Take a Peek at our Week

Just thought we would share a  bit of what we've done last week and add a few fun pictures.

Sunday 4/20
Miss Bell participated in an Easter bone hunt for dogs. She didn't find many bones but she sure looked cute, don't ya think?

Miss Baylee did not go to the bone hunt. She apparently didn't appreciate her Easter Basket either. But than she decided to be more grateful and let me take a nice photo...haha  We love our dogs!

Monday 4/21
Meranda: Took Baylee for a 2 mile run/walk around the island near our home.
This is what we saw when we got there. I have never ever seen horses or an Amish buggy ( this was one of two buggies that were there) at this park before.  There aren't even any Amish Communities in our town and I'm thinking it was probably quite dangerous for them to travel here. They would have had to taken a major highway!  In any case, they were blocking the trail so Baylee and I had to find an alternative route.

Lacey: Worked an overnight flight.

Tuesday  4/22
Meranda:  Took Baylee back to the island and  was very unhappy to find 6  ( large) piles of horse droppings on the trail.  I clean up after my dogs, I think people should have to clean up after their horses. It's only right, don't you think?  Our run/walk got rained out anyway.

Lacey: Worked and overnight flight

Wednesday 4/23
Meranda: We went back to the park again. This time we went with a friend that has a Labrador puppy. It was much fun watching Baylee and the puppy run around freely and play.

Lacey: I prepared for my trip to Big Sur

Thursday 4/24
Meranda: I honestly can't remember what I did on Thursday. I guess Just worked a little but nothing too exciting.

Lacey:  Long Flight  to California.  The good thing is, I gained a few hours once I got there.


Meranda: I'm trying to take Baylee to the trail to run as much as she can. She really needs to lose some winter weight and prepare for swimming season!  We did our almost 2 miles.
I had another PT appointment this day and he finally told me that he has done all he could to help me. I know need to seek the help of yet another professional. Oka, so I've gone through 2 health professionals so far and I am not any better.

Lacey: I spent the day at the Big Sur Expo. Met some great vendors and got to try some new products. I can't wait to tell you guys all about it.

Saturday; 4/26

Meranda:  We had an Arts festival in town and I had to go take pictures . What a beautiful day it was. I saw this doggy in the window, so Scott bought it for me for my upcoming birthday.

I have a friend named Miranda too, and she had some girls over for a girls night later that evening. ironically enough I met another gal who had ran the Disney half marathon last year. I told her I was there volunteering and that I may have given her her medal. Small world!

Lacey: I went back to the Expo and this time listened to the speaker series.
                                                                   Me and Bart Yasso

Later that evening I went to the Pasta Party.

Did you do anything interesting this past week?  What are you looking forward to in the week to come?


  1. The pups are so cute in their Easter garb :) Hope everything went well for Lacey at Big Sur! Can't wait for the recap.

  2. What a fun week! I love that you ran into an Amish carriage! When I visited Lancaster, I absolutely loved walking around in Amish country, you see the buggies everywhere, of course you expect it there. You must have some hidden Amish around you, that is funny you saw the carriage on a trail:)
    Hope Lacey had a great run at Big Sur!

  3. I think the horses on trails, should have to wear the poo catchers, that they wear in the city. It's so gross.

    Love the Easter dog pics!

  4. Oh my goodness puppy Easter costumes! Cutest thing ever!!

  5. What a great week! Hope Lacey had a great race at Big Sur :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  6. That photo of Baylee is hilarious!! Made me giggle :) -C

  7. Hahaha i laughed at that photo of Baylee! So sweet :) I cannot believe that you have to go to yet ANOTHER doctor! Have they done any diagnostic testing like MRI or X-rays? I hope you get better soon!!

  8. Those pictures of Baylee are the cutest EVER!!! She is adorable!

  9. I looooooooooooooooove that you dressed your dog up for Easter!!!

  10. Cute doggie photos! Love the Easter outfit!! So sorry you aren't getting better, I hope the next doctor is the one with the solution! So frustrating!