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This past weekend we went to the Disney 100 Exhibition at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. 

Fairytales and fitness, Disney blog

The Exhibit in Philadelphia was actually the world premier.

Fairytales and Fitness, Disney blog

You do have to purchase tickets ahead of time for this event. As Disney Plus subscribers, we were offered access to buy our tickets back in November.  Our ticket allowed us access to the Disney 100 exhibit, as well as the rest of the museum. 

The Disney Exhibit was on the top floor of the museum.  In true Disney fashion, we had to wait in line till it was our turn to get in.  

We were greeted by a video of Walt Disney.

The museum was a "self guided" tour, but everyone seemed to stay in on line for the first part. We walked down the corridor looking at artifacts and reading about the story of how Walt first got started in the  film industry.   This area was a little narrow and it felt crowded.

The next section was full of kiosks of timelines from every decade of Disney. It started in the 1920 with the creation of Steamboat Willy, right up to the inaugural sailing of the Disney Wish cruise ship. 

The next sections were full of artifacts from Disney movies. Some items were interactive and some were behind glass. 

The final section of the exhibit was about the Disney parks. There were even replicas from rides, the bobsled from the Matterhorn and one of the ships from Peter Pan's Flight.

And just like at the end of every Disney attraction, there was a gift shop at the end of the exhibit.  The gift shop had books, posters, small gadgets and lots of Disney 100 Exhibit merchandise. I did not buy anything in the gift shop but I admit I was intrigued by this book.

Fairytales and Fitness, Disney Blog

Our final thoughts:

1. It was pretty crowded. We went on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Of course crowds are going to be bigger on the weekends but I think the fact that it was raining probably brought in some last minute visitors. 

2. We did not think this exhibit was very kid friendly. It was a lot of reading and not a lot of interactive things that kids (or adults) could touch.  There were some cranky toddlers there that were probably getting bored. 

3. Overall, it just wasn't spectacular. It was nice getting to take a stroll down memory lane with Walt and the Disney company, but we didn't really learn anything new. But I guess this was more of a tribute to Disney and we can appreciate it for that. 

4. I think there were a lot of missed opportunities here. They could have had a character meet and greet. There could have been some photo op props ( think of the teacup you can sit in at Disney Springs). There is an eatery on site so perhaps there could have been an opportunity for families to buy tickets for some sort of character dining. 

Gee, maybe I should help plan Disney events!

5. It's a nice afternoon if you are local, or if you wanted to take the rest of the afternoon to explore the other parts of the museum. Plan to see the other exhibits, they are included in the price of your ticket. 

The exhibit at the Franklin institute continues until August 27, 2023.  The exhibit is slated to also visit these other cities: Chicago, Kansas City, and Munich, Germany.

Till next time....-M

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