Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The One Shoe Advisor you need to check out ASAP

Today's Tuesdays On The Run theme is about tapering. We want to be good bloggers and play nice with the theme, but honestly we don't taper much so we would have no good advice to offer. So instead, we will just read all the advice that the other bloggers have to give on this subject.

However, something we do know about is SHOES. And what we know about shoes is that you really need to make sure you are in the right ones. Running shoes are something that you need to fall in love with the first time you try them on. Very rarely do you have to "break them in".  After the first mile or two, you should now if they are the ones for you.

I have to say that Ignorance Really IS Bliss. Before I started really running ( as in training for longer distances) I felt that any pair of running shoes I had, fit me just fine. I was easy to get along with. I received a pair of running shoes for Christmas a few years ago ( never saw them, never tried them on, nothing) but yet when I put them on for the very first time, I said "Yup, these will do". I'm easy to please people! 

But as I started to increase my distance, my knowledge of running shoes increased as well. Now I have so MANY questions when I look for a running shoe.  What shoe is a good fit for my foot type, Should I have more cushioning or less cushioning? Should I have a neutral shoe or stability shoe? ( A few years ago I would never even know there was such things as a neutral shoe or a stability shoe).

Even before I ever started to wear Mizuno Running Shoes, I would often reference their Shoe Advisor Site. There are SO many options on this site, so I will give you this quick run down.

I would first start with the Precision Fit site  ( under the Start From Scratch tab). This site will calculate your Weight, Pace, Foot Type, Foot Rotation, Foot Strike, Static Leg, Flexibility, Dynamic Leg, and Finger Test.  Then of course based on your results, a shoe would be recommended for you.

If you already know what type of shoe you are looking for I would go to Explore the Mizuno Line Up. From here, you will select how much cushioning you'd like, the structure of show you need, and then any specialized features.

You can also choose  Switch From Another Brand. from here you can plug in the brand you are currently wearing ( if you like them), and Mizuno will select a pair of shoes in their line up that would be similar to what you are currently wearing.

I did all of the above tests. I wanted something with lots of cushion, something neutral, and wider. My results were the Wave Rider.  This was perfect because I was asked to review the Wave Rider 18.
The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 in colors Black/Silver/Florida Keys

You may know that I have been trying to find the perfect shoe for my running needs for a while now and even though I think I may have found them, it never hurts to put another pair of shoes in the rotation, right?  Besides, how many times have you fallen in love with a pair of shoes, and then they are discontinued or you cant find them anymore.  I think I have that covered because now I have multiple shoes that I am loving. ( More options = Happy feet, right?)

My mom has been wearing Mizunos for a while now but this is my first pair. So, what did I think?

*They are super light weight (7.8 oz)

* I was worried that they might not provide me with the cushioning that I was use to, but as soon as I stepped into the Wave Rider 18 I was proven wrong. I felt like I was walking on clouds.

*I found the Wave Rider 18 to be very form fitting.  It literally felt like it was a big hug for my feet!

* I feel that they offer the support that I needed while still being a neutral shoe. I think this what they call the Mizuno Wave Technology that provides the runner with a stable ride from landing to push off. The Wave Runner 18 also offers a Double Fan Wave which is a forefoot wave plate that helps with shock absorption yet keeps it flexible.

*I love the design. I know better than to pick a running shoe on they way they look or because they are a pretty color, but come on. They are awesome looking, right? I've already had so many compliments on these shoes.  I want to wear them all the time, not just on my runs ( but I don't want to put any unnecessary miles on them..haha).  The women's  #WaveRider18 also comes in a silver/blue style and a Fuchsia Purple/white style.

I've tested my Mizunos on the road, the trail, and on the treadmill and they did not disappointed on any terrain. I originally thought that I might have to go up a half size but I'm starting to think they are pretty true to size.  I normally wear a size 6.5  shoe but go up to a size 7 in running shoes so I have that extra bit of room. I don't quite have a whole thumbs length room between my toe and the end of the shoe but so far I haven't felt like my toes are hitting the edge or have had any other issues.

