Thursday, September 3, 2015

Motivation provided by Women's Running magazine

Hi everyone! This week has been pretty busy/emotional for us as we adjust to some new things life has thrown our way. Because of this I know I have been behind on my runs. I did go to the PT gym once this week which I am going to chalk up as a success and I plan to go again on Friday.

I haven't ran since last Friday when my sister and I did the Sole Sister 7 miler. We ran through town, it was pretty uneventful except for the fact we did it at 11:30 and it was scorching hot. I don't know why we thought that was a good idea????

So just when I was feeling a little bad about how my training is going, I came home to something that perked me up! An unexpexted suprise in the mail will always do that!

As part of the Rock n Blog team, I am participating in a collaboration with "Women's Running" Magazine and they sent me some great swag including this Zip up. 

They also sent me this racerback tank. I think this is really cute and love how it has the Women's Running logo on it as well. Those round things shown in both pictures are actually hair ties. I was actually excited about those. Remember that was something I was hoping to get in my Beauty box but didn't. 

If you would like to subscribe to Women's Running Magazine  you can use our code FAIRYTALESNFIT to get it for only $9.99 instead of the traditional price of $19.99. You can subscribe here

Does new gear motivate you? -M
What magazines do you subscribe to?

Friday, August 28, 2015

What has this Summer brought?

We can't officially say good-by to Summer until after Labor day but we thought we would reflect back on how the summer of 2015 treated us.

1. I think I speak for both of us when I say this summer has brought some major life changes for each of us. Some we've talked about on the blog but some we haven't.  Some of the things have been struggles and some are exciting things we have to look forward too. I for one, have realized that running is no longer my top priority and have even decided to not run some races I have already registered for. Such is life.

 I have this sign in my house that says "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole".  I got to thinking that running  has kind of been like that for me.  As much as I love running and racing ( and I do like the races), it is not my whole life, but it definitely has enhanced my life. -M

2. I've kept up with my fitness this summer by doing several virtual races that were sponsored by Gone For a Run. The last run I'll be doing this summer is the Sole Sister Seven Miler.
I plan to do this run with my sister. I continue to be impressed with the swag from Gone For A Run. In addition to the shirt (we actually got tank tops) and cool medal, we got a cute shoe charm! -L
3. In addition to my Florida trip and my cruise, we both enjoyed family day trips to the zoo and safari and lots of bike rides. I got to see Maroon 5 in concerts which was fun but I've determined that I'm too old for the concert thing!  I've also got to connect with some old friends and meet some new blogger friends. -M
4. I've been pretty busy at the gym this summer. Not only have I been taking classes but I've ben teaching to. I 've been teaching group fitness classes and doing personal training. -L
5. So now the thing that I always look forward to during the summer: Rock n Roll Virginia Beach!  For the last several years this has always signified the end of summer for us. This year "Bad Ass" will be running with me. It will be his first half marathon! -L
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Those Free Boxes

I've mentioned before that I am a member of Influenster and often get their Vox Boxes. Who wouldn't love getting fun little surprises and better yet, it's free!

Since I enjoy the Vox Boxes, I recently signed up for the Wal-Mart Beauty box. I have read about other bloggers who have done it and I thought it might be a good time to get some new products before I start back to school in the fall.  After cleaning my bathroom and going through all the extra "stuff" I have I questioned myself on why I even signed up.
beauty box subscriptions

First off the box is completely FREE!  You just pay $5 for shipping. From what I've seen others get, the amount of product way exceeds the $5 anyway so why not give it a try. I asked one of my blogger friends if everyone gets the same products in their box and she mentioned that it was personalized  and  said that "us young folks would probably get different things than what she got". I remember her saying that there is a survey to fill out which determines what you get. I remembered all of this AFTER I signed up. I did not remember filling out any survey but I did put in my birthday. Hmmm, I bet they send you products based on your age?????   Okay folks this is the ONLY time I ever told a little fib about my age.  I didn't want under eye cream and serums for wrinkles so I made myself a little younger than I actually am. I wanted to get fun stuff in my box like nail polish and hair ties!

Okay so even before my box came I had a mental list of things I did not want/need and a list of stuff I was hoping for.

