What you should know about the running trail at Disney's Wilderness Lodge


One of the things I was looking forward to the  most on my recent trip to Wilderness Lodge was being able to run on the trails there. I heard they were some of the best trails on Disney property. I even wrote a post earlier this year about the appeal of theses trails. You can read that HERE.

So one Saturday morning, I woke up early, put on my running clothes, and headed to to the start of the trail. The trail was clearly marked and started right out in front of our building at Boulder Ridge Villas. (You can read about our Deluxe Studio Villa HERE.)

Well, I thought the trail started where the sign was, but it turned out I think they made an alternative path  which is what it looked like on the map. I had heard there was  running/ walking trail went all the way to Fort Wilderness ( the campground), so I took the path in front of the sign and headed that way. 

                                              I didn't get very far until I saw this sign.

And then this sign.

I think some cast members were even confused on this closure. Some cast members still think that you can take this path to Fort Wilderness and some know it is closed and gave a good explanation. I heard it is closed because of all the construction that was going on for the new resort "Reflections, a Lake Side Lodge".  However, from what I was told, "Reflections was/is going to be built on the island that was the old River Country, so why would this walking / running path need to be closed to guest? It's not like it was going to cross the water. Disney has been super secretive about this project. More on that later.

Anyway, I did end up staying on the Wilderness Lodge side of the property and enjoyed seeing the rest of the resort. 

Look how cute the animal prints are in the sidewalk.  

                                                     I enjoyed running past the Cascade Cabins.

Even though I didn't get to run through the wooded area that was suppose to be so beautiful, I did enjoy my run/walk and I do think this is one of the best resorts to run at because of all the shaded areas. 

What Disney resorts have you run at? -M

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  1. I would imagine Disney has some great trails to run on if you can find them!

  2. I never thought of Disney in having running trails. Good to know.

  3. Fun! I would imagine that the shade makes a big difference in that Florida heat!

  4. Oh, so fun! I don't know if I've run at the Disney resorts, other than the parts that were involved in runDisney events. I have run at the Universal resorts, and that's always fun!


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