Ok, now go check out that Shoe Advisor on the Mizuno site so you can find the perfect shoe for you! I'm gonna go take my new Wave Rider 18's for a ride on the treadmill now.

Is there a certain feature you are picky about when it comes to your running shoes? Do you like maximum cushioning? A wide toe box?  minimal cushioning? Stability? Share with us what you like.

Also, do you make sure that you have a thumbs length room between your toes and the end of the shoe? Have you ever had less and if so how did that work out for you?

I was provide this complimentary pair of Waver Rider 18's from Mizuno Running company for testing purposes.  All opinions are certainly my own.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

A Peek into Some Miles and Who is working at PetSmart

Happy Monday Folks! Since we were participating in A Disney's Wine and Dine weekend link up sponsored by Distherapy, we ended up posting that post yesterday instead of the traditional Peek in Our Week.  You may think that since we didn't post that we didn't really run, but you would be wrong. There were lots of miles put on last week.

Here's a little bit about how the week went....

I put a lot of flying miles in last week/weekend as I spent some time in Dallas. While I was there, I got a hot stone massage.  I have gotten hot stone massages in the past and they were quite enjoyable.
The hot stones are placed in a crockpot like container that are heated. In addition to a Swedish massage, they rub the smooth flat stones along your body going deeper into your muscles.  It is very soothing. My only complaint would be that I felt she took too much time walking over to get the stones and walking back to the table where I was laying. I would have liked for it to be closer.
Overall it was a very relaxing afternoon. ~L

Tues-  Ran three miles after dinner. ~L
Wed- It rained all day so I did 5 miles on the treadmill while watch Sex and the City before going into work. ~L
Thurs- Went shopping for my friend's wedding that's coming up soon. Tried a new pair of shoes on at the mall because they didn't have the kind that I bought last time. Chose not to buy them. Turned out I was able to buy the kind I liked online. And they were even on sale! ~L
Fri- I ran 8 miles after getting home from work that morning.  It was such a beautiful day. ~L
Sat- I was so tired from work the previous night that I pretty much slept the day away. When I awoke I mangaged to do 2 miles. I soaked in an epsom salt bath and relaxed the rest of the evening in hopes to rest up for my long run on Sunday. ~L
Sun- Ran 15 miles. ~L
After pretty much taking off  the previous week, I picked back up in the "Goofy" training plan where I left off before Tower of Terror ( with a little modification). ~M
I did short runs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I would have done another short one on Thursday but it rained most of the morning.  Friday the schedule said to walk 7 miles but I decided that I needed to run it instead.  ~M
Saturday called for a 17 mile run, but seeing as the longest run on the schedule was only 13 miles, I felt that going from 13 to 17 was a bit of a jump so I modified it to only 15. But still at 15 miles, that was the furthest I have ran at one shot. ~M
I had a plan to adjust my intervals to shorter intervals and take it real slow. I wasn't going for time, just distance.  My mom is not training for a marathon, but ended up running 14 of the miles with me so I wouldn't have to do it alone. Isn't she great?  ~M
I thought I would be super sore and achy after my 15 miler, on Saturday but I wasn't all that bad off. I was able to walk around the grocery store on Saturday night and then I walked around the shopping center on Sunday ( yup, buying a wedding gift for the same friend Lacey mentioned above). ~M
Oh and while I was out shopping yesterday I had to stop at PetSmart and this is who checked me out.
I am dead serious. Her name was Emma the black lab and I was told that she was in training. Training for what, I'm not quite sure, but she knew how to use the cash register!  ~M
Well, that's it folks. We hope you have a great week. Let us know how your training is going!  Do you ever modify your training plans?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What you need to know about Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K

Greetings!  In just a few days thousands of people will flock to Disney World to experience the Food and Wine Festival and the weekend of races that go along with it.  In addition to the Wine and Dine Half Marathon ( that is run on Saturday night), Run Disney also hosts a 5K.

I ran the 5K last year and thought I would make a list of things to know about it.

*The Jingle Jungle 5K starts and ends at the Animal Kingdom.  There will be bus transportation set up for runners and spectators ( if you are staying at a host resort).

*Once you get to the parking lot at Animal Kingdom, there should be characters set up for photo ops, and some holiday displays as well.  When I was there it was Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their Holiday outfits.

