Monday, July 6, 2015

A Peek Into this thing we call Running and some Run Away Animals.

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend spending time with family and friends.   We had a pretty fun weekend and there was even some running going on.
We had plans to go to a picnic all day so we wanted to make sure we got up early to do our run before it got too hot out. Plus it was nice to get in some exercise since we knew we would be indulging in all the yummy picnic food.

Since my "Bad Ass" friend couldn't run with me during the Bad Ass 5 miler I wanted him to run with me for the All 4 Run 4 miler that was sponsored by Gone For A Run.  I thought it would be a great training run since he plans on doing a half marathon in Virginia Beach over Labor Day. I promised to stay with him during our run and I did. 
I thought it went well and it was an easy run for me but he was struggling a little due to the weather.  He said it was too hot and he couldn't imagine doing 13 miles in this heat. I told him we would be running much earlier and to not get discouraged with himself. With the crowds and all the excitement going on in VA Beach on race day, he would be just fine. There is still plenty of time to keep training and work his mileage up before the race.

I even wore my 4th of July shirt that I was sent from Gone For a Run and I think that medal is pretty cute. I have a lot of  Holiday themed race medals from various races I've done over the years but this is my first  4th of July themed one.       -L
My weekend was a little different. I went to a different picnic than Lacey and then of course watched fireworks afterwards.  I just have a funny/not so funny story I wanted to share with you guys. On our way to our picnic, we had to stop our car in the middle of the road because some horses had escaped from a nearby farm and some people were trying to wrangle them up before they got hit. It was kind of scary  because the horse had blinders on and we thought he was going to run into our car.  Then on the way home from the picnic, we had to stop because a group of cows got loose and one of them actually did get hit by a car. I bet the driver who hit the cow felt awful because she was lying on the road with him just petting him until 911 showed up. I know I've heard the 4th of July is the one day of the year where most dogs go missing . I guess a lot of other animals get spooked by all the banging going on from fireworks and decide to go running off too.
On Sunday, Scott and I went for a walk down at the park and when we were done, I told him I wanted to see if I could do a short run once around the park on the inside track.  I of course had my Rock Tape on my knee and I started to do a little run to see what I could do. I didn't go fast but surprisingly I had NO pinching!!!!! My knee did feel a little lose like it was not very sturdy, but I had no pain! I only did one loop around the park which is just less then a mile, but It's a start. My goal by the end of the week is to do one mile pain free!   -M
Tell us what fun things you did this weekend.........

Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July Deals

The theme for this week's Friday 5 is of course the 4th of July!   We are not going to any 4th of July races but Lacey will be participating in the Gone For a Run 4th of July run sometime this weekend.

 So since we don't have a lot of real exciting things going on, we thought we would share with you some great 4th of  July deals that are going on in cyber world this weekend!

Clicking on the highlighted link will take you right to the sale page. These are not affiliate links and we will not receive compensation if you click on them.

1.Save up to 40% off New Balance Clearance Shoes  when you shop online and Save 15% off $125.00 or more using code BOARDWALK at checkout. Normally I wouldn't say this was a great savings but if the shoes you want are more then $125, I guess it is awesome to save even a little bit.
New Balance Sale Shoes

2.You can save 30-40% off this weekend at and take an additional 20% of sale styles.

3. Perhaps it's not shoes you are looking for but some cute active wear for the summer.
Use code VERYGOOD to save 30% off + Free shipping on orders of $25 or more at Old Navy.

4. Have you been thinking about getting a team jersey for this fall? If so, NFL Shop has free shipping this weekend.  Use code FOURTH at checkout

5. Have you been wanting to make a photo gift or perhaps a photo book of your favorite race or races? SnapFish is having a site wide sale. Now's the time to get those books made!  Use code USA50 at checkout.

In addition to the 5 I have shared here, I'm sure a ton of other retailers will be having sales this weekend.  I know Brooks is having a sale on Sports bras, and Sweaty Betty is also having a sale on their merchandise. Pro-Compression is of course offering 40% off and free shipping with code Stride at checkout.  If you need to rehydrate with some Nuun, use code lungesandlycra to save 25%. Need more fuel, use code CLFCB8 to save 15%  off your online order of Clif bar products.

Have a happy and safe weekend!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Smart Candy

It is no secret that I am a candy addict. I didn't use to be though. I think it's something that evolved as an adult because I was not like that as a child. To be honest, I think I get that gene from my dad. When I need a candy fix, I always go to him. He is always stocked with peanut butter cups, red hots, etc.  He in turn got this gene from my grandmother who had an entire candy cupboard ( for the grandkids of course).

Earlier this year my sister and I were sent a case of Smart Candy! They certainly sent this to the right

There were two basic kinds: gummies, and yogurt covered.  They were both good, but I preferred the gummies!

The two different gummy flavors we tried were  Sour Gummy ( Orange, Cherry, and Lemon), which had a good flavor and I didn't think were too sour, and Sweet Gummy ( Mixed Berry, Grape, and Strawberry).  I think this was my favorite flavor out of all of them.

The Sour Gummies

I found the Smart Candy to be a good alternative to the typical candy I usually snack on (Gummy Bears, Sour Patch Kids, and Gummy Life Savers).  The Smart Candy contains Vitamins A, B, and C and do not contain high fructose corn syrup or trans fat. The Gummy ones sort of remind me of the gummy vitamins.

