Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Finding Motivation vs Finding Excuses

Since we've been talking about motivation lately......

Yesterday I work up very early and took a new boot camp class for the first time. We completed the class by 6:30am. I thought that I better get a run in before it gets too hot since I was already up. I was feeling great after getting up to take a workout class and to have completed 3 and half miles all before the weather became too humid. Later that evening, I thought I better get another quick run in since it was supposed to rain the following day and I wouldn’t be able to. So I did another 3 miles. I was feeling very motivated that day.

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I awoke the next morning, and felt anything less than motivated! I slept in much later than I did the day before, so it was already hot out when I woke up. Also, it was not raining, which I wish it would have been, so that could be my excuse for not running today. I was feeling a bit sore after taking boot camp the day before. I thought to myself, well maybe I will just skip today, because yesterday I had a good workout. And besides, my sunglasses had just broke the last time I went for a run. How could I run in the sun without them? In addition to my glasses, my headphones started to become fuzzy on my runs, so I knew I was due for a new pair. Needless to say, I was finding every excuse to use to not go on my run today.

gathering my things to try to get motivated
I thought “how come yesterday I was so motivated to get up so early to go to boot camp and manage to get two runs in, and now I didn’t even want to get my butt up”! I definitely needed some motivation. So I put my workout outfit on. I thought that would be the first step. Next, I found another pair of sunglasses I could use and pair of headphones that would work. I even downloaded a few new songs on my ipod. I usually do not take water with me if I’m not doing long runs, but since it was hot out I thought I better just to be safe. I put a GU inside the front pocket of my water bottle. Since I usually don’t take a water bottle, I just hold my house key during my runs. Today when I decided to take my bottle, I’d put my house key inside the front pocket with my GU. One less thing I’d have to carry. I was finally ready to get my run on! New songs, new glasses, new headphones….motivation was slowing coming.

I ran 3 miles and then I took the GU. It was very hot so I decided to head back home. I arrived back home with a total mileage of about 6 and half. I was happy that I finally got my butt out the door! Just when I was celebrating my accomplishment, I realized that my key I had put in my water bottle pocket must have fell out when I took my GU back at mile 3. Oh no!!! Luckily, my bike was on the porch so I could ride it back to look for the key, instead of run. Unfortunately, after riding all the way back to the spot, the key was not there. Now it was another 3 miles back on my bike to look for my spare key.

When I woke up, like I said I wasn’t feeling very motivated, and now I had already completed 6 and half miles running and biking the same distance. I just needed to get a swim in and it would’ve felt like I’ve completed a triathlon. Needless to say, I feel really good after all I’ve done today.

What is your motivation to become more active when you are feeling a bit sluggish?




  1. That is awesome! Whenever I feel unmotivated I usually put my workout clothes on and force myself to walk out the door so that when it's time to start running, I have that mindset of "well I am here and I am dressed to run so I may as well just do it!" :)

  2. Did you ever find the key?!?!? I think it just depends on the day and what I'm training for. Lately I'm pretty motivated b/c I'm seeing results. Even though I'm motivated, sometimes I have hard/bad runs and then I just have to play mind games with myself. This morning I wanted to do 4 miles and had to do it on the TM. It was raining and dark still and so all I had to look at was my reflection in the window at the gym. Boring! But, I just kept playing that game where if I just get to 3 miles then I can walk a bit if I want and then when I get to three I push to go further...that kind of thing! Ooops, that turned into a bit of a ramble!

    1. That is a story in itself, but I did find the key! Don't worry about rambling, we love to hear what others have to say about their workouts!

  3. Nice job with your workouts. For me, it is a day to day thing regarding motivation. I love having a training plan because I always keep to that unless I am really sick or injured!

  4. Thanks! I should probably stick to a proper plan!

  5. For me, having a training plan helps a lot and, when I desperately need motivation to get moving, listening to my iPod always helps! If I have my clothes all set out (or even sleep in a layer of them), it's much easier for me to get out for a morning run. It's been so cold lately, my motivation in the winter is definitely lacking!

    Great post and happy running!

    1. I agree, it is definitely a lot harder to stay motivated in the winter!