*You will see lots of runners dressed in holiday themed attire. Make sure you join in the fun by dressing up.
Me and Christine from We Run Disney
I just loved Christine's Elf costume!

*Runners must be in their corrals by 6:45 am and the race starts at 7:00 am.
*I've noticed that volunteers are now starting to check your race bibs even at the 5K's now to make sure you are in the correct corral.  This is a good thing because the last Disney race I did, I started to walk into the "C" corral because I thought it was the "B" Corral. (Hint: the corral is in Front of the letter.)

*The start line is in the parking lot of  Animal Kingdom and it is also the finish line too. If you have friends or family that want to spectate, there is a set of bleachers set up.

*This race started off in the parking lot for the first mile, then you enter the park through the main entrance. The first mile in the parking lot felt very congested and it was hard for me to really get in the groove to run.  After the first mile, the congestion cleared out a little bit.  I think this is because we were entering the park and people were  now starting to stop for pictures. People were stopping at the Animal Kingdom sign and in front of the Christmas tree at the front of the park.

*Even though this is not a timed race, there are clocks at each mile marker.

*I felt that there were plenty of characters along the course. Ones that I remember seeing were Chip & Dale, Pluto, Donald Duck, and some characters from the Jungle book.

Up until this time, I've only ever done the 5K races that run through Epcot so I wasn't sure how this one would compare. It is safe to say that I think this one was just as fun and I wouldn't hesitate to run it again!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Songs that were Made for Runners and a FREEBIE FOR YOU

Happy Friday folks!  We have been just loving this weather lately. We have had a bit of rain but the temps have been in the 70's and it has been awesome running weather. We have lots of miles scheduled for this weekend ( Meranda 17 and Lacey 15) so we thought we would start updating some songs on our playlist. It's a good thing this week's theme is about music!

I think having a variety of music on our playlists is key to not feeling bored on a run. I can tell that I actually get a bit excited when I hear certain songs come on.   Here is a list of some favorite songs both old and new. If you aren't sure if you know the song or not, we have included a link so you can take a listen ( all of these are the clean version) Enjoy!

1. Songs that  will keep you "Running".
1. We Run the Night- Pitbull/Havan Brown
2. Ready to Run -Dixie Chicks
3.Chasing the Sun  ( remix)- The Wanted
4. Girls chase Boys - Ingrid Michaelson

2. Songs that will motivate you.
1. Burn - Ellie Goulding
2. 22- Taylor Swift
3. Titanium-Davit Guetta

3. Songs that inspire you.
1.  Brave- Sara Bareilles
2. Not just a Pretty Face - Shania Twain
3. Mississippi Girl - Faith Hill
4. Brave- Nichole Nordeman

4. Songs that will make you feel like a Champion.
1. World's Greatest - R. Kelly
2. Roar - Katy Perry
3. Hall of Fame - The Script/ will I am

5. Songs that will keep you celebrating 
1. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
2. Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus
3. Best day of my life - American Authors
4. Dynamite - Taio Cruz
5. Tonight is the night - Outasight

BONUS: Some of our favorites

1. Wake me up - Avicii
2. Am I wrong -Nico & Vinz
3. Hold on- Drake
4. Bastille - Pompeii

And now we have something special to share with you.  You all know that we are running Rock N Roll Las Vegas next month, and it was recently announced that Chromeo was going to be one of the acts performing. As part of the Rock'n blog team, we were given a free download of his song "Come Alive".  We are not big fans of Chromeo but we would be happy to pass along this free download so you can enjoy it on your playlist. You can get your free download HERE. (Courtesy of Rock n Roll and Competitor)

Have you found some of your favorites on our list? Are there some songs you hadn't heard of?

