Friday, July 31, 2015

What we've gained through our blog

A lot of people start a blog to hold themselves accountable to their goals, whether it be weight loss, to train and complete their first race, or something else.  To be honest, that is not why we started blogging. It's been several years now since we've started this blog and I don't really remember our official "why" we started the blog but I'm certain it came from a place of loving to write and sharing our stories/experiences with others.

Over the years, this blog turned into many things for us and some of that we would have never expected.  Here is just a peek into a few things we never expected from our blog.......

1. We never expected that we would make friends through the blog. And when I say friends, I mean REAL LIFE friends. Not just virtual friends ( although our virtual friends are great too). I mean friends we talk to on the phone, friends we run with, friends we vacation with, and friends we exchange text messages with. Never in a million years did we think we would make a new friend with someone because they read our blog!

2. We never expected that our blog would turn into a timeline of our life. I have to admit that I've gone back through the blog more than once to relive a race recap or to see when the symptoms of my injury started, or to just see what we were doing a year or two years ago. I've never been one to keep a personal diary or journal, but I love reading back through old blog posts. I am so glad that I documented certain things, especially things about my injury. Those little tidbits that I would mention on the blog throughout the year have proved to be very helpful to me looking back.

3. We never would have expected to have all the experiences we've had because of writing this blog. We've been invited to VIP events with Run Disney, Runner's World, and Competitor (AKA Rock n Roll).  Again, through these events we have met even more runners and bloggers and got to participate in things that we probably wouldn't have been invited to otherwise.  For that we are grateful.

4. We never would have known about programs like Influenster, Sweatpink, Fitfluential, Smiley360, etc.  We participate in these programs by having fun with campaigns and contests that they run.  It's even nice that we get sent little packages every once in a while. I mean who doesn't like getting fun mail?

5. We would have never been so active on social media. Okay, I know that we aren't extremely active now, but before blogging we were non existent on Social Media.  I barely had a facebook account, I didn't understand twitter and thought only the most narcissistic people used Instagram. Boy was I wrong!  Still, neither one of us is very techy, but I GET IT! I like social media and Instagram has slowly become my favorite. If you want, you can follow me @fairytalesnfit and I'll follow back.  Okay, I have to say that I am NOT going to fall into the whole Periscope thing. Don't we already have enough ways to follow people?

What have you un-expectedly gained from your blog? If you don't have a blog, have you gained something or learned something from reading other blogs? 

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Have you got Recomendations for Runners and Women ?

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now because I want to get some honest opinions of what you guys all use as far as supplements and multivitamins. I keep wanting to ask my PT each time that I go but suddenly when I am there amongst the weights, and stretching, and riding bike, it somehow slips my mind.

My go to vitamins have always been the Vita-Fusion Gummy Vitamins. I have tried the Women's One a day multivitamins but they were too large (they were not gummy) and I had a hard time swallowing them. I found that about an hour later they often made me sick. So now I only do the Gummy ones. It sounds childish I know.  I've done that Vita-Fusion multi-vitamins, and the Vitamins for women. I've notice the Women's ones have a bit more "rubbery" of a texture but in the end they both work and I don't mind them. In fact, I know the dosage is only 2 but there are times I will take 3 or 4. Yea, they are that good!

I am now taking the Centrum Gummies that I got in my Smiley 360 box. I have to say that these rival the Vita-Fusion Gummies. The flavors taste like the real fruit gummies that are in the fruit snacks and are not rubbery at all. The flavors are Cherry, Berry, and Orange. These Centrum Gummies are great for energy, and to boost immunity and metabolism (contains vitamins D, E and B12) yet I feel maybe I should be taking something else in addition to this multivitamin.  To be honest, they taste so good that I feel like they are almost a treat!

Recently I decided I should start taking some additional Calcium. I checked out the Vita-Fusion calcium blocks and they are like candy. They even look as thought they are sugar coated. Yea, I ate these like candy too until one day I thought about how sickening sweet they were and then I just stopped. I take one every couple of days now.  I am thinking about trying the chocolate ones. Anyone ever had those?

I am now on the hunt for something for arthritis. I do not have full blown arthritis (yet) but my doctor (who prescribed the MRI) said it looked like I had a bit of it in my knee.  Even though I feel like my healing is progressing, I still have pain right on my knees when sitting, standing, and squatting. perhaps I can take something to make this pain go away, or at the least prevent it from getting worse in the future.

