Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rock-N Bloggers - The List

Good morning friends!  For today's Thursday's thoughts we have the Rock-N-Roll races on our mind.  As you may know we are running R-n-R VA Beach in just over a week and we are getting really excited for it. We are not only running one day, but participating in the Re-mix Challenge which is a race on Saturday and Sunday! 

We are planning to run R-n-R Philly and R-n-R Las Vegas too! In fact we were just selected to be Rock-n Bloggers for Las Vegas! How cool is that?   I'm still not sure what all it entails, but we are excited!

Here is the list of the other Rock-n Bloggers for Las Vegas:
  • Brian@PavementRunner 
  • Carrie@carrieburrows
  • Dorothy@MilePosts
  • Geo@GeorgeMelichar 
  • Jon@jonluciano
  • Kristin Long@BamagirlRUNS 
  • Kristin Stehly@stuftmama
  • Monica@RunEatRepeat 
  • Nikki@ndscottnygren 

  • Do you follow any of these folks? It will be fun to meet up with Monica and Kristin again, but I don't know any of the other bloggers listed so I'll be excited to meet them too.

    Here are some fun facts about the Las Vegas race:

    This will be the 4th year that it's run at night!

    The Las Vegas Strip is closed only two times a year: New Year’s Eve and Rock ’n’ Roll Las Vegas

    The 1/2 of the Half event (10K) has already sold out – that’s nearly 4 MONTHS before it sold out last year!

    There will also be a re-mix challenge for this race too!

    The image above is what will be on the race shirts!

    The RnR people have assured us that there will be more surprises in store for us.  We can't wait to hear what they announce next! 

    That's all for now folks! What's on your mind? What are you thinking about this Thursday?

                                   Check out Running with Spoons for more Thursday Thoughts!

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014

    My Morning Run Contest

    Hey guys! We have a real fun opportunity for you today. Remember yesterday when we did a review of some runner snack? If not, you can see it HERE. Anyway, one of the snacks that we said we like were the Belvita biscuits. Well today we have a fun opportunity brought to you by Belvita and Runner's World!

                                                      It's called "My Morning Run Contest"

    What do you do? Each morning post your morning run picture to Twitter or Instagram.

    The contest is already in progress but you still have time to win some cool gear.

     Here are the Hashtags you will use on certain days and here is what you will win.

    Aug 18-31- Use #MorningWin #RWSightsEntry to share funny or awe-inspiring sightings along your run.
    What can you win? A Go Pro Camera

    Sept 1-14- Use #MorningWin #RWStyleEntry to showcase all that is Fit, Fast, and Fashionable
     What can you win? a $150 gift certificate to a running retailer

    Sept15-28- Use #MorningRun #RWQuirksEntry to spread the most creative or strangest running ritual that gets you out the door!

    What can you win? A GPS Watch.

                                           So what will you be taking a picture of today?

    We will try to play along. We would love if you would follow along with us on twitter @fairytalesnfit and we just brought ourselves to the Instagram world. We'd love some followers there too so our account doesn't look so pathetic....haha.  We are @fairytalesnfit there as well.  See you in pictures!

    Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    Food and Drink for Runners: An Honest Review

    Over the past several months I've had the opportunity to try some products geared towards runners ( and anyone seeking an active, healthy lifestyle really). Some of these products were given to me for free to try in exchange for a review and some of the products I've purchased on my own. Regardless of how I obtained them, all opinions are my own and you can count on me to be completely honest! But please remember, this is just one persons opinion.
    I'm going to start with one of my favorite products! Neuro Bliss!
    I have to admit when I heard of Neuro Bliss, I thought it was a little bit hokey. This product claims to help reduce stress, enhance your mood, provide focused concentration, and promote a positive outlook. Really? All that from one little drink?   I was provided three bottles of Neuro Bliss from Danielle at It's a Harleyyy Life. I tried it and I instantly LOVED it.  It tasted like a lightly carbonated grapefruit juice ( but not as strong). I love grapefruit juice ( but I hate carbonated beverages). This carbonation was so light that it did not bother me one bit. In fact it was just enough to make it feel refreshing. I have to admit that it did not make me feel any different mentally ( although it did make me happy to drink it and left me craving more)!  I generally have a positive outlook and I don't have much stress in my life, so whatever it IS claiming to do is a bit hokey.  But is it tasty?  YOU BET!   After a bit of searching, I found that my local Target sells Neuro Bliss for $2.49 for a 14.5 oz container. I think that's a little pricey for one drink, but I liked it so much that I decided I wanted to try it again.