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

On select evenings in October the Magic Kingdom at Disney World closes to the public at 7:00pm and only those holding a ticket for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party may enter.  If you plan to go to this event, here are some things you may want to be aware of. This was my first time attending this particular event and found that it was set up similar to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.
* This event sells out most nights so buying your tickets ahead of time is suggested. Unlike a park ticket, you have to designate a day that you want to go to the party. If you buy a ticket for Friday night, then you must go to the party on Friday night. Your ticket will not be valid any other day.
*Although the party doesn't officially start till 7pm, you can get into the park at 4pm with your specially designated ticket.
*Dress up!  Yes, adults and children dress up for this event. We had a great time sitting on top of the Walt Disney Railroad Train Station on Main Street watching everyone in their costumes. I have to say I was a little disappointed when I would see a couple with a small child that wasn't dressed up. Even if they didn't know about the event until they were already at WDW, couldn't they have bought their child something to dress up in? It's not as if costumes weren't plentiful around WDW.
 Of course we dressed up too! This is my version of a blonde Snow White. I didn't feel like wearing a wig.  Scott dressed up as one of the seven dwarves ( Grumpy). Maybe one day he will let me show a picture of him dressed up but for now he is being too shy...lol
*Regardless if you dress up or not, each person that enters the magic Kingdom will get a trick or treat bag.  Trick or treat locations are set up at various places around the park. We only stopped at one of them put they certainly gave us a handful of goodies. Scott ended up giving his bag of candy away to a couple that was asking about them.  I think I ate most of mine!
*There is specialty food that was being sold only at MNSSHP.
I of course could not pass up Spiced Pumpkin Waffle Sundae. I found this a the Sleep Hollow in Liberty Square. Other specialty items include Ghost Cupcakes at Gaston's Tavern, Candy Corn Cotton Candy sold at various outdoor carts, Candy corn soft serve ice cream at Storybook Treats, and various specialty cupcakes and cookies at Main Street Bakery.

*Specialty merchandise was also available, including T-shirts, trading pins, and special edition Magic bands.

Since we both had our Halloween t-shirts from the 5k race, we didn't feel the need to purchase anymore Halloween apparel.

* Of course there were plenty of characters out for pictures. My favorite was Snow White's wicked witch. I didn't stop to get a picture during either of the races and it just seemed perfect that I saw here while I was dressed as Snow White.  Besides on the race course this weekend, I had never seen the Witch out for pictures.

Another group of characters I've never seen before were all seven of the dwarves. We got a picture with them of course. The picture with us in it looks so funny because we look so miniscule and very pale standing next to these Dwarves with their giant heads and shiny faces...haha. We almost looked lost.

Other characters ( that I can remember) included:
Jack and Sally
A Penguin (maybe from Mary Poppins)
A Yellow Rabbit (maybe from Winnie the Pooh)
 Suzy and Perla ( mice from Cinderella)
Winnie the Pooh and friends

Several characters where at the dance party at Club Villain at the Diamond Horseshoe.

*One of the best things about going to Magic Kingdom during a holiday is seeing it all decorated. I loved all the fall decorations.

I was really hoping I could find one of these wreaths for sale, but no luck.

*Of course the main events for the evening were the Hallowishes Fireworks Spectacular and the Boo to you Parade.  We got to view the parade twice. We didn't get to our "Fireworks watching spot" in time  for the fireworks( Thanks to waiting in line to meet the seven dwarves), so we ended up watching them from Fantasyland.  Here we got a 360 degree view of them There were fireworks exploding all around us!  I don't know if I prefer this viewing point but it was definitely different. If you want a 360 view of the fireworks next time, stand behind Cinderella's Castle!

 Here are a list of restaurants and attractions that will be open during MNSSHP.

That's about it folks! This was my first time attending MNSSHP and I would not hesitate to go to it again. I've always heard that the Halloween Fireworks at Magic kingdom were some of the best and I would have to agree!   ~M
Have you ever been to MNSSHP? Do you have any Halloween Parties coming up? What was your favorite costume you've ever dressed up in? 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Disney's Villain Bash

After I crossed the finish line at the Tower of Terror race, I made my way through the chute, got the obligatory picture with the Hollywood Tower of Terror that marathon photo takes of you and walked a ways until I came out at Sunset Blvd inside Hollywood Studios. I then found Scott so we could enjoy the Villain Bash Post race Party. I finished before midnight, so that meant we could maximize our time inside Hollywood Studios!