Another thing I want to start doing is adding more protein. I have been making protein shakes after my workouts. I always knew that it was important to replenish after a workout or run, but I never really did it with protein. I thought as long as I drank enough water I was good.  I have used a couple different brands (samples that I got)  and I enjoy the ones that are chocolate.  Can you recommend a brand that you like that I can easily purchase at a store?

As a runner, or just as a women, what supplements should we be taking?  Do you have anything you'd like to recommend to me?     Thanks -M

This post was NOT sponsored by any of the above vitamin brands.

Monday, July 27, 2015

I can finally run Disney!

Happy Monday folks! Did you have fun this weekend? I spent some time at Disney and guess what? I had my first pain free Disney run! I've run 8 races at Disney so far this year and I was injured for each one of them. This weekend I got to finally run at Disney pain free!

It was not an organized race, but my friend Heather and I did the New Balance running trail.

We actually started from the bridge near the Boardwalk (on the side by the Swan and Dolphin resorts.

We ran by the water towards Hollywood Studios and then turned around at the boat dock because we weren't sure where the trail went from there. We then headed back down by the water (the same route we took during the marathon) and the views were just so lovely!

When we made it back up the bridge where we started, we looped around and ran on the boardwalk. We crossed the bridge and looped around the International Gateway.

We then ran towards the Beach Club and passed the Yacht Club ( this was the opposite way then when we ran it for the marathon). We ended at the Dolphin resort. We were at 3 miles at this point and since this was where we started we thought it would be a good place to stop. Even though it was still morning, it was still pretty hot by thiss time, as you can imagine!

This was such a great run! I was so happy to be running and being at Disney! I knew that 3 miles was enough though. I wasn't in any position to be pushing it!

When we got back to the resort, my friend handed me this great Disney virtual race medal! She told me that she had signed us up for a virtual run and that we were celebrating my first pain free Disney run! Isn't she sweet?
This medal was HUGE!!!!! I swear it has got to weigh 5 pounds. I laughed with excitement when she gave it to me! She said she wasn't expecting it to be that large either! 

Our good time is not over yet though! Today we are boarding a cruise! Lacey will be around and will be doing some blogging this week so don't forget to show her some love! I will miss her! 

Tell us something fun you did this weekend! -M

Friday, July 24, 2015

Bloggers dish on their favorite beverages

Greetings folks!  The theme for this week's Friday Five is five summertime drinks. Since we are in Disney World this weekend I thought it would be appropriate to list 5 favorite drinks that can be found at Disney. But wait a minute!  They won't all be MY favorite drinks. They are Must Have drinks from some of the Biggest Disney fans. You may also know them as some of your friendly run Disney bloggers!

So what do they all stand in line for when they visit the world?

1. Monica and Walt ( AKA Disney Bride and Disney Groom) from Running Happily Ever After:
Monica prefers Jungle Juice which is equal parts Orange juice, Passion Fruit, and Guava juice.  Jungle Juice is available at Boma and Tusker house. Walt on the other hand is a fan on the Grapefruit Beer in Germany. I was intrigued when I first heard of this.  Enjoy this quick story from Disney Bride.
 Walt says (without any hesitation) the grapefruit beer at EPCOT Germany. He has a cute story with this one. He stopped to get a drink in Germany during his 1st Disney Marathon. He was standing in line, and someone asked him - how did you do in your race?    He replied - I'll let you know when it's over. He explained he still had 1 mile to go, but he was thirsty. The guest in line bought him a grapefruit beer. Walt has a great photo at the finish line - high fiving Mickey with one hand, and holding the beer in the other. It is his fave WDW drink.

2. Julie from RunWalk Repeat  says her favorite Disney World beverage is a Blood Orange Margarita from Le Cava in Mexico( Epcot).   Chiatali from Running and Enjoying the Journey says her favorite drink can also be found in Epcot. She enjoys the Grey Goose Slushie in the France Pavilion!

3. Amy from Mom's Magical Miles likes to order a Pina CoLAVA (not a typo).  The Pina CoLava is
made  with 2 parts pineapple juice, 1 part Coco Lopez, 1 part Bacardi Razz raspberry rum blended with ice and a small amount of raspberry puree. This drink can be found at Ohana and at the Contemporary pool. Denise from Healthy Family Media (formerly Healthy Disney Family), says her favorite drink can also be found at Ohana. It's the Lapu Lapu which is a tropical rum drink that is served in a pineapple.  Karen from Just Me and My Running Shoes also has a favorite drink that can be found at the Polynesian. It's called Stitch Juice and you can find it at the Ohana Character Breakfast.

4. April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere says her favorite Disney drink can be found at Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club resort. It's Orange Fanta with a shot of Vanilla!

