Sunday, May 3, 2015

My advice for those debating on the Goofy Challenge

 I recently read a facebook post of a friend that was debating on signing up for the Goofy Challenge. This would be her first Goofy and her first marathon. I gave her my two cents but I thought I would elaborate a little more here on the blog in case anyone else was having the same thought.

I know that everyone feels differently about these challenges, but these are just my random thoughts so take them with a grain of salt. .

Well anyway, Last year I remember signing up for the Goofy Challenge. It would not only be my first Goofy challenge but also my first Marathon.  After I did it, I admit I started to have doubts. Why did I sign up for both of these races? After all, my main focus would be the marathon, I could really have cared less about running the half, I've done several halves before. The real "challenge" would certainly be the marathon.  I have to tell you the only reason that I decided to do the Goofy challenge was because I knew I wanted to run the Donald Half Marathon at some point (in an effort to do all the Disney World Races), and so since I was coming down for the marathon anyway, I thought why not run the half and get that additional bling. I was thinking why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak.  So you see, my reasons for Goofy wasn't as much about determination as is was a matter of convenience and frugality!   (bad reasons I know).

Even though my training was going well, I was still having some issues with staying positive but I had my sister to help with that.
If you feel you might be going through the same thing, you can read all about that HERE. Perhaps it might help you.

Ok, so here is basically the point I want to make. Even though I ran both of these races injured, I didn't feel like running the half marathon the day before left me with less energy to complete the full marathon. But I will say that ALL my focus that weekend was on the marathon and for that reason I don't feel like I really appreciated the half the way I should have. I look at that big beautiful Donald medal and I don't remember much of the race and I don't even feel I fully deserved it. I do feel like that half deserves a re-do someday too. But if I do that, it will be a race done all on its own, not in combination with any challenge.

When you run "Challenge" races, do you feel like you focus more on just one of the races in the challenge?  -M

Friday, May 1, 2015

5 Things about RnR Nashville

Since the theme for this Friday is 5 things about race day, I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you 5 things about the Rock n Roll Nashville Half Marathon I ran last weekend.
Rock n Roll Nashville half marathon

1. The Night Before
We all want to have a good night sleep the night before the race. It usually doesn't happen because we are thinking too much about the next morning. I went to bed fairly early. I say bed because I couldn't get to sleep. Hours later when I felt I had just fallen asleep I heard this loud noise. It startled me so bad and

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Things I'll never have to do again!

I started my marathon training last July and stopped it mid December due to a nagging pain that made it impossible to even run a full mile.  Needless to say,  I did get through that marathon (and the Goofy Challenge) in January.  I was SO glad to see that race and the training cycle come to an end. When it came to marathons, I was one and done!
Walt Disney world Speedway

I knew that I would never have to run more than 13.1 miles again ( I knew I would continue to run halves, just not fulls).  Heck, in training, I probably wouldn't have to

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Staying Focused on a run

The theme for TOTR this week is favorite warm weather gear. My sister and I have a great piece of gear that we think is quickly going to become one of our favorites this summer but to be fair, we haven't had the chance to test it out completely so it wouldn't be right to write about it yet, right? So, we will hold off on that for now. 

Even though it's been Spring, there are still days where it is cool, windy or rainy. Not the ideal for the perfect run outside. Last year I had purchased a treadmill and I really got my use out of it. I used it for when I couldn't get up early enough to get my run in before the sun came up and also on those brutal winter days when I couldn't step foot outdoors. 

Now that Spring is here I have to stay I have been so used to staying in to do my runs on the treadmill. It is just so convenient.  While on the treadmill I usually do a run/walk since I could not continously run on a treadmill for X miles. My television shows really help pass the time. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my phone next to me the whole time checking emails, twitter, or blogging.  Needless to say I am not the most focused when doing my runs on the treadmill. 

When I heard about the Log Off Shut Down Go Run Virtual Race from Gone For A Run my next thought was sign me up.

I thought this would be the perfect time to be disconnected and just go run. When I was getting my gear around I was debating what fuel belt to take and then I thought to myself, heck I don't need any because I don't need a place to even put my phone.

So I started running with only my GPS watch and my Ipod. I couldn't tell you how much lighter I felt with no excess belts weighing me done. 

During my run I was only focused on my running and enjoying the weather. Even though it was the end of April I have still only done a handful of runs outside. I kept looking at my Garmin wondering why the mileage was not going up faster.  I thought to myself well heck I could be watching my shows right now and checking my phone (because you know you always think you will get an important call/text when you don't have it on you). Why was it that this run felt harder to me? I think it was because I haven't run that distance outside by myself since last fall. Running consistently was alot different than what I was doing all winter long on the treadmill.  I was happy when I had to wait for a train and a few red lights throughout the run. 

By the second half of my run I was finally in my groove feeling good. I didn't even think about not having my phone on me. I arrived back home refreshed and ready to eat dinner. But I'm sure you can guess what I did before starting dinner.
Do you ever feel like you are addicting to your phone? Do you run with it?

I received this complimentary race registration for being a Gone For A Run Ambassador.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Creating More Race Costumes!

DIY race costumes

We leave for California for the Disneyland Pixie Dust Challenge races in about a week so I thought it was time I got my but in gear and finish up my race costume.  We've had the idea for our costumes since last summer so I don't know why it has taken me so long to actually make them,,haha.

Oh, I know why, my sewing machine had been acting up lately. I was able to sew Lacey's costume but it was really giving me problems. I'm going to assume it was probably something some routine maintenance could have fixed (maybe), but we had a weak moment last week and fell victim to the convincing sales lady on the Home Shopping Network and Scott bought me this new electronic  Singer sewing machine. I admit it is pretty fancy and has more options and attachments than I will probably ever use. It even threads its self but I can't figure out how that works so I have just been threading it by hand.  This weekend I finished up my costume.

For the 5K, we are doing an Alice in Wonderland theme. I will dress as Alice, Lacey will be the White Rabbit and our mom will be the Queen of Hearts (she even has a really cool sweaty band to match her outfit).  Our outfits may not be the most creative or the most professional looking but we do the best with what we have. Because we more than likely will only wear these outfits once, we try to recycle pieces that we've worn before and use things that we already have around the house.

running costume
You may remember me saying that I was disassembling my Snow White outfit so I could use it again for something else, well, this was it. I took the ribbons off but kept the collar. I'm not all that impressed with my apron, I actually used the wrong pattern to make and then once I realized that I kept having to make adjustments.  Right now I have it paired with a blue sparkly skirt, but that might change and I might wear a blue tech skirt my sister has.  Thank goodness I have these white compression socks with the hearts on them. This may be the only piece that will identify me as Alice and not Bookish Belle!
alice in wonderland running costume
I really do like how Lacey's Rabbit outfit turned out. This was actually quite simple to make. We used a red tech shirt from a previous race and then just cut the arms off of a plain white t-shirt. I sewed on the heart and the blue ruffle directly to the shirt. I know it doesn't look exactly like the white rabbit but I think it's enough that people will be able to make out who it is.  We may be constructing a pocket watch for her to hold too, we will see.  I'm hoping this outfit isn't too hot, but it is only a 5K, so I think she'll be able to deal with it for that short amount of time.
Our 10k outfits are all Tinkerbell inspired. We all have green sparkly skirts and green tanks. I'm really excited about our half marathon outfits. They are not costumes in anyway, but kind of represent our running journey thus far!
Now I better get started on the packing!   Oh, and by the way. I am flying an airline that actually allows luggage free of charge!  This makes me very happy!

Do you have any sewing skills? Did you pay attention in Home Ec?   -M
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