It is unfortunate that guests have to pay for a ticket to see runners cross the finish line of this race. All the other Disney running events that I have participated in, spectators could watch runners cross the finish line without buying a ticket. I know this is because TOT actually finishes inside the park. Still, I think there should be a way to corral folks who just want to see their runner cross the finish line but not go to the Post Race Party.

In any case, I got into the party for free ( as part of my race registration), but we had to buy Scott a ticket. I don't remember for sure how much the ticket cost but I know it was somewhere between $65-75. I bought him the post race party ticket when I registered for the race because there is only a limited amount of tickets that are sold. I don't know for sure if they sold out or not.

I had packed a bag with some change of clothes and other post race essentials but to be honest, I was so excited to tell Scott how my race went that I didn't even want to take the time change clothes!

Limited attractions and food stands are open during this time. Some of the rides that were open included the Tower of Terror of course and the Rock n Roller Coaster, neither which I enjoy so we passed on those. The only ride I wanted to make sure we went on was Toy Story Mania. The past several times I've been to Hollywood Studios the lines were always SO long so it was something we passed on.
Since we would have had to cross the race course to get to Toy Story Mania, we were told that it would remain closed until after the race. That kind of stunk. But it worked out okay anyway because it gave us a chance to watch the other runners come through.

We hung out in the hub area where the Sorcerer's hat was. I was craving something salty after the race so we bought a popcorn bucket in a cute Hollywood Studios souvenir bucket.  There was an open area in front of the Sorcerer's hat where we could watch the runners go by, so we enjoyed standing there eating our popcorn and cheering for the other runners.  It was fun seeing all the fun costumes go by!

There were also some character interactions as well. Since we stayed basically in the hub where the Sorcerer's hat was, we only got to meet Cruella and the Evil Queen. A cast member told me that two other villains were out as well but we never went to go look for them.

We cheered for every last runner that went by. Honestly, I was surprised to see how many people came in behind the balloon ladies.  I'm assuming since they had made it into the park, that there was no reason for them to get swept up.   After all runners passed by, the road opened up and we were able to head over to Toy Story Mania.  Even though it "Supposedly" had just opened up, the line was not short. The wait time said 40 minutes, but I do believe we got on sooner than that.  Regardless of wait time, it was a fun ride.

We hung out at Hollywood studios till 2:00 am. The park closed at 3:00am but we were both getting tired and couldn't hang in there one more hour! ~M

Do you enjoy post race parties? Or do you just want to go home and relax?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Does Improper Corral Placement Bother You?

We are glad that this week's topic for Tuesday's on The Run is Runner Etiquette and Pet Peeves because we have some questions about what is proper and what is just plainly none of our business.


Lets start with this.....For the past several weeks we've seen folks on social media groups announcing that they have or will be selling their race bibs for some up coming races. We have never sold ( or given away) a race bib to a race that we did not plan on running, so we are unclear on how this process works but we are pretty sure it is frowned upon, right?

 In any case, I guess it doesn't matter what people do with their bibs if they aren't going to run the race, it's not like it effects us in anyway.

But then, it was brought to our attention that several of these folks who gave or sold their race bibs to other runners ( ie; Tower of Terror or Disneyland half , or any other summer/ early fall race)  are also going to be running the Walt Disney Marathon in January where you must have a time to submit.

This brings up a question that has been floating around lately. Will these folks be submitting a time from a race that they clearly did not run?  For example, If Jane Doe was registered for Tower of Terror and decided not to run but gives her bib to Sally Joe, ( and Sally turned out to be a really fast runner),when Sally crosses the finish line, she now gave Jane Doe a time for a 10 miler race.  Jane Doe can now submit that time to Disney  ( or she could have if she did it before Oct 10). Not only can Jane use this time for the marathon but she can use it for any upcoming races as well ( with in the time period).

 When Disney goes to verify that time  they will clearly see that Jane Doe ran the Tower of Terror in XX amount of time.  So now instead of being in corral "M", for the Marathon, Jane has moved up to corral "D", thanks so her friend Sally of course.  No harm done, right?  Besides the fact that we are pretty sure that it is "illegal" to do in the race world.  But how often do you think this happens?

