Monday, January 15, 2018

My Workout Space

I pretty much have a full functioning home gym at my house, yet for the past few years I have paid to go to a gym. Why?

I guess I needed that motivation and because I've been injured for so long I liked the fact that there was always a physical therapist on hand to check in with me or answer questions.

Then I just stopped going because I wasn't running longer distances and figured I could do whatever strength training I needed to do at home. Except I didn't do any.

I'm hoping that for 2018 I can be more dedicated to using my home gym.  I actually thought that "Showing where you work out" was a topic for TOTR so I prepared this little tour, but then when I went back to look at the topics, I guess I missed it. 

In our gym we have a Bow Flex Revolution that I can probably convert to do more workouts than I even know how to do. We've had this machine for many years but have definitely not taken advantage of it.

My favorite pieces of equipment are the Nordic Track treadmill and bike.  I like these because they are ifit compatible and every workout can potentially be an adventure!

As you can see, my screen on the treadmill is rather small (and the one on the bike is a little bigger but still small), So when I use the iFit maps, I link it to my ipad.  Also, behind this wall is a large screen TV I can also link it up to. Sometimes I will pull the bike out into the other room.

I have smaller pieces of equipment like hand weights, resistance bands, foam rollers, stability ball, etc but they seem to make their way to other rooms in the house.

You may notice that my walls are bare. Most home gyms I've seen are decorated with race medals, bibs, and other running paraphernalia. Mine is not. Scott said I should hang all my medals up to show them off but I already have them all hung up in my dressing room (where really nobody but me can see them, but that's okay). I go in my dressing room every single day and I like seeing them there. Honestly, I do not go into this workout room every day. -M

Do you go to a gym or do you have a workout space at home? If so, how is it decorated?

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weekly Wrap Jan 15.....While My Sister Sleeps

I'm excited to share something about my week this week. I finally did my first run of the year, but it was only a Saturday morning run on the treadmill so there was nothing too exciting about that.

However, I did start on something I wanted to do this year.  Previously in the post What Really Happened, I talked about things I wanted to do in 2017 and never did, and one of those things was for my sister and I to read the same books and discuss them. We did one last year but wanted to actually do more than that this year.  Well Monday I went to the library to get a book and by Friday I was finished with it.

The book I chose was While My Sister Sleeps by Barbara Delinsky.  Actually, I ended up picking this book by random. I was looking for another book (by a different author) but it was not there. However, this book was on the same shelf and the title caught my eye. I rarely read the inside of the book to see what it is about, so I usually do judge a book my it's cover (and title).

Turns out, this book was about a RUNNER! Perfect I thought.

I don't want to give too much away about the book in case you might want to read it, but here is the short version of it and my own thoughts.

Of course the book is about two sisters, Robin and Molly. Robin is training for the NYC Marathon and hoping to come in the top 3 female. She is actually hoping to make it to the Olympics.  At only age 32, Robin has a heart attack during a run and collapses. A fellow runner finds her laying on the road and calls for an ambulance to the hospital.

I did not like the mother's attitude in this story. She of course blames the sister, Molly for not being with her sister during the run ( I guess she usually tags along and holds her water), and then the mother starts to blame the fellow runner (a complete stranger) for not running faster and helping Robin sooner.

The sister, Molly, is sort of a head case herself. While her sister is in the hospital, she has to pack up both their belongings (they live together) because the landlord is having construction done on their rental because he is selling it. He gives her a date that she has to be out by (she knew this even before her sister's accident). Yet when the accident happens, she thinks her landlord is being unreasonable for not extending his deadline once again (this is a small part of the story but it really bothered me that Molly would act that way).

Anyone who is seriously into running could probably relate to some of Robins thoughts and secret feelings. I am certainly not into running as much as Robin is but I could relate to some of the running references.  However, I was a little disappointed the author did not let the reader have a stronger connection with Robin. Besides some thoughts on her running, we didn't really get to know Robin as a person (It would have been nice to have some flashbacks of her life up until that point).  I have been known to get very emotional while reading some of my favorite books, but during this one I felt like I was not as invested in Robin and whether she recovered from her accident or not.

If you decided to read this book (which is not a bad read for a runner), I would warn that it kind of drags on in the beginning but does become more interesting at the half way point.

Do you think you will read this book? What other fiction books have you read about runners? -M

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Friday, January 12, 2018

What I sometimes do.....

I can't believe it's Friday already! I love how fast this week went. Did it go by fast for you too?

I am also glad that this cold snap, polar vortex, or whatever you want to call it has passed. Two weeks of that stuff and I will officially call that our winter! I'm glad it's gone and we are back to our normal temps.

However, I will say that I am glad my downtime was during the cold weather. I have taken a month off from running and basically all workouts and I don't even feel guilty about it and this is why...

Sometimes you just want to sleep in instead of run long on the weekends. 

Sometimes you want to come home from work and watch Judge Judy instead of lace up and go run before it gets dark. 

Sometimes you want to curl up with a good book (I'm certainly intrigued with one now. I picked it at random and it ended up being about a runner).