    This time I chose a different kind. Neuro Passion.  This one claimed to give you sustained energy , improve your performance, increase drive and stamina, and enhance cognitive function. Okay, this was going to be a good one. I would drink this before a run.  Just from the name "Neuro Passion" I couldn't tell what flavor it was, so I was really taking a chance. It ended up tasting like a cherry cola that went a bit flat. But that was okay to me because I don't like a lot of carbonation, remember.  I had a little swig before my run. That particular run did not go so well for me that afternoon. I had only gone two miles before I had to turn around and walk home. I had such a pain in my side. I don't know if the little bit I had to drink contributed to it or not.  When I returned I drank more of the Neuro passion. Almost instantly I had got a sharp headache.  I put the drink in the fridge and later that night sipped on it two more times and each time I had a drink of it I got a sharp headache.  I was now afraid to even finish the rest!  So there it is, my review of Neuro Bliss and Neuro Passion.

    Coconut Water:

    I've been hearing so much about this product and how runners should be drinking it. I then read an article about how it should really only be used for short runs.  I had to try it anyway. My local grocery store had it on sale two for $4 and then was giving a coupon for $1 off two of them. So I got two containers for $3. Not bad.  Too bad I can't say the same thing about the taste!  I tried to keep an open mind about this. Really I did. I tried to make myself like it ( cause afterall, it's suppose to be healthy, right?) It is much thicker than actual water ( which I figured it would be) and it has a very dirty taste to it. No, I don't ever remember eating dirt, but it taste like what I imagine dirt would taste like. I figured coconut water would come in a coconut flavor, but my store only had pineapple flavor and pink guava flavor. Both of these I would have to give a big thumbs down to. I don't know if  it were actually coconut flavored if it would taste better or not, but I would say probably not. It would still be that thick texture I did not like and I'm sure it would still taste dirty!

    Fruit Pouches:
    Over the summer a fellow runner told me that she uses baby food in the pouch as running fuel ( instead of the Power Bar pouches). I found this a bit odd, but was curious.  When I was at the Rock N Roll expo back in August, I asked a Power Bar's representative about this and he said baby food is great fuel for runners because it gives them the nutrients they need and it is very easy on the stomach.  I did try some of the Power Bar pouches and I liked them, but figured I would try the baby food fruit pouches too.  Wal-Mart and other grocery stores sell these pouches in the baby food isle and in the packaged fruit isle ( with the applesauce, raisins, etc). They range anywhere from .88 cents to $1.89 a pouch. Some are fruit and some are a yogurt base. I also found a box of four pouches at Aldis for only $1.99.  Big Lots also has individual pouches for .33 cents a piece.  These are only 3.1 oz, but are the perfect size to hold in your hand while running. ( They do fit on a fuel belt/running belt, but I didn't like how they flapped around while I ran).  After running at Disney earlier this month, I was convinced that these pouches were a hit. I found one in my Disney Running Box!

    Belvita Biscuits:
    Belvita was one of the sponsors for the Runner's World Half and Festival back in October so of course we all got complimentary packs of these yummy breakfast biscuits/cookies. I tried the Cinnamon Brown Sugar ones and am now hooked. They kind of have a graham cracker taste.  These are great for a quick breakfast. There are four cookies/biscuits in a pack and I can honestly say that I become full before I eat the entire pack!

    Quest Bar;
    I was given a free box of Quest Bars (White Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) from Quest Bar and Sweat Pink.  I am normally a bit hesitant about protein bars because to me they always seem to be too thick and tasteless. I was very excited to try the White Chocolate Raspberry though and it did not disappoint. Both of these bars were full of flavor and were quite moist. As far as protein bars go, I liked these! You can tell I liked them so much that I forgot to take a picture of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough one.

    Lara Bar
    Lara Bar was another sponsor at the Runner's World festival. Flavor of Lara Bars that I tried included Pumpkin Pie, Lemon Pound Cake, Sticky Bun, and Roasted Nut Roll. The names of the flavors alone gave me high hopes that these would be yummy!  The Lemon Pound Cake was my favorite. It was thick, moist, and had a nice lemon flavor ( not overly strong).  I love Pumpkin flavored stuff ( have you read my Pumpkin flavored food post?) so I was excited to try the Pumpkin pie. The flavor of that one was not strong enough for me. If I had not read the label, I probably wouldn't have known it was pumpkin pie. As far as the Sticky bun and the roasted nut, let's just say I was not a fan. They indeed were a bit sticky ( sticking to my teeth), and I didn't enjoy all the nuts in them.

