Monday, April 16, 2018

April Fools Race, Atlantic City 2018

 This past weekend my mom, sister, and I ran the April Fools race in Atlantic City. The last time we ran this race it rained during the whole race so I was happy to see that the forecast this year was looking much better. I had placed in my age group last time I ran it, so I was hoping to do the same, but we all know race days are unpredictable.  

We woke up to beautiful weather. It was sunny with a slight breeze. I had only brought one outfit so I was happy that it was going to work. We stayed very close to the starting line so we didn’t have to walk down until right before the race. 

 There was no corral placement so we all just lined up and soon the National Anthem played and we were off.  Right away my watch started buzzing that I was going too fast. Of course I always do at the beginning of the race, so I knew I had to slow down and find healthy pace.  My pace was still quicker than I usually am, but this was not a marathon so I knew I could hold onto the pace for a bit. As much as I don’t like out and back races, it was nice to know where you have to run and see the turn around point. I saw where the 7k was supposed to turn around but the 11k still had to continue on for about another two miles.   I was running the 11K.

Once I got past the turn around, the crowd definitely thinned out. There was hardly anyone running by me. A couple hundred yards later I saw the leader of the 11k running beside the escort bicycle.  After he passed, a few other men trickled behind him. I still hadn’t seen a female though. Right when I thought I may have been the first, I saw her on the other side. This was before I got to the turn around point, about 200 yards or so. I knew there was no way to catch her but I didn’t see anyone after her. As long as I held on to the pace and not have anyone pass me, I should be good and maybe the 2nd female to finish? 

After I was past the turn around and running on the other side I passed a lot of runners that were still running up and they were so encouraging saying you go girl, great job, etc. I smiled at a few and continued running. I hate to admit it, but I don’t feel like I am a very friendly runner. I didn’t wave or say thank you to anyone. But in my defense I am in a zone while I am running, and half the time I can’t hear what they are saying due to my music. I think runners understand. 
Meanwhile, my watch continued to buzz that I was running too fast, but I knew this was towards the end of the race and I had to continue to give it all I had to keep my lead, and that is what I did. I didn’t see any female nor male pass me the last half mile. I did pass a lot of people that were walking still from the 7k since it was on the same course. Nothing against the walkers, but what made me mad was the there were people that  weren’t in the race walking on the course. Some were so oblivious that there was a race even going on. So that was a little frustrating weaving in and out of those people. I wish the race course was marked more clearly so other people knew. Regardless, it didn’t affect me too much I guess it's just an annoyance.  

After crossing the finish line,  I collected my finisher medal and then went over to check the results. It said I was 2nd female and 8th overall. I was pretty happy about that, because in the past I had only gotten an age group award, not an overall. 

I was wondering what the award would be for overall placements. We found out what time the award ceremony was taking place, so I knew I had enough time to go back to the hotel and shower before it.  

When I arrived at the award ceremony they said they were going to announce the overall winners first for both the 7k and the 11k and once your name was announced, come to the front and after receiving your medal, go to the table to provide more information about yourself.  

We had to write down our name, email, and phone number next to our placement. I saw some numbers on the list and was wondering why. Were we getting paid? I asked another lady that had to fill it out as well and she said yes. They mail you a check in about a month. What???? This was awesome! I received $200 for taking 2nd place overall female. 

In addition to the finisher medal and the cash prize, I also got an awesome  Overall Finisher medal which is pretty large.

                                                        Overall it was a great race weekend. 

Have you ever received money placing in a race? What was the best award you ever received placing in a race? - L

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekly Wrap...Atlantic City

 We spent this weekend in Atlantic City. My mom, sister and I were all running the April Fools race on the Boardwalk.

We decided to try a different resort this year so we opted for the Showboat (which is pet friendly by the way).  We are not gamblers so this fact didn't bother us but I feel the need to mention that there is no longer a casino there. This fact made it very quiet as we walked to and from our room all weekend.

