Friday, January 23, 2015

Things Sore Runners Try

Happy Friday Folks!
The theme for this Friday 5, hosted by Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia, is "about us".
Well the thing about us lately is that we've both been hurting. No, it's not because we just finished the Goofy challenge which was 39.3 miles of pure magic..haha. We both have been hurting since RnR Vegas in November. I've had the whole knee tendonitis and IT band thing going on and Lacey has had a pain on the outside of her knee that's been slowing her down a bit.

Here are some common things we've tried and our take on it. Let us know what you think of these products.

1. KT Tape: I have read so many blogs where the runner has said KT tape saved their running career or they could not have gotten  through a race with out it. I had high hopes for this tape. Unfortunately this has not worked for me. I will admit that my pain may be more serious than what Kinesiology tape can fix. I have the opportunity to try out Rock tape but I have a feeling that will be no different.

2. Tiger Balm: This is an old remedy that has been introduced to us. My mom has used it on some sore spots and says it works like a charm. I will admit that it does sooth my pain for a bit.

3. Marathon Cream: My sister picked this up at the RnR Las Vegas Expo.  It is kind of like Bio freeze in that it gives you that tingling feeling but it smells better! Now of course it doesn't fix the problem, She is still having trouble with her knee but it definitely helps out alot during her run when she puts it on beforehand. She has it laying right next to her treadmill so she doesn't forget to apply it before she runs. Not only does it help runners, it can be used for all types of pain and arthritis. I think for the price it is very economical as well. A 4oz bottle is only $20. I do not think this is sold at any retail stores yet, but if you are interested in trying it go to
Http:// and check out the testimonies.
4. Knee Straps: I picked up a knee strap before the WDW Marathon weekend. It said that it was for people who had knee tendonitis so I decided to give it a try. I did a trial run on the treadmill ( of only one mile) a few days before I left for Florida.  hen I put it below my knee it just slipped off. I put it above my knee like I've seen other runners do and that sort of put pressure on the muscle ( in a good way) to prevent in from hurting. I got through the mile with no pain and thought I had a winner. Unfortunately the strap didn't do anything for me on race day.
5. And  when we are not running, we have been stretching and icing and of course foam rolling and using the massage stick and all sorts of other massage tools we have. We've also been taking lots of Epsom salt baths too ( which prove to be more for relaxation then anything else).  
Lacey is going to continue to nurse her knee and rest and ice until Princess  weekend and see how it goes. I will be returning to the Orthopedist for another consult.  Other runners have suggested ART therapy for me, which I tried to have done at my Chiro last year but he wouldn't perform it because he said it would hurt too much. And just recently someone mentioned Dry Needling to me which I believe is some sort of acupuncture from the little that I've researched.
Would you try dry needling? What things do you use when you have pain in your legs/knees?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Merchandise ( and how I changed it)

Hello readers! We love looking at official race merchandise, even if it's not from a race that we are even running. Last spring we were loving all the official merchandise from the Nike Women's half marathon in D.C that our friends were posting online.  For that reason we thought we would share with you some of the official race merchandise from the Disney Marathon Weekend. We'll show you what we liked and what we weren't that fond of.

Let's first start with the official marathon jacket. This was the pre-order jacket that my sister and I ordered when we registered for the Goofy challenge back in April.
When I first saw a picture of this jacket ( that my friend had sent me from the expo), I wasn't very pleased with it. After seeing it in person, I have to say that it wasn't as bad as the pictures made it look. It is made of a tech material and it fit nice but I have to say I still wasn't loving the design.  I kind of felt like it had a retro "break dancing" look to it. When I picked mine up at packet pick up I was able to promptly return it right at the same spot. If you ever decided that you do not want to keep any of your pre-order merchandise, be sure to bring your registration receipt. That makes it SO much easier to return. Although I returned my jacket, Lacey ended up keeping hers.

Another item I pre-ordered was the marathon necklace. Lacey had got one when she ran her first Disney marathon in 2013 and I thought it was cute. When I picked my necklace up I wasn't impressed. It was a shoe charm on a chain.  There was nothing Disney about it. Not even a 26.2 on it. So guess what. I returned that too. So far I was getting away cheap at the expo!