And even though we ( as a community of runners) know this is wrong, does it bother us?  Would it bother you to know that a runner is essentially cheating?

( Please know that we are not saying that every person who sells or gives away a race bib has the intentions of doing this. Also, there may be circumstances where a legal bib transferred is allowed.)

Lets hash this out..........................................

Some might say that Jane Doe is only hurting herself if she submits a time she didn't earn.
But is she REALLY?  Her main goal, like every other runner is to be as far away from the balloon ladies as possible ( In a Disney race, the balloon ladies start in the very last corral and if you get behind them you have a good chance of being swept off the course). So really, Jane can only benefit from being in a higher corral.

Some others might say that regardless of what Jane Doe does, it won't effect them or their race whatsoever. And these people would be right, except for the fact that if Jane Doe submits a time she didn't earn and so do 15 other people in Jane's running group, that might essential push you back from Corral "D" to a further corral because there is no longer room for you. So in a way, Jane's  "new time" kind of does effect you if you are concerned about your corral placement.

Neither one of us is really concerned about our corral placement and we hadn't ever ( and hopefully won't in the future) be worried about seeing the balloon ladies or getting swept up. However, Races don't always go as planned and even if we start in corral A, B, C, or D, we know that anything can happen. We could get injured, become ill, spend too much time in the porto potties or any number of other reasons that would make us fall behind and ya never know, we could potentially be seeing the balloon ladies. And although you put in your training, unexpected things could happen to you too and you might be seeing the lovely balloon ladies. So yea, everyone wants to put as many corrals between them and the balloon ladies.

Have you ever heard of people "Cheating" on their time?  Do you feel as a runner that you have the right to be bothered by this? 

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Disney's Tower of Terror 10 Miler

As you may remember, I was really nervous about doing this race. I did the Haunted 5k that morning and then of course this race was on my mind all day.

My friend Chaitali and I were both staying at the Disney Swan ( which is in the Boardwalk area) so we were just able to walk over to the start line at Hollywood Studios. This helped ease my nerves a little. Although I did not wear a costume, I was loving my Running Skirt from Runningskirts.com. I fit SO much stuff in those pockets. I had my phone, some tissues, some extra safety pins, a Honey Stingers Waffle, and a trash bag ( to sit on before hand). I also carried my own hand held water bottle.

Okay, now on to the race..........

I think the corrals went from "A" to "J".  I was in corral "C", so I didn't have to wait very long.
The start line was complete with fireworks. It was kind of tough to get started. I was going to just do a light jog/shuffle to keep pace with my corral, but I am glad that I started running my own pace right away.  It was pretty crowded starting out so I had to do a lot of weaving in and out. I always feel guilty passing people right away. The last several Disney races I did not listen to my own music, but I thought I needed it this time to keep myself energized. I fumbled with my ipod for a few seconds and then I got in my groove.

I had my trusty Garmin on but this is the first race that I didn't use it. I had it set for intervals, but I didn't follow it. I just kind of kept track of my time by the clocks on the mile markers. As we left Hollywood studios we ran up on an on-ramp. and then on the highway to Animal Kingdom parking lot.  I ran the first 3.1 miles then took a 30 second walk break.  I ran till mile 4, then another 30 second break. Mile 5 was back on Mickey's Haunted Trail, so that is where my time really slowed down. I was happy to see that it was only a small portion of the trail and glad that I had experienced it earlier that day.  It was dark up there and there was also some thick fog that made it hard to see. I did have a keychain flashlight with me but didn't take time to pull it out. There was a girl in front of me wearing a light up tutu, so I left her lead the way!

As we came out of the woods we ran around the track at the sports complex. This was a nice track and was a good place to pick up some speed. I ran till mile 6.2 and then took another 30 second walk break.  The next mile was leading into Champion Stadium where there was a crowd waiting for us and cheering us on.