Sometimes you just want to spend your free moments with family, and that's alright! 

And of course after doing All This ^ for a month sometimes you can't wait to get back outside and run your favorite routes! 

I think I needed a month of comfort and downtime because now I'm ready to be motivated again. The weather here was beautiful this week and I'm hoping we see some more if it for next week when I head to the trails again! -M

Monday, January 8, 2018

A Frosty decision

Every February our community hosts an Ice Festival. During this weekend the downtown is filled with ice sculptures and artists, there is a chocolate tour, there are games at the park, and there is a polar plunge, and frosty 5K.


I have seen the ice sculptures before and they are pretty cool (literally) and some of them even light up. I wanted to buy tickets for the chocolate tour last year, but then honestly just got too lazy to go. I did go to the polar plunge a few years back (not to participate but to take photos for the newspaper) and quite frankly I don't understand why anyone would want to do that. I'm sure it probably benefits some cause, but I'd rather just donate a check than take the plunge!  This year I thought I would take part in the Frosty 5K.

I've never done this race before because quite honestly, the name never appealed to me. I mean come on, who wants to run a FROSTY 5K?  But as I looked through my training logs from the past few February's I noticed that the weather has not been that bad. I did many of runs in just a short sleeve shirt.  So why not sign up? 

Now here is what is irritating me.  I first decided I would consider running this back in December. I saw all the details (so I thought) on the Official race web page.   Donuts and hot chocolate at the start, a nice course, turkey subs at the finish, and discounts to all the runners for the other festival activities that day. Sounded like a great race!

However, I noticed that all the race info was still from 2017 and there was no place to register for the 2018 race. I did a little investigating on my own and still could not find an update page to register for the race. Seeing that it is a local race, I thought perhaps registration for 2018 has not yet opened. Maybe they would open it after the new year? Yes, I know that is unlikely that race registration would only be open for one month, but that was the only logical explanation I could come up with as to why I could not find it.

I went back to the website on January 1st and 2nd and it still had not been updated.  I found a contact email for someone in the Rotary club who was sponsoring the race and asked where I could find an updated registration form.  He promptly sent me a link the next day.  The 2017 registration form was linked through  (which most of our local races are) and this new one for 2018 was linked through a different site I had never heard of and quite frankly would have never been able to find had he not sent me the link.  When I opened the link to register I noticed that I not only missed the first price increase, but the second price increase as well.  This frustrates me because I hate paying more than I have to for a local 5K.  What angers me is not the fact that I forgot to sign or or that I missed it, its that the information/registration was not on the proper page.  If they were going to change the registration page, then they should have put that new registration link on the old race web page so people would know where to find it.  Even if you just do a random google search for this race, the 2017 page still comes up.

I guess no use in complaining about this now. I still haven't decided if I want to pay that much for a local 5K or not but I guess I don't have to be in an hurry to decide since the price is the highest it is going to be now (besides on race day).  I'll see how many runs I get to do between now and February!

Any cool runs or festivals near you in Febraury? -M

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

First Week of 2018

                                          Welcome to another edition of the weekly wrap.

This seemed to be a short week, so I actually remembered something from each day (which rarely happens). My friend Rebecca does an end of the month post called "A Sentence a day" which I like, but it would be challenging for me to only use one sentence so I am going to try this format for the week and see how it goes!

Sunday (New Years Eve) - We had plans for over a month to go to a dinner party with some friends but then an hour before we had to cancel. I kind of felt like a jerk for doing so but Scott had been sick all week and did not feel like he could handle being at a fancy restaurant all evening. I completely understood. We did go to a party later that night at my cousins house and it was so nice to see all my family again and play games. We taught my pappy a new card game and he caught on real well! Check out that cool champagne cake my cousin made. It was fabulous!

Monday (New Years Day) - Happy to have another day off work! My sister made us a traditional New Years day dinner of pork, saurkraut, and potatoes. My dad, however slipped and fell out at his pond and had to go to the ER. He came home with three staples in his head. Ouch! 

Tuesday - Back at work but after work we were still busy. I had to finally go for groceries since we've been eating snacks and holiday leftovers for the last week. Then we went to an 85th Birthday party for my Pappy!

Wednesday- I tried to get my iFit for the treadmill and bike up and running again but iFit customer service is less than ideal. I still don't have it running correctly and my subscription is soon going to expire! #Wasteofmoney

Thursday- I stopped at the store to pick up some more fleece lined tights since we are in the middle of this cold snap. I ended up picking up some pumpkin spice popcorn and french vanilla hot chocolate.

Friday - No School. I always have these big ideas of how much stuff  I'm going to get accomplished when I don't have to go to work. The only thing I did was sew a cover for my bench and it literally took me 5 hours and the bench wasn't even that big!  I didn't have a pattern so it was a lot of trial and error! The corners are what gave me the most trouble.

Saturday- We spent the day shopping. When we got home we ended up getting into the tv series "The Good Doctor". Anyone else watch it? We watched the first 3 episodes and are hooked.

