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Today we are sharing some of our favorite Disney treats and where to find them. 

This Mickey Cinnamon roll can be found at the Main Street Bakery (AKA Starbucks).  It is $6.49 ( or $6.79 depending on which one you get). The 50th Anniversary one was $6.79 and came with EARidecent sugar and the 50th pressed penny logo on it. I did not specifically ask for the 50th anniversary one ( I didn't know what it was going to look like) but this is the one they gave me.  Don't forget to pick up a Frappe as well for $5.79

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This variety of snacks came from the Yacht Club but they can be found at most resort gift shops and quick service locations.  The brownies had a good flavor but were thick and very rich. The Mickey crisped rice treats were better than expected but the cookies were the best! 
Mickey crisped rice treats start at $4.69 and I believe the cookies are $3.49

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Many of the resorts have the hand dipped Gelato carts but we found these cups at Primo Piatto at Riviera resort and couldn't have been more pleased with them. The flavors were Cherry Vanilla and Toasted honey Almond. There was also a third flavor available which was a cookie dough one.  These made an excellent treat and were $4.99 each ( which was still less than at the Gelato cart )

Fairytales and Fitness, Disney desserts

A peach and raspberry truffle with crumbled cake, strawberry pearls and an edible flower.  This was just the sweet treat I needed after having some tacos at Pecos Bill.  This was very yummy and you can get this treat for $5.99

Fairytales and Fitness, Disney food at Magic Kingdom treats

This was actually called the Zurg Freeze.  It was black current slush topped with strawberry Dole whip and Boba pearls.  I didn't know exactly what black currents tasted like but I liked it. It was sort of like a grape taste ( or maybe that's just what I thought since it was purple in color).  Either way, it was tasty and very refreshing. I was sad that I could not finish it all. I tried to get it all done before going into Carousel of Progress but the brain freeze just wasn't worth it. You can get this Freeze for a limited time for $6.49.

Fairytales and Fitness, Disney Food

We had a great dinner one evening at Geyser Point at the Wilderness Lodge and we couldn't pass up this lemon meringue pie for dessert.  The flavor of pies they have rotate so this one might be available one day but might not be the next. On the menu is is listed at "seasonal pie" and it is $7.00.

Fairytales and Fitness, Disney Food 
We also had the campfire mousse with a side of "dirt and rocks".  The mousse was chocolate and I thought the rocks would be those hard candy rocks but they were not . They were actually quite soft. The mousse was also $7.00.

Fairytales and Fitness, Disney Campfire dessert

If  you are not a fan of mousse, you can get this adorable treat in cupcake form from the Roaring Fork quick service spot at Wilderness Lodge.  It's a chocolate cupcake with chocolate rocks, butter cream and marshmallows for $6.29.

Fairytales and Fitness, Dole Whip Flavors at Disney

  This Dole Whip flight was such a fun treat and definitely sharable! You get three Dole Whips for essentially the price of one. This was a great way to sample other Dole whip flavors.  The flavors of Dole whip will rotate in the flight but in this one we got pineapple, cheesecake, and lemon butter cookie. The flight was $6.49.

Fairytales and Fitness, Disney magic Kingdom Food and snacks

Maybe one of the most controversial snacks in Magic Kingdom are the Cheeseburger Spring rolls from the Adventureland cart. I know many people have expressed their dislike for these but I for one LOVE them!  They usually have 2 different flavors of Spring rolls on the cart each day. I think the standard flavor they have all the time is Cheeseburger but other options they've had are Buffalo, Pepperoni, and Reuben I believe.  You get two of these scrumptious Spring rolls with a dipping sauce for $9.99.

Fairytales and Fitness, Mickey mouse shaped cupcakes

We found this little beauty at the Screendoors gift shop in the Boardwalk.  It was Strawberry flavored for $5.49.

Fairytales and Fitness, Dole Whip Flavors

Probably the most refreshing snack ever is the Dole whip float. This one was Lime and Vanilla swirl over Pineapple juice for $6.99.

Fairytales and Fitness, Mickey shaped treats

I know I mentioned this treat earlier but I just wanted to give it an extra shout out because it was actually better than I had expected. I'm not a fan of rice crispy treats but these were so soft and the added chocolate just made it better.

I shared this drink on our 'What we did at Food & Wine Festival" post, but since you can get it all year round I thought it was worth putting on our list. It is Cherry and Raspberry slushy with Vanilla soft serve and is SO good on a hot day!   it's called the American Dream and can be found at Fife and Drum in the American pavilion for $5.75.

What are some of your favorite Disney snacks?

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