Ok, so here is where I started spending more money.

Funny that all the merchandise that I did buy was all the same teal color. I liked that they had this color of official merchandise. I am loving the long sleeve marathon shirt but I will say that after only washing it one time ( on cold) that I can see the screen print starting to crack.  This champion merchandise is nice and all but so not worth the price that you pay for it. But then again, it IS at Disney and you are paying for the name and the novelty.    Since I didn't get the jacket that actually said "Disney Marathon" on it, I had the words embroidered on the teal sweatshirt I bought.  Take note that the only place to get your apparel embroidered at Disney is in Hollywood Studios.  I didn't find this out until the last day of our visit so I had to get mine done at home. I think it turned out great though!

I've never bought any glasses or mugs or anything before at expos but I am so glad I picked this one up. ( I actually put the blue beverage in it so you could read the words on the glass)
I was looking for a Marathon glass but could only find general ones that said Run Disney. I then noticed that each race in the marathon weekend was featured below.
Of course we had to pick up our race magnets ( My first marathon magnet)!!!
I also picked up my first Marathon sweatyband. It doesn't photograph well but it is a light teal color and matches the long sleeve shirt above very well!
Here are a few other things from the expo.
Our friend Heather bought these jackets. The first one is a sweatshirt jacket and the second one is a tech jacket.
 Phone covers and a few more sweatybands and a bondi band our friends Heather bought!
And in case you hadn't seen, here is what the official race shirts looked like. 
 Although we did see a peek of the Dopey shirt before we left for Disney, we made sure we didn't see the Marathon, Half marathon or Goofy challenge shirts because we wanted to be surprised.  I REALLY liked the race shirts last year and the marathon shirt for 2013 was really nice too so I was kind of bummed when I saw the shirts this year. I thought they also had a retro look to them.   I'm actually okay with the Marathon shirt because afterall it is my first marathon shirt so I would like it anyway, but the Goofy challenge shirt is just hard to read and really see that it is Goofy. I didn't notice until I got the shirts home that the goofy and marathon shirts have all four park logos on them because we ran through all four parks. The half marathon shirt has 2 park logos on it because we ran through two parks. I thought that detail was cool.
Overall, we were both pretty pleased with the merchandise. We didn't get to the expo until Friday and they still had a great selection of things. My only regret is that  since I was so focused on the full marathon, I didn't really give the half marathon the attention it deserved. I wish I would have bought some half marathon merchandise.
What is your favorite expo find?  -M

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why you should pack gloves for your next race even if it's warm.

Over the years we have done multiple race challenges and have earned multiple medals in one weekend. Of course after the last race it is customary to want to wear your medals around and if you are at Disney, it's almost mandatory that you do so! ( just kidding but why would you NOT want to wear your medal(s).  Even if they have ran multiple race and have earned multiple medals, some runners choose to wear just one medal to the park because wearing all of them is just too heavy.  Even if you choose to only wear one medal to the park, you may want to bring the collection of other medals you have earned to the park with you for a few photographs.  So, if you do that, here is where packing the gloves comes involved........

Later on Sunday evening when all the races were completed, we wanted to get a few pictures with our medals when we went out for dinner. We only wore the Goofy Challenge medal but we packed the other medals in our bag and brought them with us.  Before we threw our medals in the bag, we put them inside our stretchy gloves.
The medals actually did fit all the way inside these stretchy gloves and they were protected quite nicely. I left some of the medal hanging out just for the sake of the picture.

This prevented the medals from banging up against one another as we toted the bag around.  We also put the medals inside the gloves when we placed them in our carry on luggage before we boarded our flight home.

This worked our perfectly and a little tip we will remember when we participated in other multi- race weekends.  We'll even be packing some stretchy gloves when we run the multi race weekends in VA beach even though it will probably be 98 degrees!

I suppose you could do the same thing by putting the medals inside your socks, but I don't like to stretch my socks out and these stretchy gloves work perfect!