    Clif Bars
    I believe these came to me through the Disney runner box.  The top one is a Chocolate Chip granola bar. It was crispy and rather dry ( like a regular granola bar is). Nothing all that special.  The bottom one however is AMAZING!  This was Coconut Chocolate Chip.  This tasted like those Somoa Girl Scout cookies (Ya know the ones with the coconut and chocolate)!  I have been looking high and low for a box of these and have yet to find them!

    Picky Bars:
     The Picky bar came from my friend Jocelyn at The Enthusiastic Runner who works for Picky Bars. I had never heard of Picky Bars before but am really glad I gave it a try.  These bars tasted more like candy bars than "healthy" bars.  I had the Peanut butter Booyah and expected it to be thick and tasteless but I was proven wrong. In fact, it was anything but. It had the perfect blend of peanut butter and chocolate and also had a good amount of crispiness ( probably from the chocolate chips and some kind of crispy rice) I can't wait to try other flavors of Picky bars now!

    Power Bars
    This was the first time I've ever had a Vanilla protein bar.  I may have to change my outlook now on protein bars, because this is yet another one that has proven me wrong.  I liked this one because it was vanilla, and also because it had some crispiness to it.   I believe I received this Power Bar from a race box. Have you ever tried the Power Bar Performance Energy Blast?  If you like gummy things, you should really try these. I've had the Raspberry, Strawberry banana, and the cola flavored ones and they are all good.   I would prefer these to a Gu, but they are probably a little harder to carry on a run.

    If you read all the way to the bottom of this post, Thank You!
    I was debating if I should have made this into two posts or not.

    So now I want to know if you've tried any of these products and what you thought of them.
    Also, is there a new product that you've recently tried?  If so, please share!

    This is a post that we re-posted for Tuesdays on the run with April, Patty, and Erika!

    Monday, August 18, 2014

    Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel Map

    I came across this map and wanted to post it for those who are interested in staying at one of these hotels during their visit to Disneyland. This gives you a good idea where each hotel is located in comparison to each Disney Park and to each other. After seeing this map, I may reconsider where I am staying for Tinkerbell weekend.  ( You may have to enlarge your screen)

                     Are you visiting DL for any of the race weekends? If so, where are you staying?

    Helping Hands

    We've all hear the saying "When your legs get tired, run with your heart" ( or something like that).  As inspirational as this sounds, I found running with another "H" word to be more helpful. 

    The position of your Hands really does make a difference in your running performance.
    Here are just a few tips.

    1. Run with your arms/hands CLOSE to your body.

    2. Make sure your arms are swinging with your body and not against it. What we mean by this is when you are moving your arms to run, your hands/arms should never cross your body. You pick up more momentum when you are moving your arms from front to back.
     (Random Story: when I was in High school there was a girl in my class that would move her arms from side to side when she would run.  She almost looked like a wind up robot. Of course our PE teacher never told us about good running form back then, but I always thought "That can't be right".)

    3. How you hold your hands can make a difference too.  When most people are starting out running they will normally run with their hands in a fist.  Don't do that. This can cause your shoulders to tense up.

     Instead, slightly cup your hands almost as if you were holding an egg in each one.

    4. Keep moving your arms. I notice that when my legs start to slow down, I move my arms faster and faster and that helps me to stay on pace.

    5. Sometimes holding a hand held water bottle can help train your hands to stay in that position as you run.

    6. Make sure to keep this form if you are doing run/walk intervals too. Often times we will see people who's arms/hands look like rag dolls when they are on their walk intervals. Don't let your arms just hang down because you are walking. Better arm and hand movement will speed your walk breaks as well.

    So next time you go out on a run, notice how you position your arms and make them an integral part of your run.

    Do you have any arm/hand tips when it comes to running?

    Sunday, August 17, 2014

    A Peek In Our Week

    This is the part of the week where we recap what we've done/accomplished and the new things we've tried. Sometimes it's eventful and sometimes not so much.

    Here's  a peek of how the week went down for us.

