Blessings and Holiday Challenge are in the MIX

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hopefully everyone is off spending time with family and not spending too much time online today ( I admit I actually wrote this post before hand because I am off with family today too)!

Here is a treat I wanted to share and I thought it would be appropriate for today. It's called Blessings Mix. One of the Supervisors at my school made them and handed them out to us at one of the faculty meetings. I of course had mine ate before I could take a picture. But here is what it looked like.

I did however save the card that was attached. This shows everything that was in the mix and what each item represents.

Isn't this clever?  Feel free to print this card out and use it on your own bag of Blessings Mix.
What a great little snack to have on hand during the holidays.
I was thinking about making my own version of this but with more of a Christmassy theme to it. Come to think of it, if I look on Pinterest, I'm sure someone already has one posted!!!! But sometimes it's nice to come up with ideas on your own, right?

In other news, don't eat too much pie today because today starts the Holiday Run Streak! I'm participating in the Running Streak with Karen Loves to Run!  The goal is to run at least one mile per day from Thanksgiving to New Years! That seems more than manageable and guess what, there are prizes too! So go check out Karen's page for more details.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Are you participating in any challenges over the holidays?


  1. Cute snack mix idea! I hope y'all had a very happy Thanksgiving (sorry for such a belated comment)!!

    1. Better late than never! Hope you all had a great day too!