Do you pack your medals with care when you travel home?  Do you take ALL your medals to the parks with you?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Own It

I'm getting this post off to a late start today and to be honest, I wasn't even going to write anything today until I read a great post from my friend Rebecca Jo who blogs at Press on and Run. She inspired me as she talked about running her first 5K of the year. You should go ahead and read her blog.

One thing I love about Disney races and Rock n Roll races are the fun finisher certificates that you can print out after the race. Each year they seem to be a different design. I have started to hang them up on my race wall in my dressing room. I haven't taken an updated picture of my race wall for a while, but you can see the last picture I posted HERE.   Anyway, I have been stalking the Run Disney results page since after marathon weekend waiting for the finisher certificates to become available. Yesterday I finally saw that they were. I promptly printed all three of mine out ( Half Marathon, Marathon, and Goofy Challenge) and framed them.

As I was putting the half marathon certificate in the frame I thought "Do I really want to hang this one up?"  After all, it was my slowest half marathon finish time to date. Was I really proud of that? Did I really want to display that?   My final answer was YES.  I know this sounds funny, but even though this was my slowest half, it is the one I am most proud of.  I am even more proud of this one than I am of the half marathon I ran in Las Vegas where I actually PR-ed  by 20 minutes!  I am proud of this Disney half because I can't believe the strength that it took me to get through it. I am proud of this half because I did it as part of the Goofy Challenge ( which was running a marathon the next day, so of course I wouldn't be expecting a PR even if I wasn't injured).  Also I am proud of this half because even though it is my slowest to date, it was still only 2 minutes slower than my last slowest. I am proud of my time considering how much pain I was in.

So I guess what I am saying here is be proud of each race you run. Not every race is going to be a PR and some races might not be good ones. But take those "not so good" races and remember what it was that got you through it and be proud of that.  These are my races and I'm owning them. I own my time. I own these certificates and will hanging them on my wall with pride!   -M

Have you struggled with a race that ended being one that you were most proud of?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Meeting Bloggers and Runnners

The Saturday that we were at Disney, we hosted a meet up. This was a chance for us to meet a lot of our blogging and running friends who we have shared stories and encouragement with over the past few years. Some we have met before and others who we have just met felt like old friends.

We want to thank everyone that took time out of their busy day to come meet with us. Almost everyone here had just ran the half marathon a few hours before so I know resting was probably high on their priority list (or having some park time).  We want to give a special "Thanks" to Mary Beth from Tutus and Tennies because she was not running this weekend but since she is a "local" took the time to drive over to Disney just to meet with this lovely group of runners and bloggers. Isn't that sweet?

Since Disney transportation isn't the most reliable, we ended up having two groups of people come at different times.
Our blogging friends: Juliana from 4WellRules, Lacey, Amy from Rock City Skirts, Meranda, Mary Beth from Tutus and Tennies, Lois, Author of the Running to Disney Facebook page, Gabby from The Running Goober, Walt and Monica (Disney Groom and Disney Bride) from Running Happily Ever After, Lauren and her husband Robert from Lauren's Glass Slipper, and Denise from Healthy Disney Family.
In this group we are all Rockin the Skirts from Rock City Skirts. Everyone was able to pick out a skirt to keep! I know a few runners who even wore their skirt for the marathon the next day!

   These are our tall friends....just kidding.  We know them from the Running to Disney Facebook group. Jeanne, Cori, Lisa, Lacey, Lois, Meranda, and Peg.

Lara bar supplied us with a TON of  snacks for the occasion. We had so much that everyone at the meet up got to fill their bag and then we made them take bags for their families and friends. We had so much left over that we left some for the "mousekeeping" staff at the Contemporary and even handed them out while we were waiting for the Magical Express!

We had some generous sponsors who gave some door prizes to be given out as well: Shirts, hats, magnets, books, supplements, water bottles, running fuel, lock laces, etc.  Remember that fancy Running Journal from Gone For A Run that we reviewed earlier this month? Well Gone For a Run gave us an extra one as a giveaway for this meet up. That was won by Disney Groom!  We are sure he'll have that filled up in no time!

