Secret Menu drink at the Bayou on the Disney Wish

 On the last night of our Disney Cruise on the Wish, we finally got to visit The Bayou!

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We had wanted to visit the day before but it was closed all afternoon and evening for a private event) a wedding reception).

The Bayou is a lounge that is themed for princess Tianna from Princess and the Frog.  It is located on deck 3 ( the deck you board on) . It is located behind the Grad Hall Stage. If you enter the Walt Disney Theater from the third floor, you'll walk past The Bayou. This venue often hosts live music and other entertainment. We played trivia here once. 

This is the place to come for specialty drinks and those famous beignets! Beignets are actually cheaper here than they are at the resorts. You can get one for $1.50, two for $2.50, or three for $3.25

Or you can get a specialty drink that actually comes with a beignet on top! These drinks come in an alcoholic and non alcoholic version.

The non-alcoholic one is called the Louis Favorite. This is a salted caramel ice cream with  Espresso or hot coco, with a Beignet on top.  At the time of our sailing there was another option served with Vanilla ice cream and Root beer, and then there was that secret drink that wasn't on the menu!  

We heard of these "secret menu" drink from other blogs/vlogs.   When we tried to ask our server what it was he wasn't quite clear. It pretty much sounded like the drink was going to be whatever the bartender wanted to make with what he had on hand and then would top it with a beignet! 

We ordered the secret menu drink and while it was being prepared, the waiter brought us some water and a dish of trail mix. 

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When the drink we ordered came out, it pretty much was whatever the bartender put together!  It was not Root beer and it was not quite a milk shake.  It tasted like thick Chocolate milk. It was garnished with a  green chocolate crocodile on the side and the beignet on top.  It could have been more flavorful for sure, but it was about the experience and really, Lacey just wanted the beignet, so it all worked out.   The secret menu drink was $9.44

Have you ever ordered a "secret menu" item?    -M and L

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