Did you know you can go fishing at Disney?

When at Disney world it is not unusual to have a “rest day” or two.  These are the days that you don’t go to the park. Maybe it’s your day of arrival or departure, or maybe it’s just your day to relax at the resort.  Just as we do at the theme parks, we want to make sure we take advantage of everything the resorts offer as well.  

disney resort
The hut at Ol' Man Island at Disney's POR. This is were the cane pole rental and worms are located.

Did you know that you can go fishing at Disney?  During our trip last year we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside where my dad got to take advantage of the fishing here.  At POR they have a fishing hole at Ol’ Man Island.  They offer cane pole fishing and a container of worms for $4/hour or you can take a family of 6 fishing for $12.50 an hour. Fishermen and woman have the opportunity to catch catfish, bass, and blue gill. All catches are catch and release of course! This is a fun and inexpensive activity to do during one of your “resort days”.  It’s also a great activity for the boys to do while the girls go to the spa, shopping or other girl time activity.  I know my dad had a good time fishing at Ol’ man Island!

Our dad fishing at Ol' man Island.

port orleans riverside

Cane fishing is also offered at Disney’s  Fort Wilderness.
What an inexpensive way to have some fun at Disney!
Disney also offers guided fishing excursions on Tracker Pontoon Boats and Nitro Bass boats starting at $170 ( for one person). Our family hasn’t experienced this yet but for more information you can visit here:  

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