In a few weeks we will be packing our bags and heading to Disney again for the Princess Half Marathon weekend. Unfortunately we will not be hosting a meet up like this one. We are both running 3 races and need all of our luggage space this time. There will be no room for snacks and giveaways!  However, if anyone wants initiate a meet up, please let us know!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Peek in our Week and some teeth tips

First off I would like to give a HUGE "THANK YOU" to everyone that left congratulatory words on our blog and Facebook page after the Marathon.  I can't believe I am a MARATHONER! I also have to thank all of you who left encouraging words during the brutal training.  Although I am excited that Marathon training is over, I am actually looking forward to running another one. But for now I really need to concentrate on recovery and find out what is going on with my knees.  I have another appointment with the orthopedist on Feb 11 ( which was set up by my general practitioner). I am a little hesitant to keep this appointment because I don't want to waste anyone's time with the same ol issues I've been seen for before. I went to this same doctor back in July 2014 and nothing has changed. It was a cortisone shot and that was it. I wonder what he will tell me again this time. I can't imagine that I will leave there with anything more than a few exercises and stretches ( which I have been doing anyway). Afterall, I'm pretty sure stretching and rest are the only things I can do for lateral tendonitis and ITBS.

Much resting has been going on since our return from Disney world. I had a dentist appointment that same week and I have an interesting story for you.  While I was at the dentist I had a small procedure done and I asked my dentist which toothpaste would be less damaging to use on my teeth.  He explained to me that every toothpaste needs an abrasive ingredient but there are two main types of toothpaste.

 Ones that use pumice: like Crest and Colgate
 Ones that use baking soda : like Arm & Hammer

He suggested that the ones that use baking soda are less damaging to enamel and that I should use those. Baking soda toothpastes are a bit softer and great for those who have veneers or composite on their teeth.

I was actually excited to hear his suggestion because I had just been sent a blogger gift box from Arm & Hammer that I have been wanting to try.  After hearing his reasons for using the baking soda toothpastes I asked him why anyone would want to use the pumice toothpastes like Crest or Colgate ( I have used those pastes plenty of times).   He said pumice based pastes are more abrasive and are great for people who smoke, drink coffee, or have very stained teeth.  None of those applied to me.   Baking soda is less abrasive but still helps with the whitening process. When I got my Arm & Hammer gift box I couldn't wait to dig in.  Since I had just got a new toothbrush at the dentist, I didn't need a new one right yet, but I couldn't resist breaking in to the new Truly Radiant Spinbrush. This is actually a manual brush with a self spinning head. No batteries needed!  Other Truly Radiant products by Arm & Hammer that I was sent to review were the Rejuvenating Whitening toothpaste and Truly Radiant Whitening Rinse. 

Since I am reviewing here I will be totally honest.  I loved the refreshing feeling of the toothpaste but let me tell you it was SO minty that my eyes were almost watering as it foamed up in my mouth!  The rinse was a little less "strong" which I actually liked. I've had rinses before that have had an overwhelming flavor to them. I think that is because this rinse does not have peroxide or alcohol in it like most rinses do.  I have to say that even an hour after using the paste and rinse my mouth still felt refreshing and clean. I use to be loyal to brands like Crest and Colgate ( I'd buy which ever was on sale that week) but I don't want to cause any damage to the surface of my teeth nor do I want to wear away my enamel so I am for sure only going to buy Arm and Hammer from now on. I am not saying this because I received these products for free, but I am saying this because of the information my dentist gave me.

Click HERE for coupons for any of the Arm and Hammer Truly Radiant products that I've mentioned.

As far as Lacey, she has been resting too. She was starting to get a cold and a sore throat before we even left for Disney. In fact she had made the comment to me "I hope people don't think I really talk like this" as we were meeting all our new blogging and running friends at the multiple meet ups.  She is still at home recovering ( and watching Sex and the City I'm sure).