    I got all my Goofy Training miles in this week. Monday I did a good 5 miles. Wednesday I did 4 miles and when I was finishing up my run in a local park there was a guy mowing the grass and a blade of grass hit me in the eye. I didn't have my sunglasses on because it was a bit overcast. I guess that will teach me. Friday I did 8 miles ( my longest run since my injury and the Princess half). The run went fine, but my hip was very sore afterwards ( was sore all weekend actually). I may be doing a slow and short run tomorrow. -M

    My Runs this week consisted of 4 miles on Sunday, 8 miles on Monday, 4 miles on Tuesday, 3 miles on Wednesday, 4 miles on Thursday, 8 miles with my sister on Friday, and 6 miles on Saturday. -L

    After all the running we played a few friendly games of croquet.  A problem occurred when Miss Belle decided that she wanted to chase all the croquet balls and run off with them in her mouth.

                                    She ended up going in the house while we played.  - M &L

    New Things:

    My Stride Box for August arrived with lots of new goodies.

    This month's box includes: Hammer Recovery-Vanilla, Power Bar Wafers ( which my sister had before and she said she liked them), 2nd Surge Ultra Energy Gel-Pina Colada,  MRM hydration Factor-Natural Citrus, Sportlegs lactate Supplement, PowerIce Frozen hydration- Pomegranate Raspberry Rip, and Reflective Lock Laces.
    I'm excited to try my Lock laces since my laces in my new shoes are too long. Does anyone know if the lock laces are interchangeable or once they are in your shoes they are locked? -L

    I tried a new recipe this week. I found it in one of my old magazines and thought I'd give it a try.

    Pre heat oven to 425
    Prepare Pizza dough ( or use pre-made kind)
    Bake dough for about 8 minutes.

    You will need :
    Olive Oil
    2 links of Chicken apple sausage


       ( I used this Apple chicken sausage from Johnsonville)

    1 medium sweet onion
    I can of Apple pie filling
    1/2 cup shredded cheese ( I used mozzarella)

    3/4 of baby arugula

    Heat 1 tsp of olive oil in skillet. Slice sausage and cook in skillet till brown ( about 3 minutes). Set aside. Slice and cook onions till caramelized ( about 8-10 minutes).

    Spread apple filling, sausage, onions, and cheese on pizza crust. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted.
    Top with arugula and serve!

    We had this for dinner on Friday and then it actually made for a nice breakfast/brunch on Saturday. I can see making this again once fall hits!   -M

    What did you do this weekend? Did you try anything new? Do you have lock laces?

    Friday, August 15, 2014

    5 Tips for letting your pet swim in your pool

    If you are a regular reader of our blog then you know that we have Labradors and that those Labradors LOVE to swim in the Summer. We let our dogs swim right in my pool. Some people think we are crazy for letting the dogs swim in the pool. Aren't we afraid they will scratch the liner? No!

    We've put these tips together to keep you, your pet, and your pool safe.

    1. If you are going to let your pet swim in your pool, I would recommend you have walk in steps ( no ladders). The walk in steps allow the pets to come in and out of the pool with ease and at their own pace. If for some reason you pool does not have the walk in steps, there are kits you can purchase and install in your pool.

    2. To keep your pet from getting too close to the edge of the pool ( and scratching the liner), you will need to teach him his boundaries.  Making an unpleasant noise when your pet gets too close to the edge will often deter him from going near it. Also, if your dog likes to retrieve things like ours does, try to throw the toys near the middle of the pool. Sometimes when Baylee's toys go too far near the edge, she doesn't even try to get them. She just turns around.

    Also, teach your dog or pet the right way to get in and get out of the pool. If you only teach them to jump in from the edge of the pool, then that is the way that they will try to get out ( and therefore may scratch the liner). If you teach them to go in  only by the steps, then they will learn to come out by the steps.  Our Labradors are pretty smart dogs, so they caught on pretty fast. There are times where they will run and jump into the pool from the patio, but they always get out using the steps.

    3. You will need to clean your swimming pool regularly. I don't mean just vacuum it. You need to be cleaning out the filter and the basket. You will get LOTS of pet hair in it. Too much pet hair clogging the filter can result in cloudy water.

    4. If your dogs are swimming with you or your children, I would recommend that you either wear a one piece swim suit or that you wear a longer tank top. You'll want something to cover your belly. When dogs swim, they tend to scratch. They don't mean to, but sometimes they just do!

    5. Know what your dog is capable of . If your dog is hesitant to get in the water or are unsure of them selves, you might want to put them in a Fido Float. The Fido Floats work well for older dogs that aren't as strong as they use to be. We had a Fido Float for our older Labrador.

    And for a bonus tip: Make sure your dogs or pets have easy access to the outside area of the pool. Our dogs actually get out of the pool to pee. They are very polite like that!

    Do you swim with your dogs?

