Rivertowns Marathon May 4, 2013

                                                  Rivertowns Marathon : May 4th 2013.

marathons in Pennsylvania

This would be my 5th marathon in 5 months!

Seeing that this was one of the smaller marathons I’ve done, getting parked and getting to the start line was no hassle at all. Not even any lines at the port o potties!   We were able to pick up our race packet and bib number the evening before, but we had to get our chip the morning of the race.

I was invited to run this race because I was a Boston Marathon participant  Even though the race was called the Rivertowns Marathon, I think it was somewhat to honor Boston. We got cool blue and yellow tech shirts that had 4-15-13 on the sleeve.  At the start line the Race Director recognized those of us who ran in Boston.  I met the other runner who ran in Boston, but unfortunately she did not get to finish.  She said she made it to mile 25. Thank goodness she was stopped when she was.  Some racers were wearing red socks to honor Boston as well.
Right before the start of the race.
he race started at 7:00 am.  Having just completed my last marathon six days prior, I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to hold up because they were still a little sore.  This ended up being more of a peaceful run for me. There was little entertainment and few spectators along the course.   This run was an out and back, so after the halfway point we turned around and ran back to where we started. I like this kind of run because I know what to expect on the way back. Part of the run was on a trail so I needed to be cautious of my footing.  Seeing that this was an out and back run, you would think I would have remembered the way back, but I got off course for a moment.  At one point there were no runners in front of me nor behind me. I followed a trail that led along the river, but I realized there were no  markings and that I was going the wrong direction. I turned around and saw the orange markings towards the bridge.  This took about a minute or so off my time, o darn!

I didn’t take my own water for this race because there were plenty of water stops. I by passed some of the stations because those volunteers looked like they were preoccupied with things other than handing out water, and I didn’t want to have to wait.

I finally did get water at a station close to mile 20.  By this time my GUs were gone and I decided this was the time to pick up my speed (especially after losing some time off the trail earlier).

That's me in the blue shirt.

When I got closer to the finish line, there were many more spectators . There was also a half marathon going on at the same time, and there were street vendors and entertainment  in town which drew a large crowd.  It is definitely more motivating once you see a crowd.  I finished with a 3:50 time.

Before this race started I met a lovely lady who was running her first marathon. I was pleased to see that she met her goal and finished in less than 4 hours. Her time was 3:59.  Had this been a Boston qualifying race, she would have qualified for her age group. I was so happy for her.

I think I might take a break for a while!

What races do you have planned for the summer?


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