And that's a wrap!  I hear we are suppose to get a heat wave this week so perhaps I will try to get outside to run. Depending on how that goes, I may sign up for a race for next month. We'll see. More on that later. -M

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Friday, January 5, 2018

What REALLY happened!

On New Years Eve I was browsing some old blog posts from last January to see what I was writing about at that time.  I wrote a post about what I was looking forward to doing/intended to do in 2017.  I thought it would be fun to recap those intentions and let you all know what REALLY happened!

1. Intention- Have a better relationship with my treadmill.
What Really Happened- I bought a subscription to the ifit program on my treadmill. It really is the neatest thing but I only ended up using it a handful of times and didn't use it all after March. I really do prefer running outside. It is a bit of an expense and I certainly didn't get my monies worth out of it in 2017 but I'm thinking of giving it another go round in 2018.

2. Intention- Start a book club with my sister.
What Really Happened - We read one book the entire year and to tell you the truth, it was a book I already read so I actually cheated and listened to it on audio book on my way to and from work. We'll try this again in 2018!

3. Intention- Paint the den.
What Really Happened-  This room is very large with vaulted ceilings. I've painted it twice myself since we lived here so this time I paid a professional to do it. I really wanted it painted blue but couldn't find the right shade so at literally the last minute I panicked and chose a neutral color.  The room turned out to be a success.

4.Intention- Get a Puppy
What Really Happened- Well this was more Scott's intention than it was mine. I just can't bear to bring another dog into the house right now because although it could be a good thing for Baylee, it could also stress her out too. Not to mention things are so easy with Baylee. She listens well, she travels well, and I can take her shopping and stuff. What will happen when I have two dogs? The puppy will always have to stay home because I can not take TWO dogs into Starbucks. That will get us kicked out for sure! But really, I like having all my attention on Baylee. I would feel bad having to divide my time among her and another.

5. Fitness Related

Intention-Run some new to me races.
What Really Happened- I did run 3 new local races ( The Monumental Mile, The Color Run, and the Monster Mash) and several out of town races as well.

Intention- Run some Big City Races.
What Really Happened- Well, I did cross two cities off my list, NYC and Baltimore. I would call this a success!

Intention- I wanted to try doing a bike race. Not to race it, but just to finish.
What Really Happened- Not a darn thing. I rode my bike on the trail a few times and that was it.

What were some things you didn't end up doing?  -M

Monday, January 1, 2018

My Miles

Starting off the year I didn’t have any specific goals for running. I just wanted to maintain my fitness and love for running and if a PR happens, that’s great. I like to at least get a 100 miles each month, but if it doesn’t happen I don’t beat myself up over it.

I don't keep a running journal so I at least wanted to get these miles down in print (at least for myself anyway). 

January- 107 started off very cold but still managed to get over 100 miles.

February- 156 miles. This was the most mileage I ever ran in one month. I was training for Shamrock marathon this month and remember logging over 60 miles one week. After I did that, I took almost a week off relaxing in Jamaica. I couldn’t believe that I logged that many miles in one month, even with taking almost a week off.

March 103 miles.  With my taper before the marathon and recovering well after the race I was happy to still log just over 100 miles.

April- 148 miles. Honestly I can’t remember what I even did this month so I am surprised I got that many miles in. It must have been just enjoying the Spring temps after the colder months prior.
May- 119 Got some good runs in at the beach as well as the trails before the summer temps started to become a challenge.

June-65 miles. I went to Cancun for almost a week so didn’t do too much running that week. In addition, I received a new position at work during the summer that forced me to work very long hours (10-12) at a time so needless to say running took a back burner.  

July-93 miles. Still crazy at work, and super-hot out, but beat June mileage, so I was happy about that.
August-101 It surely did not get any cooler, but got more into a rhythm with my work and running routines.

September- 119 miles. Can you tell that work slowed down? In addition to that, the temps cooled down as well and I placed first at a 5k race.

October -140 miles. Some nice fall weather temps and two races; a Halloween 10k and the Baltimore Marathon.

November- 127 miles. This was probably one of the best months. Not only was it my Birthday month. I got to do something I really enjoyed on my special day. Run a marathon. I got the best birthday gift ever. A huge PR that will take me to Boston in 2019! In addition, I also started my running streak on Thanksgiving. 

December-141 miles. My Running streak continued. It was a good thing I had a treadmill, because if I didn’t, I do not think my Run Streak would have lasted. There were some very cold days this month and I hate running in the cold so I was very thankful for my treadmill.  The streak wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I only had a few days that were a struggle. Two days I wasn’t feeling well. Good thing I had a 5k on of those days (I placed 1st in my Age Group) and the other day I went shopping out of town for the day. I made it home by 11:15 pm. I was going to just call it a night, but there were only three days left of the streak. I thought to myself I made it this far, I need to finish it. So I hopped on the treadmill to get my mile in.

I finished the year off with 1,419 mies. Why didn’t I just do one more mile? I don’t really know.  Regardless, I am very happy with my mileage for the year for not having an actual goal.  I do not have any running related goals for 2018. I just want to run for fun and remain injury free.

What are you goals for 2018? -L

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