Thursday, June 23, 2016

Friday 5 Runfessions

Last week was a bad week workout wise so of course I have quite a few things I can Runfess!  I was on vacation for a majority of the week so I will blame that for my lack of workouts although I know that should not be an excuse.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

When is it JUST a Run?

Do you remember when you did your first race? You may have worked your way up starting with a 5k, then a 10k, a half, and then a full. Or maybe you decided to start out big with completing a half or a full from the beginning. Either way, a race is an accomplishment in itself. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Seen on my Run

Last week we talked about the type of people that we see out during our runs. This week we're talking about the "things" we see along our run.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekly Wrap...Guilt Edition

Do you ever feel guilty about not getting a run in? You have it planned and then life just gets in the way. I can attest to that lately. After working 12 hour shifts at work, running is the last thing I want to do. Even though I have not been getting my runs in that I’d like to, I still feel like I am getting enough activity in. I still manage to get at least 20,000 steps in on days at work when I do not run. So I guess I am doing okay.  

So my runs are taking a backseat. Do you feel when an area in life is not going the way you’d like, that another one suffers as well? That brings me to my second thing I am feeling guilty about, is my eating. Since I have been having no time for my runs, I have had no time to be cooking my meals either. I will sleep in until 10:30am and have to be to work by 12(I live 30 mins from work). So by the time I shower and get ready, I am running out the door. Dunkin Donuts drive through it is on the way to work. I get to work and there is never any time to eat. I may have a granola bar or pack of gummies, but that’s it. When I get off at 12 of course I am starving, and the only place that is open on the way home is Taco Bell Drive Thru. I know not the healthiest, but I am so hungry at the time and I do not want to make anything at home that I end up eating it on the drive home.  This seems to be a vicious cycle for my 3-4 day stretch at work. 

Earlier this week and I could not even sleep in because I had an appointment in the morning. I actually woke up before my alarm(which always stinks), so I decided since I was up I should probably run, because if I don’t run now, I will not do it later because it will either be too hot or I won’t be able to pass up a text from my friend that wants to go to the beach. Getting it out of the way first thing is always the best. I thought my legs would feel really heavy for not running for a few days, but it was the complete opposite. I felt great and my legs felt very refreshed. I did 3 miles and felt like I could have continued longer had it not been for my appointment I had. 

After my appointment my friend did end up asking to go to the beach. I thought to myself, I am glad I ran earlier. We had a relaxing day at the beach then had a late lunch afterwards. I arrived home that evening and ended up doing another 4 miles with my running buddy, and then I had a salad for dinner. So even though I don’t keep up with my running and/or eating on days I work, I’d like to think that I do a good job on my days off. Besides, I am not training for anything right now, and as long as I keep a decent base I need to be happy with that.   
Do you ever feel guilty when you get out of you routine?   -L

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Want a Favorite

This Friday is about Favorites and my Brooks use to be a favorite but now I'm not so sure anymore.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Relay For Life 5K

This past Saturday was the Relay For Life 5K .  Of course my goal for any 5K is to finish in under 30 minutes but to be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this race because lets face it, I didn't train as well as I should have.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

4 Types of People You'll See on a Run

What do you take notice to on your runs?  One of the things we both take notice to the most is the other people we see on our runs. Here are a few stories from the both of us.

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