Live: From Disney

Yea, Isn't that the truth!  Thank goodness we are happily still in Disney!

Sorry we missed our Friday Five post last week. We had intentions on doing it but got so busy and we're just plain exhausted every night. Getting up at 3:00 am ( or earlier) for the past four days will do that to you!

This is what we've been doing while at Disney.
Thursday: Expo - lots of goodies!
Friday: 5K, meet up, Epcot, Pasta Party.
Saturday: 10K, expo, early to bed.
Sunday: Half Marathon, Magic Kingdom.

We are just so exhausted that we can't even begin to recap anything at this point. We have a few more days here at Disney, then it will be back to our normal blogging schedule!

We hope you all had a great weekend too!

L and M


  1. All those early mornings - I bet y'all are exhausted! I am so glad you are having a wonderful time though!! It's hard not to at Disney World! :0)

  2. Continue to have a blast! Looking forward to the race recaps :)

  3. Hope the rest of your trip is just as exciting and action packed as the past couple of days have been! I always find it very difficult to stay virtually connected when I'm at Disney because there's so much to see and do there!

  4. Have an awesome rest of your trip!! So ready to hear all about it!!!!

  5. I missed you!!! I tweeted at you yesterday to meet up in the morning but never heard back :( So bummed! Enjoy the rest of your time!

    1. I am SO SORRY we missed you! I did see your tweet and responded that we were on our way. It was so loud at the start that I wouldn't have heard my phone! Hope you had a great race!

  6. Enjoy your vaca! We will be here when you get back to hear all about your awesome trip!!! :)

  7. 3am, even at Disney, doesn't sound fun.

    Hope you're having a great trip!

  8. I was thinking about you gals this weekend! Glad you are having a blast!

  9. Looking forward to your re-cap race post! Get some rest, but keep on having even more fun!!!