Summer Runfessions!


                               It's Friday and that means Marcia's Runfessional is open!

So, let's see if I have 5 things to Runfess this month. Actually I'm going to call this Runfession the Summer Edition! 

 Okay, so here we go!

1. I Runfess that even though I was SO excited for warm weather and summer running, the weather got too hot too quick and it quickly became an excuse to not run fast or run far,if at all. Don't get me wrong, I DID run, just not as often as I would have liked.   However, I Runfess that I've been hitting it out of the park with walking.

2. Speaking of walking, I Runfess that I've REALLY enjoyed walking this summer.  I think having the puppies plays a big part in that. They still LOVE going for a stroll in their cart and we've been visiting a  new park that I've now claimed as "their park".  I also enjoy that time doing my "Walk and Talks" that I post on IG stories on Fridays.  Have you watched my "Walk and Talks" and participated in any of my poles? 

3. I Runfess, ( and I know you've heard this one before), but I have also loved finding new places to hike this summer.  I've also been sharing some of these on IG stories too.  I am going to miss these afternoon hikes with my sister when I go back to school next week. I guess we will have to do them on the weekends now.

4. I Runfess that it is a good thing that I've been doing all this walking and hiking because I've also been doing a lot of baking this summer, so I've course I've had a lot of goodies in the house. I have quite the sweet tooth!  I also Runfess that I DO share my baked goods with my neighbors!

5. I Runfess that my longest run has only been 6 miles this summer, but somehow that seemed like a victory for me.  I will also Runfess that it was a beautiful morning and I could have run farther but it was getting extremely important that I find a restroom. Thank goodness the lobby of the library was open and so was their restroom!

6. And for a Bonus Runfession....I Runfess that I have not run any virtual races this year. Part of me thinks  What's the point? However, I Runfess that I am really hoping that our local Christmas race The Running for the Elves, is allowed to happen.  If it does not, I Runfess that I may do a holiday virtual race. I don't like the thought of not earning a medal for all of 2020.

Have you earned a medal yet for 2020?  Are you spending more time in the kitchen?  -M


  1. I earned one medal for a live race this year and that was in February! I have 'earned' a few virtual medals tho. I am signed up for a live race in October. We'll see if it actually happens.

  2. I was lucky to have done a few live races before COVID invaded the racing world. I did have a live 4th of July race as well, but everything else has had to go virtual (or cancel). Not great, but it's been the reality for all of us this year. At least that keeps the FOMO in check, right? ;-) Walking is still a favorite fitness fix for me (well, when I'm actually allowed to do it LOL).

  3. I runfess that I love summer but I despise summer running. I also runfess that before 2020 I thought that virtual races were stupid. Now that they're the only option, suddenly I'm the world's biggest fan. I hope you treat yo' self to some bling.

  4. Aw, your pups are so cute! I did two virtual races - the Lawyers Have Heart that was switched to virtual and the Scooby Doo Run that was only virtual. Otherwise, I'm not really tempted.

  5. I signed up for a few virtual things to support causes I believe in but have not been "racing." If I have to supply a time, I just use whatever my run was for the day! I haven't been baking... thank goodness. I have no willpower at all - LOL

  6. I'm not a big virtual race fan, but I've done a few to support local races or for a mug, LOL!

    I runfess that I actually enjoy walking without the dogs. Sometimes, anyway. They still get walked every day, even very occasionally twice a day, but I can go further faster on my own.

    Good luck with school!

  7. I've been walking alot more this summer too! Its such a good way to get out of the house. I think I earned 2 medals for virtual races so far this year.

  8. I love your Walk & Talks :)
    I need to get walking & moving more that way. Set some running goals for 2021 since I havent done a race since 2018. OMG... is taht true? I think so... gahhhh

  9. I have loved your walk and talks this summer! I haven't run anything longer than a 15K this summer and that was pretty brutal. I just haven't been in the mood to log any long runs.

    I have earned a medal for a virtual race and one for a virtual challenge, but no medals for in-person races. This is odd for me as I love race bling!

  10. We just did a live, in-person race near Danville, PA last weekend and, yes, we got a really cool medal, even though the race was just a 5K. It was my youngest son's first race and a success all around!

    Love those puppy walks. If I had those to beauties riding in a doggie stroller, I would walk lots of miles too!

  11. I also love walking lately. Great way to catch up w friends on the phone or FT. Baking is fun too enjoy :)


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