Meet your Friendly Fairytales and Fitness Bloggers: Part 3

Greetings blogger friends! Since Christmas is upon us we thought we would have a little fun and do another "Meet you friendly Fairytales and Fitness Bloggers post". We've done a few of these already HERE and HERE. If you are a regular reader than you probably know us pretty well. Maybe you will learn something new about us this time. Consider this the Holiday Edition!

1. Holiday Movie:
As much as I love " ELF", another favorite is "I'll be home for Chritmas" gotta love that JTT. -L

Home Alone is always a favorite! -M

2. Holiday Food:
I know this isn't totally a holiday food (except in our home apparently) but I'm gonna say CRESENT ROLLS! I always tease my mom that the holidays seem to be the only time we have them! -L

My favorite this time of year is Cranberry Relish Salad -M

3. Holiday Race:
The only Holiday race that I've done was the Surfin Santa in Virginia Beach. The year I did it it was the 10 miler during the day and the weather wasn't that great. They have since changed it to a 5 miler at night under the Christmas lights. I'd like to go back and run it again. -L

Right now the only Holiday themed race I have done (Besides the virtual Reindeer Run) was Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K. I definitely had fun and it is one I plan to do again. However, I would love to put the Surfin Santa on my list and I'd love to do our town's annual Running of the Elves.  I didn't do it this year because its hard to get into 5K mode while marathon training but when I went to school the next day and saw that one of my students was wearing the shirt from the race (and it was a REALLY cool shirt), I wished I had signed up! -M

4. Holidays Traditions:
Christmas Eve service at church with our extended family and then go back to our parents house for food and holiday movies. The past couple of years we've made it a tradition to wear our Christmas jammies (after church that is). - L + M

5. What we're looking forward to over the Holidays.
I'm looking forward to a relaxing holiday. This is the first year in a long time that I am not stressed about traveling. I live close to family now and don't have to worry about driving to the airport and catching a flight (or not being able to make it home at all). I am so thankful to be in one place this year. -L

I am looking forward to some much need sleep! I know this sounds rotten and I should say spending time with family but as you know from a previous post, I am exhausted. I'm looking forward to sleeping in a few days (and lots of cuddles with my Baylee girl)! -M

In the spirit of the holidays, tell us something about yourself!  Merry Christmas Friends!

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  1. Aw I love this post, particularly the SUPER CUTE gingergirls in the graphic! :) My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone and I loved the Jingle Jungle 5k when we ran that. And M, that was when we finally met you for the first time! :) Hope you gals have a very Merry Christmas! -C

  2. My favorite Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation. I just love the whole thing...including Cousin Eddie. What can I say?

  3. Elf is definitely my favorite Christmas movie too! And I too will not be traveling. It is nice to live so close to family! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Here's to plenty of sleep and a relaxing holiday for both of you! We're always traveling for the holidays and it does add an extra layer of stress.

  5. My Mom always had crescent rolls at the holiday too!
    Merry Christmas girls!

  6. This is great! I watched I'll Be Home for Christmas for the first time ever this year! I have to say that JTT was such a jerk in the movie and Jessica Biel should have dumped him. He's so cute though so I probably would have jumped in the sleigh too ;)

  7. Merry Christmas! I too am looking forward to sleep!

    Home Alone is my FAVORITE Christmas movie!!!

  8. I'm taking the day off on 12/28 just to sleep and recover. :) Sleep is good thing for the holidays!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. I did s Santa 5k in Las Vegas a few years ago and everyone was given a Santa costume with their entry. This was when the RnR Las Vegas was in the morning and still in December. We were in town for RnR and on a whim, drove from the airport directly to the 5k and entered. It was a lot of fun!

  10. I hope all your Christmas wishes come true! I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend with absolutely no time table :) Merry Christmas ladies!

  11. I love Elf, and just watched Home Alone for the first time in years...another excellent movie.

    Merry Christmas to my favorite sister bloggers!

  12. I remember I'll Be Home For Christmas, I had a crush on JTT when I was younger, LOL I haven't seen that movie in years:)
    Such fun plans, I hope you both have a Very Merry Christmas and enjoy a little relaxation and snuggle time with your Baylee!

  13. I am also happy to be staying local for the holidays this year! Traveling this time of year can definitely be stressful. Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas!

  14. I totally hear ya on the sleep thing. Until Chester is gone, I'm just going to be chronically sleep deprived.

    Last night was our annual viewing of "Love Actually" (we're Jewish, btw, but we like to watch it sometime around Christmas every year).

  15. My favorite movie is Christmas Vacation and I haven't seen it this year yet! LOL!

    And I love Christmas cookies!

  16. What a fun post! My fav holiday movie is Love Actually. I have been meaning to do the surf n Santa. It's so close and the weather was decent this year - one of these years! And I hear ya on sleep and crescent rolls!

  17. Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, Love Actually and A Christmas Story (oh and The Family Stone) - all my faves!

  18. i love this survey! one of my favorite holiday races has been Wine and Dine 5-such a fun course, great theme and i love the shirt!

    and Lacey-thanks so much for my card and decal! now to just figure out where to put it

  19. This was fun to read! Oh my gosh, I forgot how much I loved I'll Be Home For Christmas...I was definitely crushing on JTT back in the day! :) Hope you both have a wonderful holiday!

  20. My favorite Christmas movie is definitely ELF, no doubt. Loved reading this!


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