My silly IRONMAN (the race) story

 Because of the holiday weekend our blogging schedule is a little off. So instead of doing posts Monday and Wednesday, you are getting them Tuesday and Thursday this week (and we will still be doing the Friday Five).

So since it’s Think Out loud Thursday, I wanted to share a little story with you about my commute to and from work recently. Disclaimer: Please don’t judge me for my judgement but I do hope you get a laugh out of this.

I don’t know if I am just more aware lately, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been seeing an increasing amount of Ironman license plates and stickers on cars.

I found this odd because I am not aware of any Ironman events in my area. So why do so many people have these stickers and license plates?

The second thing I noticed  (and I don’t mean to judge or profile anyone) but the vehicles that had these stickers and license plates on them were not exactly vehicles that I would think overly athletic /ironman type people would drive. Now I know this sounds completely like I am profiling, but a lot of these vehicles were bigger type trucks, almost like farm trucks.

And then one day I saw it!  These weren’t Ironman stickers and license plates at all. In fact, they had nothing to do with running or anything athletic.

What I thought was the symbol for Ironman (as I passed it at 65 MPH going down the highway), was actually the symbol for International Harvester, a Tractor company (and other agricultural equipment)!

So that completely explains why these symbols were on all the big trucks!  I do realize that now that  I see them side by side that there is no mistaking which is which and that the symbol is clearly not an ironman. But hey, I did say I was passing them at 65 MPH.   Ha! Honest mistake I guess.  


  1. I literally snorted laughed at this...
    I can totally see it... & it just shows where your mind is ;)

  2. This is the best!! I'm still rolling about it!!

    I'm not judging you... I have nasty thoughts like that too, and then I feel awful for having them.

  3. Lol lol lol. That's funny! Great laugh for my day!

    On a side note, out west most active people drive trucks or jeeps too, so you see all sorts of stickers on any vehicle.
    However the tree huggers always drive the Subaru and always have the highest amount of junk stickers all over their cars. I do profile them lol lol

  4. I almost wet myself reading this! My dad's a tractor guy, so he'd appreciate your story!! LOL!

  5. ha too funny and super cute. Have you seen the 0.0 ones?


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