5. And Finally my favorite Disney drink, I have had two drinks that I've really enjoyed at Disney so far. The first is the Chia iced tea at Nine Dragon's restaurant in Epcot. The second yummy drink I've had was a Melon Chi Chi which is like a Pina Colada  but made with melon liqueur which I had at Citricos at the Grand Floridian.

Thank you to all the bloggers who gave their opinions on the best drinks at Disney! 

What is your favorite vacation (or anytime), favorite beverage? -M

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Blogger Collection

Since I've been on a  bit of a running hiatus I have time to do the things that I always put off, like going to the eye dr. Last month I finally went. I wanted to order new contact lenses but apparently my prescription expired so I had to get a complete eye examine!   When I was done with my examine I ordered my contacts (same prescription I've had for years). I knew before I left that I was ONLY going to get the contacts, no glasses.  I know my glasses are a bit old, but I enjoy them and only wear them at night to watch tv.  Well, the optician sales lady was very convincing and roped me into a new pair of glasses (with an update prescription).  O great, more $$$ I didn't want to spend.  But I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a spare pair of glasses. That seems to be the thing I forget most when I pack for a vacation (that and my pajamas. Just ask my sister).

After a few weeks my glasses came in.  I am easy to please and because I don't wear them for every day use, I said they were fine. After wearing them for a few nights, I didn't like the way I looked in them. I kept reverting back to my old glasses. My old glasses have more of an oval shape and my new glasses are more rectangular. The sales lady convinced me I needed the rectangular frames because my face was too round for anything else. I don't like them. I asked about exchanging them, but according to their policy I would half to pay half the amount of the price of the glasses just to exchange them. No thank you.

Anyway, as luck would have it Firmoo contacted me about testing out their blogger glasses.  I had no idea how ordering a pair of glasses would work online without trying them on, but I knew people who did it all the time and after a little research to make sure they were legit, I said sure.

I did have to get my exact prescription from my eye dr which was not a problem.

I had to choose from their Blogger Collection which wasn't a very large collection which is both a positive and a negative. A positive because I hate making decisions when I have a lot of choices and a negative because there weren't really any frames that I absolutely LOVED. But then again, I've never loved any of my glasses. Perhaps that's just an item you use out of necessity and does not require "Love"!

The Firmoo website does make it very user friendly to choose your glasses. One of the best features they have on the site is the ability to "try on" the frames. You simply upload a picture of you and then you can virtually try on all the glasses. I found this to be extremely helpful. Some of the frames I liked on the site, but then when I tried them on my photo I could tell that the frames were too large for my face.

Another great feature they have on the site that makes it easy to order is that they give complete measurements of each pair of glasses. I already knew my current pair of glasses were a good fit so I just measured those and then tried to find a pair on the site that were similar in size. I have to say that before I decided to commit to trying these glasses from Firmoo, I DID do my research and found several reviews from other bloggers. I wonder if these other bloggers even took the time to measure the glasses that they ordered because many of them were wearing frames that were entirely too big for their face. Perhaps that is the "In" look now? I don't know.

The one thing that made ordering a challenge is that everything was measured in millimeters. I understand this but I am not that familiar with that unit of measurement so when I measured my old glasses (and the distance between my pupils) I had to have Google convert my "inches" to millimeters".

I have to say that their customer service rep Tina has been SO helpful too. I was up ordering at 11 pm and when I would send an email, she would respond immediately. She even checked in on me to let me know that the frames I ordered were small ones. I told her I ordered the small ones on purpose, but I loved her attention to detail and willingness to let me know!

I wanted to order something different than what I would normally wear. I thought a pair of black frames might be stylish and truth be told this was one of the "smaller" pairs that Firmoo offered.  I didn't exactly love the red and white stripes on them and hoped they wouldn't be all that noticeable when I wore them. I was right, they aren't extremely noticeable.

I have to say that I was extremely pleased. I was a bit worried about the prescription and the fit since I could not try them on ahead of time, but I guess I did a pretty good job with my measuring. Another concern of mine was about the quality. The glasses at Firmoo are super affordable compared to what I bought at my eye doctor's office. I was worried that the quality might reflect the price. I don't think there was one pair of glasses over $50. Most were $39.99 or less.  The quality ended up being great. The frames are just as sturdy and well made as anything I've ever order from my doctor. No concern there at all. 

Have you ever ordered frames online?  If so was it easy? Are large frames in?  ~M

*I was sent a complimentary pair of prescription glasses but I received no other compensation to write this post.

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