Run For The Dream: Williamsburg VA, June 2013

williamsburg, Virginia
On Saturday June 1, I ran the Run For The Dream 8K with both of my parents. When I woke up that morning it had to be 90 degrees outside already. It was so hot! Prior to the race we had got e-mails and FB updates from the Event Director Kelly letting us know of the heat and that this may not be a race that we would PR in.

woodlands resort
Pre-race at the Woodlands Resort

Since this was a patriotic themed race, I knew I wanted to wear some combination of  red or blue. I originally was going to wear a  red or blue running skirt that had silver stars on it but really thought it might be too hot since I would have to wear shorts underneath it anyway. I decided to just wear this blue running outfit which matched my new Boston Strong Sweaty band.

We had rooms at the Woodlands Resort, so we only had a short walk to the runner shuttle bus which was nice.

wounded warrior race
This was the starting line of the race.  The Race Director ( who was also the Race Director for Boston) gave an opening speech which even brought tears to a few eyes.

These soldiers ran the entire race while carrying a gurney ( with a dummy on it) to represent a wounded warrior.
The race started out on a residential street and then through the Colonial Williamsburg area. We then ran through Merchant Square and then headed towards the College of William and Mary. By the time we got here I really thought we were headed to the stadium to the finish line, but I was very wrong. We probably had about another half mile yet to go ( Maybe a bit more. It was hard to judge because the course was curving so much). My plan was to run the entire race and I had up until this point. I slowed my pace down to  a really light jog-walk but then I couldn't do it any more. I was literally exhausted. I admit I did walk a little bit at this point.  I think it was the combination of inclines and heat that really started to get to me. Normally I can run 5 miles and not need a drink till the end but during this race, I could have used like 4 hydration stops instead of only the two that were provided.  Finally I had made it to the stadium track!  This would be the time that I would normally pick up the pace.  Normally during a race I pick a runner that is running ahead of me  that I keep my eye on and then try to pass them as I head to the finish. But during this race I couldn't even think about picking out a person. All I kept thinking about was just getting myself across that finish line.  Did I mention how hot it was?  
college of william and mary
Coming in on the track at Zable Stadium

Heading towards the finish line. Apparently I did pass a few people!
Regardless of how miserable I was that last little bit of the way, I was happy with my time of  51:22.   As soon as I crossed the finish line, I was presented with my medal, and then promptly found the water station. I poured a whole bottle of water on myself (something I never do and wondered why others would do that). Now I know why people do it and I was completely dry again one minute later.
My parents and I all finished with in seconds of each other.  We took a minute to cool down in the tent before my husband found us for the obligatory post race photos. We then made our way down to the Sunken Gardens for the post race party.
Here is how I rated this race.
Race Organization and Communication: A+
Race Expo: B   Organization was great and people were friendly, but was hoping for more vendors and would have like to sign up for some other races there too.
Race Course: B+  I wasn't expecting as many inclines and the changes in terrain. I ran on road, sand and gravel, grass, cobblestone, and spongy track. Since it was so hot, I think there should have been another water stop at mile 4.  I know there was entertainment on the course with groups playing instruments, but I didn't really pay attention cause I was listening to my own music.  However, I could hear the ROTC students as they cheered people on. I know a few of them were speaking right to me when they saw me struggling and that help motivate me.  
Race Goodies: A+  We got a great medal, a race bag, race shirt ( which I even wore later that weekend back at the resort), admission tickets to Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.

Post Race Bash: A  This was a great way to relax and meet other runners. Good sandwiches and plenty to drink.  They also had race results up already for us to see.

The next day my mom and I went back downtown to cheer on those that were running the Half Marathon. The weather seemed to be a little cooler than the day before( although we were spectating from a shady spot) but it was still too hot to be running none the less.

Has the weather ever effected how you've run one of your races?


  1. Congrats on your race and great finish time! It was a really tough weekend to run with the high temps and heat. Mom wants to join me for this weekend of races next year so hopefully we will connect if you also run again!

  2. Great job on your race!! I love that there are so many races out there honoring our military service members, they are truly amazing!


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