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It is no secret that we both LOVE our non-slip headbands. We wear them for training runs, races, and sometimes I've caught myself wearing them for every day tasks.  Buying one at a Disney expo is almost a must. How can we not have a commemorative head band from Marathon, Princess, or Tinkerbell weekend?  I don't just have  "race' designed headbands, I have some other non-race designs too. These are the ones I get complimented on the most. Because of that reason, I wanted to buy some for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.  I wasn't going to any race expos, so where do I get them.

Well now here is where things get interesting. These headbands can get pretty pricey at $15 a pop.  I had no idea that people made DIY versions of these headbands until just last year when I was introduced to a lady who had a headband shop on Etsy. And guess what???? They are less than $15 and some of them are even adjustable!  I had only tried one version of these DIY headbands and I have to say I was super impressed.  I had no idea that there are SO many talented ladies making these headbands. Each are unique in their own way, but I had no idea what the quality was like. For $10 or less would it be shoddy? Would it fray?  Well, there was only one way to find out.  Let me introduce to you seven ladies who have shops on Etsy that I would recommend.  I am recommending them because of their high quality, affordable pricing, and OUTSTANDING customer service!

1. Cutie Pie Headbands- Denise

No need to spend the big bucks at the Disney expo for those bands because Denise from Cutie Pie headbands has all your favorite Disney designs!  I have taken a special liking to Denise and her shop because I found out that we have something in common. Not only do we both like Disney, we both run, and we both teach an 8th grade entrepreneur class! Denise was tired of over priced headbands at race expos so she challenged herself to design them herself. And she did. She is a great example of an entrepreneur for her students. Oh, even though her designs are cute as a button (or pie I should say), they certainly do not lack quality. In addition to a variety of Disney designs, Denise also makes sport designs, and other patterns. ( Heads up: she even has some Harry Potter bands)
2. Oh Sew Sporty- Karen
Don't let the name of this shop fool you. These headbands don't have to be just for sports! I wore this red Christmas tree designed headband to work last week and then again when I volunteered at the senior center for the holiday wrap party. I got so many compliments. I think it's the perfect accessory  to add a little holiday cheer to your outfit this time of year.  A unique feature of the Oh Sew Sporty headbands is that they are adjustable!  The bottom elastic under the band can be made tighter or looser.  I have pulled on this elastic and slid the adjustable part back and forth several times.  It is sewed together very well. No concerns there!  Oh So Sporty headbands comes in two sizes the 7/8" (seen above) and a wider band ( the 1.5"). Every band is hand tied with a tag that has instructions on how to care for the band. I thought this was a nice touch!  Karen as lots of holiday designs as well as designs for sports. ( Heads up: Right now she has a red, white, and green band on sale for $4.20)
3. Frosted Peach - Alison
I was first intrigued by Alison's shop "The Frosted Peach" because of the name! She says she is a Georgia gal living in Illinois. I thought that was a pretty clever name given that the weather can get quite frosty up there!  I like Alison's shop because she has some unique designs ( include some sports teams).  In addition to the non slip headbands, Alison has started creating some baby accessories like bows, bandanas, and pacifier clips. I love her soft colors and chevron prints.  The Frosted Peach is another example of a high quality hand made items at a reasonable price.

4. Katie Did Productions - Katie
Katie and I actually connected through Instagram!  I like headbands, she designs them.  It was a perfect follow!  From polk a dots, to paisley, flowers, and sparkles, Katie has a wide variety of designs that will be sure to make you smile!  There is even a Holiday ornament band in her line up! At $5 for a skinny band and $7 for a wide one, you really can't beat it! 

5. Deshler Designs -Emily
I was immediately impressed with Deshler Designs as soon as I saw the packaging! Wow, she really took the time to make a nice presentation for her customer. I know it didn't come out great in the picture but she wrapped it in a clear bag with bow and sticker.  If you are looking to buy one as a gift, Emily's got ya covered! The headband itself is of course beautiful.  I actually feel this headband is too nice to run in...lol.  I will wear it out and about and to work for sure! In addition to her headbands, Emily also designs monogramed items. She has some very cute monogramed baby items and gift items.
6. Sew So Fancy-Jennifer
Jennifer from Sew So Fancy makes a variety of different designs and sizes. She makes ones specific to running and then there's her "fancy" ones that you'll want to wear every day!   She creates 7/8" headbands or you can pick up a 1.5" band for only $5.  The band pictured is a 1.5". Heads Up: Right now she has a grab bag deal going on, three randomly picked non-slip headbands (picked by her) for only $7.50. If that's not a deal I don't know what is.  I've checked out her inventory and even with her picking 3 random bands for you I don't think you'll be disappointed. I always have a hard time making decisions so I may have to try this grab bag!
7.Fleurty Bands- Jasmine
Just from my communication with Jasmine I could tell she is such a sweetheart!  Jasmine is a Full time working mom of boys! She created Fleurty bands as a way to add some extra income and tap into her "girly" side!  The girly side sure does come through in her designs! She has such pretty "Lilly-esque" designs if you know what I mean! She has a lot of other fun designs too! I spotted a really cute Nurse headband and even a Starbucks headband for those coffee addicts. Yea, she's got some really neat ones! These are not adjustable headbands but the length is just perfect! 
I know there are a lot of sellers on Etsy and its hard to decide which ones to buy from when so many of them sell the same thing.  Just know that I have picked these ladies because of their commitments to well made products and customer service.     Happy Shopping!


  1. Oh I love the Christmas tree one. Perfect for a nice Christmas day run :)

  2. These are all so cute! How can I choose just one?

  3. I received a headband from Katy via Sweatpink. So cute!

  4. These all look great! I hadn't thought to look for headbands on Etsy. And I'm planning on cutting my hair soon so I'm pretty sure I'm going to need more headbands.

  5. I love my headbands, and I've never seen any of these sellers before. Thanks for sharing!

  6. i actually am probably the only runner chick who doesn't buy a ton of headbands! i have some Bondibands that i really like, and my fave is a thick headband/wrap i got at Copper Mountain one year, but i've yet to delve into the realm of all these non-slip thin ones. they're cute, though!

  7. These are really cute. I've never been a headband person, as they always seem to give me a headache!!

  8. These are great! I'm a big SweatyBands fan, but yes - they are very expensive. I'll have to check out the Etsy vendors - thanks for the links and recommendations!

  9. Super cute! Want to know something weird, I have nearly never worn a headband while running. I am a hat girl. However, I do wear headbands just on random normal days in life, especially when I am setting up and taking down weddings!
    These are all so fun and cute and the price tag is even more fabulous!!!

  10. I need to try some of these - all the ones I get slide right off like my head is butter

  11. Thanks for the links! I love unique headbands, and these are all really cute. I also like supporting people on etsy, so I look forward to browsing these shops!

  12. Thanks for the links. I'm a headband hoarder! I never run without them.

  13. What an awesome list! I actually hadn't thought of looking for headbands on etsy, so this is a great resource! I love being able to support small businesses too. :)

  14. I have a whole drawer of headbands and never have enough! I have never seen these- great finds!!!!

    1. Ha, I'm in the same boat. I don't really "need" more headbands but these are just way too cute to pass one!

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