Uncork Your Tastebuds....

Uncork Your Taste Buds!

This is the slogan behind Mercer’s Dairy Wine Ice Cream.  We will make a disclaimer right here that this post may not have anything to do with fitness today but sometimes you just need to indulge yourself in something delightful and this wine ice cream certainly does not disappoint!

We discovered this wine ice cream last year around Christmas time. This was a great find as we were able to serve it at our annual Holiday party and even give some as gifts. I have to admit it was the flavors (and the really snazzy packaging) that drew my attention to the product, but it is definitely the taste that keeps this ice cream a favorite of mine.


Wine ice cream flavors include Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Port, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, and Riesling.   I have tasted 4 out of the 6 flavors and have to say that the Chocolate Cabernet is my favorite. It is a smooth chocolate ice cream with pieces of shaved chocolate and a hint of Cabernet.  It is just a delight to the taste buds!  Mercer’s wine ice cream is so good that it has won awards both nationally and internationally.

Mercer’s Dairy is located in New York, but fortunately there are other dairies across the nation ( and now the world) that sell this great treat!   Check out if there is a dairy Near You that sells this product.    If you don’t see your state or city listed, no worries because you can order a pint ( or more) and have it shipped right to your home.  We do not have to have our ice cream shipped but we are only able to buy it by the pint at the store.   If you order it online you have more sizing options. 
 At the dairies a one pint container cost around $7.  This seems expensive for just a pint but if you think about it, one pint offers you four servings ( if you are practicing your portion control).  You probably can’t go to your local ice cream parlor and get 4 servings of gourmet ice cream for $7.

Peach white Zinfandel with chunks of real peaches

Keep in mind that because this is wine ice cream ( with 5% alcohol) you must be 21 years old to enjoy this tasty treat!

Okay so who’s thinking that this sounds like a great post run treat?
What flavor would you choose?



  1. WHAT?!?!?!? WAIT. WHAT?!?!?! WINE and ICE CREAM?!?! Together???? *faints*

    Must.get.some. LOL