Mile 8 was back on the highway and we hit mile 9 at the Hollywood Studios toll booth.  ( before the toll booth there was a small bridge and it had tracking or something on. I actually got my shoe caught in one of them ( and almost tripped) and but was able to hop over the second one a few feet ahead)  That last mile was through the park and it seemed like the longest mile ever.  We ran past the set of the stunt show, down New York street and around the sorcerer's hat where there was an announcer and a large crowd. I honestly thought I was nearing the finish, but I wasn't. I had ran out of water at mile 9, so I was ready to be done.   We ended up running a little further and then through the  backstage tunnel where all the costumes are made. At one point we were in a tunnel that had spinning lights ( like you were in the twilight zone) and it was starting to make me dizzy.

A little further and I finally crossed the finish line! I was exhausted but so excited because I knew I beat ALL of the goals that I had for this race. I not only beat them, I exceeded them.

I did not have negative splits, but that's okay. I know I slowed down around mile 5 because of the trail.  My results ended up being: 5K:29 minutes, 10K: 1:01, and the final time for the 10 Miler was 1:40:38. I was pleased with this time but then when I saw what it was, I wished I would have pushed  a little harder for those last couple of seconds to come in under 1:40.  O, well.   I place 528 out of 6,150 women who ran. Over all I was 1340 out of 9,389 runners. I read on another blog that 800 or so runners got swept, ouch!

So what did I honestly think about this race?
The weather was PERFECT. It was well lit except for the little part of the trail, and I never felt that it was unsafe. I actually liked that the trail portion was very minimal. It was actually kind of nice running at night.  I didn't bother taking pictures along the course because I figured they wouldn't turn out anyway.

What I did not like about this race was some of the course. There were several on/off ramps and turns on the road. I didn't mind the inclines, but I did mind the turns. I know this is hard to explain in writing, but the turns made it so uneven to run on and I kept thinking, "this is how I probably strained my IT band in the first place."  I did not want to run with my one hip on a higher surface than the other, so while everyone else was trying to take the tight corners by running on the inside of the curves, I ran on the top edge of the road where I felt it was a little more even. I know this added more time to my race. O well, better safe then sorry.  When I ran on the track at Wide World of Sports, I knew enough to run in the inside since it was nice and even!

Although I did have a good time, I didn't think this would be a race that I would be signing up for the following year. Then I heard last week that it would not be scheduled for next year anyway. Now, I'm kind of glad I ran it this year.  If Disney decides to bring TOT back in the future I would do it if my sister or mom wanted to run it with me, but I don't think I would do it again by myself.  Disney did a great job with the race but I just didn't care for some of the route. Let me re-state that. I did like the route, meaning where we ran. I guess I just didn't like the quality of the road. Does that make sense?

I was very pleased with the shirts this year. I didn't see them a head of time and it was kind of nice to be pleasantly surprised. The women's were a V-neck and the men's were the traditional round neck. Does anyone know if this was the first year that they had a women's cut shirt?  And of course the medal is fabulous. The lights in the windows glow in the dark.

If you also ran the Tower of Terror race this year, don't forget to download your finishers certificate. they are available now at www.mydisneymarathon.com

Earlier this day I ran Mickey's Haunted 5K. You can read about that HERE.

Stay tuned to hear about the Post Race Villain Bash at Hollywood studios.

Have you ever run a race where you really didn't care for the course?  ~M

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Peek in Our Week

Its that time of the week again where we review what we did and how the week went down.

I surprised myself and got a run in everyday this week. My motivation is that I know Marine Corps marathon is right around the corner.

