That "Dateline" Trail

Another week, another trail! It seems we've been doing a lot of that during the summer of Covid!

 If you read my sisters  post the other week she mentioned that we went to one and we didn't even get out of our car because it felt like it could have been a Dateline episode.

After we came home I was talking to my one friend who is an avid hiker and she said that she had hiked some of those trails before and that she would gladly take us there.

The following week my friend picked me up and she had real hiking pants on. I though oh no is this going to be a real serious hike. I was wondering if I was going to regret my tank top and shorts. She said I would be fine and we drove to pick my sister up. 

We were heading out to a State forest to hike. Apparently at a State forest you just pull over where ever there is a spot to park and hike any of those trails. We are used to seeing a visitor's center with a parking lot and maps. We felt like we were real hikers now. 

Once we parked, I grabbed my Nathan hydration vest, my sister had her flip belt and my friend had a serious backpack that had the poles attached. We thought did we bite off more than we can chew trying to hike this?

She decided that this trail was going to be more "our level" only 3 miles total. It was an out and back. We always like a good hike when there is an outcome at the end such as a view, waterfall, etc. My friend never got to the top last time because there were a few trees down, so we were hopeful there was something when we got to the top.

It was a rocky terrain heading up the trail. I was regretting wearing my old sneakers(note to self, wear something with more tread next time). While I was hiking carefully up the mossy rocks, I was happy I didn't decide to do a run beforehand. 

We had our mace and bear spay(hoping that we didn't need to use it). Fortunately we didn't see any bear, only spots where they dropped a squat. The hike up to the top didn't take as long as I thought it would. It was nice and peaceful being out in the wilderness but pretty uneventful. I guess that's a good thing because who wants to see scary wildlife in the middle of a forest?!

Unfortunately when we got to the top there was no beautiful views looking over the mountain. We continued back down the trail and headed back to where we started.  Hiking down the trail was much easier than hiking up. Plus we've already done it so we knew what to expect from the way up. 

We were thankful that my friend took time out of her day to show us the trail. I'm sure to her in was a walk in the park( since she is hiking the white mountains this fall) but to us it was definitely out of our comfort zone.

Overall it was a great morning to get outdoors and try a new trail. The weather was great and the company was even better. Have you done any new trails lately?



  1. Well, it wasn’t a trail but I took a new walk as a side trip on the way to my mom. I’m going to keep doing that since I go by myself now. Since I can’t go inside & let the dogs off leash it’s a pain to take them, which is why I go by myself.

    My husband also has to have a view. I’m ok just being out in nature. But I don’t like the trails where I don’t have some space between me & nature, LOL!

    Good job getting out of your comfort zone! It’s the only way to grow!

  2. I keep saying that we should go explore some hiking trails but it is either raining or scorching hot on the days we choose. Hopefully this fall!

  3. I LOVE hiking. I usually go alone and do easy trails. But the last time, it was NOT easy and I didn't bring any supplies. My bad.

  4. I always like a payoff at the top! It's cool that you guys pushed your comfort zone!

  5. I haven't hiked any new trails lately. I would love to get out to Central PA to hike some of the more rugged trails they have there. The ones in Lancaster County are pretty tame! :) The one you hiked looks beautiful, but I'm like you - I like a "reward" at the end of the hike like a lake, a beautiful vista, a waterfall, etc.

  6. I did run/hike a few new-to-me trails earlier this summer when I was training for my now canceled fall race! I plan on checking out more once the weather cools off-after being attacked by those flies, I'm not in a hurry to go back!

  7. This is a really cool hike! We've had a heatwave in the UK but looking forward to spending a lot of time outside before its colder. Take care!

  8. Lovely hike!!!! I love hiking in new places!!!


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