                            Showboat is right on the boardwalk. This was our fabulous view!

Friday afternoon we did a LOT of walking. We walked up and down the boardwalk and in town to the Outlets to do some shopping.  We were both shopping for dress shoes but ended up buying clothes and jewelry instead!

Afterwards we walked back to the boardwalk  to pick up our race packet at Margaritaville.

We were suppose to have a cart waiting for us to take us back to the other end of the boardwalk but it never came so we walked all the way to the other end again to get to Rain Forest Cafe for Dinner.  I could tell with all the walking we had been doing that I was starting to get blisters on my toes. This would not be good for race day.

Funny Story about the Rain Forest.  After we sat down, a young couple was seated across from us.  While we were there, several random people would come up to this young couple. A lady even came up to them and asked to take their picture. Of course my mom and sister and I thought they must be famous, but who were they? We didn't know. At first I thought the girl may have been Gabby Douglas, although maybe she was a little younger.  Finally a young boy came up to the couple with a piece of paper and it looked like he was going to ask the couple for their autograph. Finally we couldn't take it anymore and we had to know who they were, so my mom was bold enough to ask. Turns out, this young couple was just an ordinary couple (probably in high school) and they were on their first date. The boy that came up to them was his little brother and the lady that asked for their photo was his mom. Turns out his family was seated around the corner.  An older couple seated behind us said they were also wondering who they were and were glad we asked..haha.

After dinner we stopped at a massage parlor on the Boardwalk (one that we have been to before) and my mom got a foot massage. I could have used one too but I thought I would just wait till I got home because I had a gift certificate to a local place.

These were the BEST race shirts ever. SO SOFT.

Saturday was race day and it went better than expected. The weather was great for running (although a bit windy on the way up the boardwalk and a little too warm on the way back).  My Garmin did not start properly at the beginning so I just waited till I got to mile one to start it over.  I was happy to see there was a clock at mile one and it said 9:15.  I thought the wind was holding me back a bit but I was pleased to see I was keeping a 9:15 pace for the first mile and remembered I had to add that on to my Garmin's final finish time.   I was hoping for a better finish time, but in the end I realized that out of the last 5 years I have been doing this race, I PR-ed by 15 seconds. Whoop dee  doo. I think I can do even better next time.    This is a really fun race and I think Lacey will have a complete recap coming up later. Stay tuned! -M

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Too Much Rest?

How long is too long for rest days? I feel like I have taken too many rest days lately, from running at least. Last Friday I took a Body Pump class then ran 8 miles. It was a nice day so I wanted to make sure I got a run in before the weather was about to change. The next few days it was cold, windy, and rainy. I could have been a Bad A$$ and run outside but I am more of a fair weather runner and that did not appeal to me at all. Sure I could have gone to the gym to run on the treadmill but I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead I went to the gym and took group fitness classes. I was still being active, just not running.  

Four days later and still no run, what is wrong with me? Did I lose the running bug or did I just need a break? I couldn’t tell you the last time I took 4 days off from running unless I was coming off a marathon, and even that was rare. And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t even missing it. Usually if I go that long without a run I go a little stir crazy. Maybe it was because the weather wasn’t very nice. So didn’t feel like I was missing out, plus my schedule was keeping me pretty busy recently.  

Fast forward 4 days later and the sun finally came out and it was a little warmer than it has been days prior. I got up super early to take Body Pump then came home and went back to bed.  #sleep deprived. When I woke back up it was much nicer than it has been. I didn’t have anything on my schedule finally so I thought today I am going to run. I have no excuses now.  

I was hoping to do a decent run since I haven’t run lately. I didn’t know how this was going to go. I thought I would feel very sluggish and slow not having gone, but it was completely the opposite. I don’t know if it was the podcasts I was listening to or maybe my legs just felt fresh.  But my pace was much faster than it usually is during my runs and I felt great during the whole time. Is that just what I needed, a break from running in order to come back refreshed? I know recovery is so important and taking rest day but I guess it wasn’t until I actually did that that I felt the benefits from it. I finished my run with what felt like 10 effortless miles. Maybe I need to take more rest days.    Now I feel refreshed and ready to race this weekend! 