                       We are linking up with the Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia or the Friday 5.

    Thursday, August 14, 2014

    Thursday Thoughts: Those Bikes in the Airport

     Welcome to another edition of Thursday Thoughts. Since it's summer and many people are traveling for vacation, we thought this would be something you all might be interested in.
    Many of you know that I travel all the time for work so I am always in and out of airports. Recently I was in an airport and I saw this.
     It's called Sit n Cycle. Why sit when you can sit and cycle? I admit I have never tried this because I am usually in a skirt and heels when I am passing through.  I have seen many people doing this while waiting for their flights, such as business men in suits, and even young kids. What a neat idea to pass the time while you are waiting on your flight.
    And guess what? Its free! No coins ( or dollars) required!
    I know many of you will be traveling in the next few weeks to go to the Disneyland Half Marathon. If you will be flying, take a look around the airport and see if you can find one of these bikes.
    Have you ever seen this or any another fitness related activity in an airport? ~L

    Wednesday, August 13, 2014

    Tinkerbell Race Weekend Hotel and Ticket Rates.

    Who's in for the Pixie Dust Challenge or any of the race during Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend?
    Here are a few hotel options you may want to consider.

    All rates are based on double occupancy from May 7 through May 11, 2015. These are room only rates as of 8/13/2014 and do not include park tickets. If you would like to make a package with room and tickets I can certainly do that for you.

    (                             The following photos are courtesy of the Disney Travel Agents Page)

                                                                     Paradise Pier
    $1,218.00 plus tax
    Disneyland Hotel
    $1,618.00 plus tax
    Disney's Grand Californian
    $1,878.00 plus tax

    If you don't want to stay on property there are many other options ( and still be very close to all the magic). The following hotels are called "Good Neighbor" Hotels and these are the ones I am able to book as "Room Only" at this time. I have listed their location in relation to Disneyland park.

    Carousel Inn and Suites- $644.09  ( Across the street)

     Hilton Anaheim - $594.29  ( Less than half mile) ( free transportation to Disneyland resort)

    Best Western Plus Pavilions - $ 479.45 ( Less than half mile) ( free transportation to DL)

    Best Western Plus Raffles Inn and Suites - $512.94  ( Half mile to 1 mile) ( free transportation to DL)

    Tropicana Inn and Suites - $572  ( Across the Street)

    Anaheim Marriot Hotel  $510.42 ( kids eat free) ( Less than half mile)  ( free transportation to DL)

    Desert Palms Hotel and Suites  $619.32 (Free Breakfast) ( Less than half mile) (free transportation to DL)

    There are many more "Good Neighbor" Hotels you can see the complete list HERE.

    Please contact me for ticket prices.

    If you haven't booked a room for Princess Weekend at Disney World, you can see that price list HERE.

    *I am an official Disney Agent with As you Wish Vacations. I am not trying to sell you anything. I am just being helpful and putting some prices out there. If you wish to book, I would be more than happy to help you. If not, you are more than welcome to use this page as a tool to help you plan your own vacation.

    Get a GoPicnic

    I'm sure that everyone has heard of those monthly subscriptions that come right to your door, right?
     I have something I have been getting in the mail but it isn't monthly. It's whenever you decide you want it. It's called gopicnic. You may have heard of these and can get them at a grocery store or even Target.  Now they can come right to your door AND it's even cheaper than they would be if you bought them at the store.

    These are perfect to take to work, to pack in your kid's lunch box, or even just to snack on at the house. They don't even have to be refrigerated.  Each box contains individual packages that consists of some type of crackers or chips and a dip to go with them, a trailmix, and a sweet treat,  such as gummies or a lollipop. Eat them all at once or save some for later. They are considered meals on the go. Each box is less than 500 calories. Some are even 390. 

    There are many different kinds of go picnics such as gluten free, vegetarian,  and even vegan. So what ever your dietary needs are you will be able to find a gopicnic that will work for you. Not only do they have ones for lunches, they have a few breakfast options as well.
    Here are just a few types of gopicnics that are available. Pictures are from
    Unlike some subscriptions, shipping is NOT free, unless you do order a certain amount. But if you are going to order them anyways, why not get enough at once? Once you sign up for their mailing list, each week you will receive special discount codes for certain items.
    I have been getting gopicnics for awhile now, but it wasn't until recently I found out that you can order them online for a discounted price.They are perfect for me to take to work since I'm always on the go anyways.  ~L

    Have you ever heard of gopicnics?  What do you think of them? 
    Blogging tips