Things I did NOT need
Shampoos and conditioners
Body Washes
Wrinkle cream

Things I hoped for
Deodorant (who couldn't use that)
Hair ties
Nail Polish
Any cosmetics

What I got
free beauty box subscription under $5
First off, the contents in this box were packed in the most wonderful smelling tissue paper.  I couldn't really tell if it rubbed off from one of the products inside the box because nothing I received had that same smell.

1. Best Product in the box ( in my opinion): Full size Vaseline Intensive Care healing serum.   I love the Vaseline moisturizing lotions and I use them regularly, so I know this product cost $7.97 which was way worth the cost of shipping for this box!

2. Full size  Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick: The color is Galdiolus which is a bright red. I've been wanting to get a red lipstick anyway for certain "fun" occasions but this is definitely not something I would be wearing everyday. I don't normally wear Revlon lip color but for the sake of this post I looked up the cost of it and ironically it is also $7.97. I also got a $1.00 coupon off my next Revlon lipstick.

3. Sample size L'Oreal  restoring shampoo, conditioner, and repair treatment. I didn't need any more of this stuff so I wasn't overly excited about it.

4. Sample size of Burt's Bee Renewal firming Serum ( apparently my memo of my "younger" age did not go through in

5.Sample of Micellar cleansing water, which is some sort of facial hydrator. It came with a $2.00 coupon as well. I don't see myself using this. If anyone wants it, let me know!

Final Review:  I am very pleased about the Vaseline moisturizer because I would have bought it anyway, but the rest of the stuff I could take or leave.  This was considered the "Summer Box". I think now that I signed up for this subscription that I should be getting a "fall" and "Winter" box as well.

Another Summer Box I received recently was the SunshineVox Box. This is COMPLETELY free compliments of Influenster. You don't even have to pay shipping!
subscription boxes

Seeing this bright yellow box on my doorstep earlier this summer was enough to immediately put me in a great mood. I was excited to see what was inside.

My favorites so far are the Sinful Colors nail polish ( which I am currently wearing), the color is called Thimbleberry and the Vaseline Spray. As you know I am already a fan of the Vaseline moisturizer. I just started using spray- on sunscreen this year and have become a fan, so I thought the spray moisturizer was fun!

Other products in my box: Dickinson's witch hazel cleansing cloths ( and several coupons for it), Infusium moisture replenish leave in smoothing crème, Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds, and a coupon for a free package of Barkthins.

I have gone to a few local store and have not been able to find the Barkthins. I finally went on the website to see which stores carry them and I hope to get them sometime this week.  I'm not a fan of spicy things so I was going to share these Sriracha Almonds with Scott when he comes back from his trip.

Which items would you be excited about? Have you ever tried Barkthins? If so which kind? I think the chocolate covered pumpkin seeds might sound good.    -M

Monday, August 24, 2015

Are these runs Official?

So, I tried to start my "official" marathon training this month. I have been dabbling with a run/walk for a while but unfortunately the past couple of runs started out being run/walk but ended up being a little more of the walking which has ended up disappointing me. My knee and IT band has been holding up okay but my breathing just stunk!

The following week I decided to try 5 miles. I've seemed to have my breathing under control ( or perhaps it's just that it wasn't90 degrees and humid like it had been the previous week). But things couldn't go that great for me, right? Well, for two runs that week I started to have pain in my calf and ankle. I've never had pain in that part of my leg before. At least with IT band pain I could run through the pain in little spurts because my feet were still working. With this calf and ankle pain it seemed like my whole leg was just dead! Needless to say my planned 5 miles turned into 4. No sense in making it worse just for a training run. This happened on two runs. I had missed 2 weeks of massage appointments because my massage therapist has been injured. I thought perhaps it was just that my calf was tight. When I went to PT later in the week I told him how I was feeling and after a quick exam he said my flexibilty was good and the calf did not seem tight. So now I am wondering
what my problem is?

I did have some redeeming runs this weekend though! Friday I did 4 miles with very little pain and with consistent intervals. Last night my sister and I finally got that 5 miles in and I am surprised at the consistency in my run. I don't know if it was becaause she was keeping me motivated (because she is faaster than me), because it was. A lot cooler because we were running in the dark, or because the last mile and a half I desperately needed to find a restroom? I don't know what it was but it was the best run i've had in a long time. I stretched and foam rolled later
that night but I still woke up sore like I normally do. I guess some things never change!    -M

Friday, August 21, 2015

Didn't think you could ever....

