A Peek in our Week and a new product!

 Greetings Folks! We hope you all had a restful weekend. Today is the day we highlight some of the things we've done and some new products we've tried throughout the week!
Here goes.....
This week was a taper week for me since my half was on Sunday. ~L

Tuesday I had an overnight in Nashville.  My cousin lives in Nashville, so I was excited to have been able to meet up with her.We were planning to go for a run, when I realized I didn't pack running socks, I only had my dress socks for work. Luckily I was able to borrow a pair from her. We went on a 5 mile run on a beautiful trail near where she lives. Later, we went back to her house and made tacos for dinner. ~L
Wednesday I had an overnight in Memphis.  We stay closed to this Brikham Yoga studio so I thought I would try that since you didn't need to wear socks for that. However, the time the class was didn't work for me, so I just went to the gym and used the elliptical for a half hour then lifted some weights. ~L
Thursday I was excited to host some house guests. Maria from lilmysninja and her boyfriend were coming into town to run the  Rock n Roll Philadelphia half as well. ~L
Friday I went to the Race expo, Saturday ran an easy 3 miles, and ran the race on Sunday. ~L
I'm continuing with the Goofy Training plan and this week started to add some back to back runs.  I did 3 shorter runs on Mon, Wed, and Thurs, and then did 13.1 miles on Friday.  The plan called for a 13.1 mile run/walk so this is how I broke it down.......
I ran 3 minutes and walked one minute. I did this for 6.5 miles up the trail.
On the way back down the trail (6.6 miles) I walked 3 minutes and ran one minute.  I have to say, that even though I did all that walking during the second half, I still finished in 2:33 which I was pleased with. I'm thinking this might be a good plan to use for the half marathon during the Goofy Challenge. This way I am still taking it nice and slow and not risking injury for the marathon the next day. If I was only training for a half marathon I would want to finish in less time, but with doing two back to back, this works for me!  ~M

I tried this Vanilla Chai Tea from Bolthouse Farms this week after my long run. Oh, this is SO yummy and the perfect beverage for fall. They had this and many other flavors on sale at Walmart this week for only $1. ( regularly $3.89). As much as I hate shopping at Walmart, I keeping finding such good deals there...lol. ~L

What new things did you try this week?



  1. I'm going to try a new recipe tonight, and I'm making it a one-pot meal so easy clean up :)

  2. I love pretty much all of the Bolthouse Farms juices/drinks. The chocolate protein one is really good!

  3. I hate shopping at Walmart too but the prices are really good… -C

  4. I keep pushing off going to bikram ... I have 9 classes left on my pass and it's been almost a year! something *always* comes up for their schedule just doesn't fit ): going to the gym is much more convenient

  5. Awesome that you were able to host buddies for RnRPhilly, Maria is so sweet.

  6. Can't wait to read the R&R race recap!

    Glad you found a good walk/run strategy to use for HM!

  7. I hope the race went well! And the chai sounds delicious. I treated myself to a chai latte from Barnes and Noble after my Sunday run and it tasted like the best thing ever. That might just have been because I was so hot and sweaty from the run and out of water at the end though.

  8. Great job this week ladies!! Glad to hear the intervals are working well for you Meranda :0)

  9. My new thing? Aerial yoga! Surprised myself! I will look for the Bolthouse- I normally get the green one!


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