What will you be celebrating today?

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with their family and friends. Did anyone get that mile walk/run in (right after you ate that pie right?)

While this is a day of shopping for most people, I try to stay far away from the stores on this day. Getting up early and being in all those crowds does not excite me!  Truth be told, I play a little game with myself where I try to get as much of my holiday shopping done BEFORE Black Friday. I still have a few things I would like to buy online and I am hoping that I can find some deals on "Cyber Monday" ( That shopping day I WILL participate in)! And a little FYI, if you are on the computer for Cyber Monday too, stop on by the blog for a little giveaway!

So while I happily keep myself at home, I always use this day to decorate our house ( both inside and out), and wrap a few of the gifts that I already bought. I will be celebrating a little bit too because today happens to be my girl's birthday!
Yup, she is eight!
                         ( Apparently she's not all too happy about being a year older. I don't blame her!)

I can't believe we have had her for that long. What a joy she is. I hope God gives her AT LEAST eight more good years!  Because I love my dog and am a sentimental person, here are a few favorite pics of Baylee I wanted to share.
                                     This has got to be my favorite picture of all times.

                                            She has always been a good little poser for pictures.

It really cut down on our water bill having her wash our dishes ( just kidding)

She thought just for a minute that she might run the Disney Princess Half, but then she realized she just liked wearing the costume instead.

So what are your plans today?  Are you a decorator? Are you a shopper ( You can say, I won't judge). In fact, I'd love to hear what kind of deals you got!


  1. OMG, love her! Happy Birthday Baylee!!

  2. *Squeeeeee*!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Baylee!!! She is so adorable, look at those ears! Heehee! This really gave me a smile today, you were right, I love it! I'm still petsitting like crazy all weekend and now I'm a little under the weather, hopefully it passes quickly! Have a great weekend with your girl!

  3. I knew you would appreciate that Karen! Hope you are feeling better soon!


  5. Thanks Elizabeth. She really is such a doll!