FIT MOMS Race Discount Code

Happy first day of April! Since we didn't quite see spring on March 21, I am unofficially declaring today as the first day of spring around here. This means no more snow and no more temperatures below 32 degrees ( keeping my fingers crossed).

So with that being said, I have a great offer for you this spring. I was approach by Fit Moms to help promote their Mother's Day Virtual Race.

Registration is currently open and will run till May 2.   The race will take place  from May 3 through Mother's day weekend. You can sign up for a 5K, 10K, or half marathon.

What will you earn? A great medal and of course a t-shirt.

This will be great motivation for those of you who don't have any spring races but want to get in a quick race.

As with all virtual races, this race is run at your own pace, on your own date ( with in the time period), and in your own location.  However, Fit Moms does have a few groups through out the nation that will be getting together to run this race.  For more information on this race or to find if there is a group in your city, click HERE.

If you would like to sign up for this Mother's Day Virtual Race  use the code FITMOMS for 10% off the registration price.

Medals will be sent out to participants  2 - 4 weeks after the race was been completed.

If you aren't a mom. that's ok. Find some one to run this race with that IS a mom or better yet, run it with your own mom. What a great gift it would make for a Mom to Be!


  1. Happy SPRING TO YOU :) I hope the weather is shaping up!!!

  2. I hope the weather becomes spring-like! We ALL need it :)