A Run Through Syracuse, NY

Last night I was in Syracuse,  NY. When I woke up this morning I was excited to go for a run knowing that it would be much cooler in upstate NY. Well, having been used to running in the 80s with humidity. I woke up to find it a little too chilly out. Only in the upper 50s. So I had a good breakfast and waited until it got in the 60s, which didn't take long.

I made my way through a park that led to a housing development. Even passing a yard sale, too bad I didn't have any cash on me! I didn't have a goal in mind of how far I would be running or even where, that is where my gps always becomes helpful.  I just kept running around the huge development passing many beautiful houses. I even ran some steep inclines along the way to mix it up a bit. I ran until my gps showed 5 miles. After that, I thought it was time to find my way out of the development and back to the hotel to get ready for work.

When you run, do you always have a goal in mind?


  1. I bet that weather was just wonderful for running!

    I try not to set too many goals during my training runs so I can just enjoy them :)

  2. Syracuse, NY is my favorite place in the whole world! Not sure why, but it is. We're planning on moving there in the near future (currently living in the Albany area). I love it because it's country and city at the same time. It really is beautiful there.

  3. This weather is almost scary it's so good! Good job on your run!