What was the highlight of your week? 
Am I the only one who didn't know this tid bit about toothpastes?     -M

I was gifted these Arm and Hammer products free of charge from Smiley360 but all opinions are my own.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Scenes from the Disney World Marathon

After the previous day's half marathon, I was pretty bummed out. Not because of my performance, but because of the pain that came back and what that might mean for the Marathon. I knew that I was going to get through this race, but I didn't train all that time to "just get through it".  Even if I was in pain, there was no way I was going to walk this marathon. That is not what I came to do!

Even though the weather for the marathon was much warmer then the day before, I still decided to wear compression pants. The pair I had on the day before kind of helped keep my knee strap in place, so I thought I would try that again. I don't really feel like the strap helped me the day before, but I DID get through the first 3 miles with out any pain. Weather or not that was contributed to the strap or not, I don't know but it was worth wearing if it would let me run pain free for only the first 3 miles.  I had not really counted on wearing pants to race in so I only brought one pair of black ones and one pair of gray ones. Today I had to wear the gray ones. Pairing those along with my hot pink calf sleeves, I totally wasn't making any fashion statements today!

When I was in the medical tent the day before, the nurse had asked me if the pain is more or less when I run faster. Sure enough, it is less painful when I sprint and more painful when I am trying to take it slow. She said that made sense. She told me that I should try to just try to get by with doing little sprints throughout the race.

My sister was nice enough to move back to a further corral so she could run with me. We had a little hiccup in the beginning because we went to use the potty before we got in the corral. The corrals had already started moving up and we ended up getting into a corral even further back. It all worked out okay anyway but word of advice, unless you are in the very last corral, make sure you are in your corral by the time the National Anthem is playing!

When the race started, I started off with a power walk, then a gallop, then a full out sprint.  I did this for the first few miles. I even discovered that if I skipped, I had no pain. Believe it or not I found that skipping took more energy out of me than actually running. I didn't do the skipping thing anymore after the first few miles because other runners were starting to make fun of me.  During this time I was so excited to see that we ran into our friend Lois and the girls she was running with. They were doing a run-walk method and I loved how she was calling out when it was time to either "run" or "walk".  We tried to stick with them for a little while but because I was doing a walk-sprint, our rhythms weren't syncing up and we lost them.

The first several miles were the same as the half marathon course the day before. Of course we stopped in Magic Kingdom for a few pictures.  For the sake of this post, we will be borrowing some photos from Marathon foto until we decided which ones we want to purchase.

As we left MK, we headed on to the Disney Speedway.
On the Disney Speedway
 After the speedway it was about another 3 miles till we hit another park, which was Animal Kingdom. Before we actually entered the park there were some animals standing along the road ( with handlers of course) and some runners were stopping for pictures.  Once we got into Animal Kingdom, we thought that was a good time for a bathroom break. There wasn't even anyone in the restroom we went to so we were able to get right in and right out.  As we left Animal Kingdom, we approached the half way mark!

After Animal Kingdom it was a pretty long stretch of road until we got to ESPN wide world of sports. It wasn't until we passed mile 15 that I turned to my sister and said "Ya know what, I might do this again".  Of course I had 11.2 more miles to go, but I admit I may have been too quick to say that this marathon was a "one and done".   As we were approaching mile 17, the announcer was telling runners that they were already at mile 20! Of course he was talking to the runners that were on the other side of the highway from us!

Running through the baseball stadium at wide world of sports.
I liked all the different surfaces we got to run on at wide world of sports. I actually picked up a little speed on my sprints as we were running around the baseball field.  Chip and Dale were spotted up at wide world of sports and I thought it might have been nice to get a picture but it started to rain and I didn't feel like getting my camera out. In fact, we really slacked on taking pictures during this race. I know I didn't even make an attempt to look happy in the photos that marathon foto was taking. I was in pain when I was running but at least I was trying to manage it slightly. We stopped again for a potty break at wide world of sports. It turned out that the hydration belt that I was wearing kept pushing on my bladder and falsely kept making me think I had to go. We solved this problem by letting Lacey wear the belt the rest of the way. We didn't stop for anymore bathroom breaks after that!