The only thing we both agreed that we did not like was the size. They are so good that one pouch isn't nearly enough. They gummy ones are 90 and 100 calories ( depending on flavor), so that is why the servings are so small, but we both found ourselves eating two pouches at a time.

The other kind we tries were Orange Froot, and Strawberry Froot ( no that is not a typo)
yogurt covered candy
Strawberry Froot Smart Candy
 These ones are a little harder to describe. They are not gummies but they are not hard candy in the traditional sense of what a hard candy is. They are like candy coated yogurt bites. They are really yummy too and you can really taste the smoothness of the yogurt.  At 120 calories per pouch, I am left a little more satisfied after eating the yogurt bites than the gummy ones. I don't feel the need to eat two pouches at a time.

Right now you can purchase Smart Candy online from their site HERE or also on the site you can look to see where you can purchase them in your area.  They are said to be in several Wal-marts and some Targets but I haven't seen them in my area yet. When I looked online I did see the Wal-mart in a neighboring town has them. On the Smart Candy website they retail for $3.99 a box.

What is your Go To Candy?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Goal Update with TOTR

The gals from TOTR had a great topic for today: 2015 Goal Update. Since the first half of 2015 is coming to an end, we though this topic was fitting.

I never imagined this year would go by so fast. I was just reading some posts from last year at this time to see what we had been up to. I was of course just coming off an injury but was able to run 4 pain free miles by this time. Looks like I was better off last year than I am this year. So where do I go from here?

Goals for the rest of 2015:

I am currently going to the PT workout center 3-4 days a week. I will continue to do that. In addition, starting in July I am going to try to go twice a day.

I got a massage last week and the lady I'm working with has been really good with her techniques and doing research to see how she can better help me. I have scheduled a massage with her once a week for the next three weeks and will continue to get them
once a week until I feel I am back to normal.

I am still planning on running VA Beach in September, whether or not it's the half marathon or the 5K is yet to be determined. I kind of feel bad that I even mentioned running the 5K because one of our friends will be running with us ( his first half) and now he thinks he wants to do the 5K if I do it. He is not injured. He needs to run the He is just nervous about running 13.1 miles but I know he can do it ( YOU KNOW WHO YOU

I'd like to run our local Harvest Festival 5K this year with my dad. I didn't do it last year because I was already in marathon training mode and was training for longer distances.

If all goes well, I will spend the rest of the fall training for the WDW marathon again. If I'm still injured then I will just sit down with a box of markers and some poster board and make the best dang disney signs to cheer on the rest of you who are running!

As far as Lacey's 2015 goals: Her next race is also VA beach. She will definitely be running the half marathon (with a friend so it won't be a goal race). She may pick up a fall race too depending on what her schedule is like.

What are you working on for the rest of 2015?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Day In The Life Of A Flight Attendant Part 2

I had  a week off of work last week so I decided to spend some time  at VA Beach.  During my time there I went on a 14 mile run with a good friend Saturday morning. We had a lot of catching up to do so it made the miles go by fast.  
The following week I had to go back to being a flight attendant. This was probably one of the most trying weeks I've had in a long time. It was suppose to be an easy day with a show time of 12:45 pm.  I was to start in Philadelphia go Cincinnati then back to Philadelphia.  We then would have a 3 and a half hour sit before our next flight to Watertown NY, so plenty of time to get food. On our way back from Cincinnati there was weather coming into the Philadelphia area and we didn't have enough fuel to remain in a holding pattern so we had to divert to Norfolk VA to refuel and wait out the storm. We arrived at 7 pm. The passengers deplaned and I went inside to try and get some food. Because now there would be no time for food later. Of course the only place to get food quickly was closed. Guess I'm not eating tonight. And the weather never got better either. We didn't end up leaving Norfork until 12:30 am. 

What normally takes 40 mins to Philadelphia because of the weather took an hour and a half so we didn't make it in until after 2 am. Can you believe our company still wanted us to fly one more flight to Watertown NY? Luckily my Captain refused and said we are all fatigue we need a hotel.  It took our company another hour and half to find a hotel for us.  They said that the closest one was in Dover DE.  Really? Another hour and a half away. So we didn't get to a hotel until 5 am.  (That is not a typo). And we had to be up and back at it by 2 pm.  

Luckily we only had one flight to do so we were done by 7 pm. But the next day we had a 5 am van and worked all day. It just doesn't make sense. Get done at 5 am one day and the next day start at 5 am. 

We actually were on time that day so I got to the hotel around 1:30. I slept all day until 6 pm.  Woke up and ate dinner and still fell back to sleep by 8:30. Yes, I was exhausted. Had to get a good night sleep because our van ride to the airport the next morning was 4:30 am.

The next day we started in Rochester NY and fly to Philadelphia. Then we are suppose to do a St. Louis turn and be done for the day. We arrive in St. Louis with a maintenance problem and the flight cancels outbound.  We then have to ferry it (fly plane with no passengers because our restrictions are lower) to get it fixed to Milwaukee.  Luckily they didn't need a flight attendant to do this so I was able to take the next flight to Philadelphia.

Needless to say this work week has been very exhausting. With all these circumstances this has been the first time I can even remember going a week with out running/working out and I am not even injured. How long have you gone without working out?    -L
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