise!

    1. You should participate too Lauren! We are having a blast with the Scavenger Hunt!

  2. Yay for 13.1! I always foam roll after my runs...really helps my muscles recover. Ice cream also helps. :-)

  3. Hi there....first...thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Next....the running group in our community is doing a challenge this month to see how far, as a group, we can run across Canada. Each week they are sending me their mileage and I'll tally it to see how far we have all gone. Keeps us moving!

    Question for you....I foam roll....but have not tried the you find it beneficial????