After leaving wide world of sports, we headed to Hollywood Studios, then the boardwalk, and then finally to Epcot.  I know I really slowed down in Epcot because it started to rain and it was making the surface slippery. I really didn't want to wipe out when I was so close to the finish!
A somewhat wet and rainy finish
We decided that we were going to hold hands as we crossed the finish line. I totally expected to breakdown and sob after getting through this marathon in this much pain, but I didn't. I was just so happy that I did it. We did it!  Yea, it wasn't the finish time that I had trained for, but who cares. Considering that I was in pain, we stopped for pictures in MK, and we made two bathroom stops, I was pretty darn pleased!

I was a volunteer the year that Lacey ran her first marathon, so I was able to present her with her first marathon medal. Of course it would only be right for her to present me with mine!

I am very thankful that my sister put her own PR aside and ran with me at my pace. I know this was hard for her. She was actually starting to get tired. She is not use to being out on the course this

I am glad that it worked out that THIS was my first marathon. Disney was my sister's first marathon when she ran it a few years ago too! Now, this was her 10th marathon and the 10th anniversary of the Goofy Challenge which we both did. How fitting.

We kid that we really got our monies worth out of this race. After we finished we got a few character pictures, went back to the finish line and waited for some of our friends to finish , then went to go get a massage. After that we watched the rest of the runners come in. We literally stayed till the end.

 Check out the group of runners who were dressed as chimney sweeps. They were literally doing a little dance before they crossed the finish line!

 The medals we earned. Top left is the marathon medal. Top right is the half marathon medal. Center is the 10th anniversary Goofy challenge medal.

I would absolutely consider running this marathon again! (Gasp, I can't believe I just said that). The only thing that would hold me back is the training. The training is a huge commitment.  Plus, whose to say that after all the training that I put in  that I still won't end up injured at the end of it?   -M

How did you feel after your biggest race?

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Walt Disney World Half Marathon

I knew that I wanted to eventually complete all the Disney races at Disney World, so when the chance to run the Goofy Challenge came up, I decided I could kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Even though the Marathon was my main race, I thought "Why not throw in the Donald Half Marathon since I want to do it eventually, and if I do it now, I'll get the cool Goofy Challenge medal". 

As you may have already heard on social media, the weather for the first couple of races was anything but "Florida" like. It was cold.  Remember those 13.1 tank tops that I redesigned 3 times? Well, sadly they didn't even see the light of day. We ended up wearing the long sleeve race shirt over top of our tanks and I even kept my throw away shirt the entire time. I hate being cold so I even wore my compression pants under my skirt.

After dealing with ITBS and lateral tendonitis in both knees, I was a little worried about how the race would go. My plan was to just take it easy and run intervals since I would be doing the full marathon the next day.  I started running and I actually felt good. I did the entire first mile without stopping for my intervals. I almost started to tear up as I said to my sister "look I'm doing this, no pain". I couldn't believe it. Then I hit the 5K mark and BAM! It came on just like that. I had severe pinching in my right leg. And just like that, it was Princess half marathon all over again!  I did a walk, run, hobble, but that didn't prevent us from having fun and stopping for a few pictures in Magic Kingdom.

 I finally found a medic tent that was open where I could get Bio Freeze ( which wasn't until mile 6. I tried to stop at an earlier tent but they were not set up yet). While I was slathering on the Bio Freeze a young lady came up to the medical tent and asked "What do I do if I want to quit?"  The lady at the med tent told her to take a seat and a bus would be by to take her to the finish line.  I felt so bad for that young lady.

This race course was the same as the princess half marathon that we ran last year, so we knew exactly what to expect.  ( Started in Epcot parking lot, went up on the highway, through the Magic Kingdom toll booth, through the TTC, pass the Contemporary, through Magic Kingdom from the side of Main Street, through Tomorrow land, around Fantasy land, through the castle, and out through Frontier land via crossing the Disney World rail road tracks. We then ran on World drive until it was time to loop back through Epcot and make our way to the finish line. There were a few times that my sister and I got separated but we always caught up to one another.  I have to say that even though we took it slow, I felt like the race was over very quickly and sort of uneventful!  I think that was kind of my fault though because I was in pain and I just wanted to get it over with.
As we crossed the finish line I started to get a little choked up at the fact that I was able to finish this race in a decent time considering how much pain I was feeling.  I have to say that I was wearing a knee strap and had been KT taped at the expo and neither of that helped. 

