Biking Around the World

If walking around the theme parks all day wasn’t enough of a workout for you, you can always find ways to work out at your resort without having to spend time at the fitness center.  During one of our Disney trips this year, our family stayed at Old Key West Resort where we rented bicycles for an afternoon.  Our family loves to bike, so this was actually an activity we were looking forward to doing.

bike path
Taking a bike ride after Lacey completed
 the Princess Half Marathon and she still wasn't tired yet!

We rented the bikes from Hanks Rent and Return located behind Olivia’s restaurant.  We took a nice ride around the resort and then went out on the nature path that runs along the waterway that leads to Down Town Disney.  We saw many boats floating down the waterway during our ride.  The nature path also connects Old Key West Resort to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort, so we rode all the way over there and then turned ourselves around. We then started to make our way over towards the Down Town area.  Since some of this path surrounds a golf course, there are some areas that you are not allowed to ride the bike on and you do have to be on the lookout for golf carts crossing your path. Unfortunately it started to ran as we headed to DTD, so we decided to turn around and head back to the OKW Resort area. By the time we got back on the nature path, that unpredictable Florida rain had stopped and the sun came out again. O’ well, we still enjoyed our ride. We got to explore more areas we would have never seen any other way ( unless maybe we decided to jog), and we did get a little more exercise that day!

bike path at disney
This is the path between Old Key West Resort and Downtown Disney.

In addition to renting traditional bikes, 4 person surrey bikes and smaller bikes with training wheels are also available. Free bike helmets are available with each rental.  Bikes at Old Key West Resorts can be rented at Hanks Rent and Return.  Cost is $18 for a full day rental or $9  for one hour. Other resort locations that rent bikes include Fort Wilderness, Boardwalk Inn, Beach and Yacht Clubs, and Saratoga Springs.


  1. this sounds like fun, I've recently taken up riding bicycle again after many decades. I love it! What a perfect way to see Disney.

  2. What a great idea, I would love to do this at Disney, especially for a relaxing afternoon break!