Do you remember your first running conversation you had with a non runner? It may have been with a co-worker who was asking about your 5K race. They may have asked how far you ran and when you said 3.1 miles they may have responded like this "Gee, I can't even run 3 minutes."

As your races increased, people's comments probably got more interesting. Then the day comes that you are talking about all 26.2 miles of your marathon (just in case that co-worker wanted to know how far THIS particular marathon was this time! ) And of course the normal re-action from a non-runner is "Oh, I could never do that."

1.Well, the truth is, I really feel any able body person can indeed run a marathon (or half marathon). Notice I said "able" body. If you are injured or have injuries do as I say not as I do!  I think people are just SO overwhelmed with the thought of running such a long distance that they don't think it could ever be something they could do.
running a marathon

2.Yes, there is the training and that can be hard. It can be hard to give up things you are use to doing in exchange for an early morning run, so it takes dedication. Dedication to the plan and your goal. You can let very few things side track you when training for a marathon (or half)

3.The miles are long, and you might not be able to go as far as you want (right away) or as fast as you want but you have to know that you WILL make it happen and in this instance you will need determination.

 4. Sometimes it can be boring. I can remember running 22 miles in the snow by myself eating frozen  GU and Honey Stinger Waffles that were so cold they nearly broke my teeth but I stuck with it because I had patience.

5. So I truly believe that if someone is willing to give Dedication, Determination, and Patience, to the cause of training, then they too can run a marathon or half! 

I write this post for my friend who thinks he can not run a half marathon. I know he can do it. He just needs to remember that the goal is to just finish. You don't have to be a rock star of a runner to run a half marathon.  You are a rock star just for signing up and making it to the start line! Oh, and when you cross finish, that's pretty darn awesome too!    -M

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beach Body Help Needed!

We want to tell you about one of our friends. She has been doing that 21 day fix and has really been dedicated to it. We are so proud of her.

 In addition to the color coded containers, she's been doing the workout dvds.  She use to play the videos on her laptop but that stopped working so she went to the store and bought herself a little dvd player.  Unfortunately the dvd player she bought did not work so she returned it to the store. She did not realize that she had left her 21 day fix dvd inside of it until the next day. When she called the store to tell them she left her disc inside the machine, it was too late. They said they had already sent the dvd player back to the company! Womp Womp! Now she lost her disc!

She called Beach Body and asked if she could get a replacement disc but they wouldn't give her just the one disc without her purchasing the entire package over again!  This is ridiculous! 

The reason we are sharing this story is because I have read about people having success with this program.  You wouldn't think that if someone is dedicated enough to do something like this that other people should support them. In this instance I think that Beach Body should support our friend. I know that it wasn't Beach Body's fault that my friend lost her disc but you would think they would try to help her out rather than just say "Sorry you need to purchase the whole package over again".  Can't they sell piece of the program a la cart to existing customers?

So we are putting this out there to see if any Beach Body coaches can help our friend out. Do any of you know how she can get  disc 1?  Anyone have extras or discs they no longer use?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Running Role Models

This week's Tuesday's on the Run topic is Running Role models.  When we think about running role models we don't think of the fastest runners, the Olympians, the winners of races, or the professional athletes.  So you can run fast, so what!  What really impresses us is the everyday ordinary runner. The runner who gets up before work while its still dark just to get a run in, the runner that has to juggle training with a full time job and a family, and the runner who is faced with obstacles or injuries but keeps pressing on!

Through our blogging journey, we have met (or read about) many of these people. It is YOU, our virtual friends that we are proud of.

We are proud of ALL of you that are getting out there and running even when you don't feel like it but we thought it might be fun to highlight two great role models. Here are each of our picks!

I have always been super impressed with Karen from Just me and my running shoes. Karen not only has a full time job as an oncology nurse (which is super impressive all on it's own), but is a wife, keeps a beautiful home, is involved in her church, volunteers for charity, has a successful blog and keeps to a pretty strict training/running schedule! She does it all! -M

Our friend, blog reader, and fellow runner Heather is the epitome of perseverance and dedication. Heather has had some pain and injury this year but kept pressing own.  When she sets her mind to something she doesn't let anything hold her back. She ran her first marathon this year at Disney World after spending the night in the ER! Yea, she is tough. She not only runs but has done a few tri-athalons as well. She is always open to pushing her limits and trying new things. -L

" People that workout don't have anymore hours in the day then people who don't, they just make the time because it's important to them"

Who would your running role model be?

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