Do you ever take a break from running and come back feeling stronger?  L

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Race Weekend at the Beach

This coming weekend is one of my favorite Spring weekends.  We'll be headed to the beach to run the April Fools Race!

I've been running this race for the past 5 years with the exception of last year (since I chose to do the Hershey 10K instead).  As you may remember, I thought the Hershey race was just meh, so I'm excited to be going back to the April Fools Race again this year.

Here are some things I'm looking forward to...

Have a long girls' weekend. It's been since last Summer when we all went to Mexico that my mom, sister and I got to get away together.

The resorts and boardwalk. I love the old fashion boardwalk of Atlantic city and I love the resorts. It always makes me think of that movie "Beaches".  We always stay ocean front on the boardwalk but try to stay at a new resort each time we go, although we have stayed at the Tropicana more than once.

Also, on the boardwalk I can not resist visiting the Rain Forest cafe. It may be cheesy but I love that place (I love themed restaurants)!

I'm also looking forward to shopping at the outlets near by.

I'll be running the shorter distance race this weekend, which I am thankful for because I did not put a lot of effort into training.

As of right now this is really the only Spring race each of us have on the schedule and quite honestly I think it might be it for us and that's okay. We have other things we need to do this spring.  If anything else comes up, it might be an impromptu race.   Can't wait to hear what everyone else has on tap for Spring! -M

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Weekly Wrap...April 8

This week there were points where I felt very motivated and days when I did not. Last Monday I did two classes at the gym before going straight to work for the day. I was exhausted all day not to mention hungry because I didn’t get to eat much before heading into work. So this Monday I decided to just sleep in and only made it out for two miles before work and I was just fine with that. 

Tuesday was another full day at work. On my break I splurged on this Oreo cupcake.

 And yes it was delicious as it looks. This cupcake was from Twisted Sisters Cupcake. They were on cake wars but unfortunately did not win. I think they should have with this cupcake alone! After work I thought I better do something after eating that cupcake so I did a short 2 mile run before going to the gym and doing Body Pump. 

Wednesday I felt motivated . I woke up to beautiful weather so I couldn’t pass up a long run. I downloaded some new podcasts and ran 12 miles before going into work. I knew this was going to be a short day at work so I didn’t mind running long beforehand. 

Thursday I overslept for work so the whole morning just threw me off. I was so rushed getting ready  that I didn’t have much time for anything before running out the door.  Of course this was another long day at work. Since I didn’t bring lunch, I splurged again and went to Cici’s Pizza. For those of you that do not know what that is, it is an all you can eat pizza restaurant. I never do good at buffets and always seems to leave them with a belly ache because I eat all I can. I gotta get my money’s worth right? Well in my defense I was starving from not eating breakfast and I did make it to the gym to do Body Step and then still managed a three and half mile run afterwards.   

Friday I woke up still not hungry from the day before because of my pizza splurge so I decided to do a Body Pump class that morning. After the gym I stopped at Dunkin Donuts because I got an email for a free cold brew…….score! I had just run out of coffee that morning so this was perfect, so I thought.

 Well I didn’t read the fine print and it was just a sample. Oh well, it was on the way home and it gave me a little boost to run 8 miles after I got home from the gym.   It was not until 12:30 that afternoon that I actually ate something since my lunch the day prior.  After work that evening I tried out a new wine bar with a friend and had a salmon BLT for dinner.  

Saturday- I could not sleep and was up by 3:30 am. Sex and the City was on television so I watched a few episodes before heading to the gym. After the gym I met some friends for brunch for a friend’s birthday. When I arrived home I found this on my door step. 

My teamiblend. I am excited to try the 30 day detox I have been hearing such great things about.  The rest of the day I spent just relaxing since it was a cold and rainy day.  -L

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