Sunday- Ran my own half marathon as a long training run. Then relaxed in an Epsom salt bath with a glass of wine:)
Mon- Ran 3 miles before going into work. That evening went to a Thai restaurant I've been wanting to try.  
Tues- Completed 7 miles. Watched the movie A Million Ways To Die in The West. My opinion, don't waste your money. Has anyone else seen it? I also caught up on past episodes of Nashville....so good! Anyone else watch it?
Wed- Slept in since I knew I had to work that evening. When I awoke I was feeling refreshed and ready for a run. I completed another 7 miles.
Thurs- Headed out for a run later than usual. To bypass all the school traffic around that time I thought I would try a different route. I ended up getting a bit lost and had to stop another runner and ask for directions.  When I finally made it back home it ended up being 9 miles. 
Fri- Weather called for rain. So I did interval training on the treadmill and lifted weights. Of course it never rained. I always feel like I don't get as good of a workout when it's on a treadmill.  Anyone feel the same way?
Sat- Headed to Dallas for the weekend.     ~L
My week was just the opposite of Lacey's. As you know, I was at Disney for half the week but when I came home I did absolutely nothing training wise. My last run was literally on Saturday night when I ran the TOT 10 Miler.  It seems to be a trend with me that I take a whole week off after a big race weekend. I hope that doesn't hurt me too much!
When I returned home I had a few fun goodies waiting for me. I received the same backpack Lacey did courtesy of Competitor, the Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Courtesy of Mizuno, a new Influenster box, and a Victoria's Secret gift card from an online contest I participated in.
As much fun as it is to get away, I enjoy being home. I missed this girl so much! It was so great just cuddling with her. On Friday we slept in together and then I drove her around with me when I ran my errands. It actually made me upset to think that I will be away from her the next several weekends. I just want to spend all my time with this sweet girl!
Baylee was chosen to participating in the Purina One 28 day Challenge and we just finished it up this weekend.  As you can imagine I am super concerned about the health of my dog and I am very picky with what dog food I buy for her.  I read the ingredients and the claims of the Purina One and decided that we would give it a try. 
 Purina supplied us with a trial size bag of dog food and then a coupon for a free full size bag.  Brighter eyes, improved dental health, increased energy, shiny coat, a great taste and easy digestibility are all the selling points of this item.  I can not attest for the taste of course but I certainly did not see a major change in Baylee after eating Purina One.   If you would like your dog to try Purina One you can get a coupon HERE.
I will try to do some intense stretching and foam rolling tonight and get back to my running schedule tomorrow!  ~M
Tell us how your week went. Have you seen any movies lately? Have you ever got lost on a run? How long do you usually rest after a big race?
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read about us.  We hope you have a good week!

Friday, October 10, 2014

What are the Best Fuels for You?

Happy Friday folks! We are linking up with the Friday Five where the theme is all about running fuels.  Since there are two of us, we've found that what works for one of us doesn't necessarily work for the other one of us! So here are some things that we've tried and what we thought. Maybe you will be able to find something new to try too.

1. Nuun-  This seems pretty popular and I think most people have heard about this substance that you put in water. Since discovering this earlier this year I have ran most races with this instead of water. I was a bit skeptical at first not thinking that it would make a difference but I think it really does. I like that it has the electrolytes like Gatorade but not all the sugar that it has. I used to come back from my long runs and my forehead was covered with salt crystals from my lack of sodium. Since using this I have not any issues. -L
2. Powerbar Gummies, Clif Blocks or Gatorade blocks: I love all of the gummies. My favorite are the Powerbar Gummies ( they are actually called Powerbar Energy blasts). I have found that what works best for me is if I eat a few of them before the race starts. For some reason I have a hard time chewing them while I run. I don't know if it's that I am afraid I will choke or that it just requires too much energy to chew them...haha  -M
Along the lines of  gummy stuff, I like Gummie bears and Swedish fish- Sometimes I just like eating these because it give me the sugar that I need during my long runs and gives me a reason to not feel guilty eating them during this time. ~L
3. Powerbar Fruit Pouches and fruit pouches from other brands-Easy on the stomach because it is very similar to baby food. Also very easy to eat on the run.  Not so easy pack on a run though.

4. Honey Stingers- I think Honey Stingers are my all time favorite. These are really hard to explain, they are a mix between a gummy and a cracker ( I know that is two ends of the spectrum right there). They are crumbly and can be a bit messy to eat. I ate one before the TOT 10 miler on Saturday night. So far I have had them in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Honey, and my new favorite, Gingersnap. I bought two boxes of these at the expo last weekend. That's a lot of Honey Stingers! -M 
5.  Boom- I never heard of this brand until my friend became an ambassador for it and gave me some to try. And I really enjoyed them. The consistency is not as thick at GU and very easy to digest. I have never had any problems with them on any of my training runs. -L
What is your favorite fuel? Is there a certain kind that you stay away from?
                                                  Thank you to the gals from the Friday 5
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