After receiving our medals I went right to the medical tent and got some ice. I got checked out by two of the nurses there and then one of the doctors came over.  When I told them I was running the marathon the next day, they gave me "the face". You know, where their eyes get big and their jaw drops. Obviously they felt I was in no position to be running. When the doctor left, one of the nurses gave me a secret strategy to get through the next race.

 I'm really loving the half marathon medal this year! I am so happy that I was able to push  through.

Since it was pretty chilly out, we didn't hang out long after the race. We gathered our things and headed back to the resort for breakfast and to get ready for the meet-up later that afternoon. On our way back we ran into our friend the lovely Juliana from 4WellRules.  Doesn't she look darling in her Donald duck outfit? The full marathon report will be a little more detailed.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blogger Cook off event at Run Disney

During Disney Marathon weekend we were invited to a blogger cook-off event. The event was held on Friday afternoon up at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. This was so much fun because we not only got to reunite with some running bloggers that we had met before but we also got to finally meet some running bloggers that we have been communicating with over social media for sometime now.

The event was hosted by Cigna ( who is the sponsor of the marathon weekend).  They organized it almost as if we were on the set of "Iron Chef" or "Chopped".  We were all split in to several groups. I believe there were 5 or so groups and then a Vegan group. We each had a different "Special" ingredient that we had to use in our main dish.

Then there was a vegetable table, a spice table, and a carb section. We also had a big fridge we could get in to find stuff like cheese and milk. Our "Special" ingredient was Chicken. I don't recall exactly how many pounds of chicken they made our group cut up and cook but it was A LOT. We were suppose to make a dish that would serve 40 people but I'm sure we had much more.

Each group had a "Master Chef" from Disney to help them with their dish. The dish we decided to make was a Chicken Alfredo with sauté vegetables. With a little help from Disney's Chef Jarrod, we even made the Alfredo sauce from scratch.

When all the meals were complete, they were put in a buffet line for all of us to try each others creations. The Chef's also had made us salads, side dishes, and yummy desserts. We thought our Chicken Alfredo was yummy, but golly, ALL the groups made a yummy dish. I don't remember all of them but there was a grilled shrimp dish that really stood out in my mind because it was so fabulous! Kudos to the group who made that!

This was our fabulous cooking group.
Denise from Healthy Disney Family, Erin from For the Love of Disney Running, Lacey, Meranda, and Fred from Nola Runner.

We had such a fun time that we should have done something more to thank Cigna for inviting us to this great event, but instead, they thanked us all for coming with an extremely generous goodie bag! We didn't completely look into our bag until we got back to our resort and we were absolutely flabbergasted to find that we were given a $50 Disney gift card! Thank you Cigna!

Did you attend Marathon weekend at Disney?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spirit of My Marathon

In the spring of 2013 my mom and I went to the theater to see "Spirit of the Marathon 2". That was a story about a group of runners who were preparing for the Rome Marathon. Although it did not convince me that I ever wanted to run a marathon, I left the theater feeling that it was a very inspiring movie and was enjoyable.

For christmas in 2013, I received "Spirit of the Marathon" ( the first movie) as a gift. I was planning on watching it before my first Marathon in Big Sur. Well, that marathon never happened so I never watched the movie. However, the night before we left for the disney marathon weekend was a perfect time to open up the movie and watch it. 

The first movie follows a group of runners who are preparing for the Chicago marathon. Some were first
 time marathoners and some were chasing a PR.  i didn't find this first movie to be inspiring as i prepared for my own first marathon. in fact it kind of made me nervous and i was actually second guessing my decision to do the goofy challenge. 

what pumps you up before a big race?    -m
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