Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happily Ever After Party

This post is for anyone who is participating in Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend in February. Year after year as thousands of women prepare for this race weekend, we see many Facebook posts asking what exactly the Happily Ever After Party is.  Well, if you were wondering that too, this post is for you.

The Happily Ever After party is held at Downtown Disney on Sunday night after the half marathon. It's not so much of a party as it is a public celebration. It is business as usual at Downtown Disney and there is not a special section just for runners or anything like that.

Of course things could change from year to year but this is what it has been like the last several years.

There are congratulatory signs and banners up near the west side.

One year they had a background set up for pictures ( your own pictures of course, no photographer was there, no characters either).

There was a kiosk of left over race merchandise. (This was very limited though).

In the runners guide that you will be getting there will be some coupons and special offers for the shops and restaurants at downtown. Some will give you a percentage off of an item
when you show your medal or bib. Some even offer a free item to the first hundred runners ( or some other random number).  For example a store "Little Miss Matched" was giving out free socks last year to a select amount of runners. My sister and I didn't go to downtown till later in the evening so we didn't get any freebies but as my sister would say "That's okay, we like our socks to match anyway",

One year when we were there we saw a special section set up outdoors ( back in a corner out of the way) where there was a dinner being hosted. We were casually talking to someone who was there monitoring the event and they told us it was for the winners. I suppose that will be an event that we will never been invited to! I thought maybe age group award recipients were invited to that to get their awards but it seems as if those awards are mailed.

So as you can see, the Happily Ever After party isn't much of a party ( unless you are the winner). If you miss it, you really don't miss anything.

Have you been to the Happily Ever After Party at Downtown Disney? If so, did you see anything special?


  1. I really wish there was a Disney in the UK. I want to take part in all of this. There really should be a Disney here.

  2. I still have yet to run a Disney race, but I would love to some day! This sounds really cool!

  3. I went to Downtown Disney after the marathon this year. I was expecting more but was disappointed as well. I'm just glad that i got an ornament and a new cell phone case to celebrate doing dopey... other than that I could have skipped the whole "party" that was going on.

  4. Yeah, I heard the parties after Princess and the Marathon aren't really that party-like. It's too bad. It would only take a little effort to make it something fun.

  5. I am glad I will be prepared, so I won't be expecting some big fan fare lol I do like freebies though ;)

    1. The first year we didn't know what to expect. Now we know it's not such a big deal!

  6. I've never been to Downtown Disney after a race, I prefer to celebrate in the parks :)

  7. I have never been b/c it looked kinda dull but they really could make it super fun if they put more into it I think!

  8. February is near... let my Princess jealousy begin :)

  9. This is the first I have heard of this- maybe they need to put a little more umph into it :)

  10. I didn't know they had after parties, but guess it makes sense, I think a lot of races seem to be advertising them more and more. I haven't even been to one though, I am usually at that point sore, waking up from my nap and wanting to get some dinner grub in my belly:)

  11. I guess everyone is too busy playing around in the parks for a party.

  12. I've never been to the after parties for any of the races. When I finally do Wine & Dine, I'll definitely do that after party!

  13. Thanks for sharing! I wasn't sure what to expect, and this is helpful.


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